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Bonifacio: breaking down the barrier for social Equality and national Independence

Bonifacio: breaking down the barrier 
for social Equality and national Independence

At first, this writeup is made in commemoration of the 150 birth anniversary of Andres "Maypagasa" Bonifacio, the man who turned Jose Rizal's works into a series of national resistance against Spanish occupiers and traitors, all in pursuit of National and Social independence a once oppressed nation yearned for. 

But despite celebrating the day of his birth, of offering flowers and marching to the tune of "Alerta Kaptipunan" and Nakpil's "Marangal na Dalit", few people had seriously advanced the late Supremo's views; and just like Dr. Jose Rizal, Bonifacio's views had radicalized the ideas the doctor advocated for, replacing autonomy with Independence, of appeasement with resistance, of reformation with revolution, and popularizing it to those who had yearning for it, such as those deemed as Indio.

And knowing that everyone had acknowledge the fact that Andres Bonifacio as a lower-level Ilustrado working as a secretary in a warehouse, of having self-taught by reading books and studying English and German; yet  with those experiences rather make him no different from a Masa (term for the Philippines' poor majority, popularized by Ex-President Estrada) who experienced hardship. But with his works, such as his poetry and other literary pieces somehow no different from a typical illustrado who usually taught in the convent and seminary schools of Intramuros just like Dr. Rizal. And with those same experiences, both through reading and countless labors made him least becoming an ilustrado, that he can afford to wear the clothes the illustrado had, of joining a Masonic lodge and La Liga Filipina; but again, true to his experiences as a laboring man of mind and sinew, Bonifacio rather remained closer to those who comprise the majority of the Filipinos who really had stood for independence and national dignity- in a way there are those who, like him had steadfastly stood for rights such as the mutineers at Cavite. He even turned the remains of La Liga Filipina into a native-sounding one, the Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK) , or Katipunan for short. 
Katipunan had continued to pursue the basic ideas of the La Liga, but the repressive conditions of the Spanish occupiers had radicalized it, even filipinizing an hispanic-sounding name into a much nobler Tagalog-sounding, with the Anak ng Bayan, the sons of the people as the Filipino itself. 


In fact, there are earlier ones who had called for independence prior to Rizal and the Katipunan, such as the Spanish officals Bayot, of minor noblemen like Novales, and other Insulares who wanted to break free from the Spanish crown; of passionate natives whom stood for the defence of their communities like Palaris and Silang; but the generation of Rizal and Bonifacio, influenced by the works of the west and mystical aspirations of their compatriots had broke down the barriers of being ilustrado and masa, of Mestizo and Indio, transcending their regionalism, and their realities and aspirations, found and shared in a common cause in making Las Islas Filipinas, the so-called Haring Bayang Katagalugan of the Katipunan be declared independent. His followers like Emilio Jacinto, Pio Valenzuela, Miguel Malvar and Macario Sakay had even followed the Supremo's cause, gving up their backgrounds by joining in the ranks of the disposessed, and teaching them struggle, realizing their aspirations and taking the arm that led to a strong resistance for bread and freedom, that until today being fought at the halls of congress, streets, and at the countryside. 

And furthermore, the typical camisa-wearing and Bolo-weilding Katipunero, were consists of the dispossessed Masa, and these people cannot just fight merely for independence alone as most textbook says, knowing that with the repression made by corrupt officals, of bastinado-insisting friars and the land problem made by Feudalism had offered revenge; that the land Spaniards dare to control are theirs as communal and hence anyone had to share the fruits of their labor equally; Bonifacio had even sought the hardship as he worked as a secretary in a warehouse, and with his work somehow sought the unfairness treated on the stevedores at the port in their wages, that in the farms lies the feudal ways alongside the use of Religion as a tool of repression by the friars. Most of the experiences had also been written at Rizal's Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, turning an idealistic person like Crisostomo Ibarra into a Realistic and vengeful Simoun, while Bonifacio himself, an avid reader of Rizal's works, and personifying the peasant Elias, had to realize it, making an open ended story pave way to a new chapter of an unfinished novel. Those times replacing the pen with a revolver, and the ink of the scholar with the blood of a martyr; and instead of a purely Tagalog one centered in Manila and the rebellious provinces such as Cavite and Laguna during the leaderships of Deodato Arellano and Ladislao Diwa, Bonifacio had expanded the revolutionary movement in every province such as Cebu under Leon Kilat and Ilocos under Valentin Diaz; making every oppressed Indio around the archipelago follow the banner of the Katipunan struggle and its quest for National and Social independence. 

However, as everyone had knew the fact that despite having a common cause, there are those who wanted to stress their upbringings rather than getting close to the majority; that the arrogance of Emilio Aguinaldo, Daniel Tirona, and those of Ilustrado gentry had resulted to the Supremo's demise and those who had loyal to the revolutionary Katipunan cause. That they had even replaced the existing Revolutionary government with a bourgeois "Republic" at BiaknaBato that end sold for a thousand pesos and forcing themselves to live in exile at Hong Kong.
Not knowing that there are those who, despite recognizing the "Republic" Aguinaldo had made and eventually dissolved, remained clinging to the Supremo's yearning such as generals Miguel Malvar, Macario Sakay, and others whom continuing the wearing of the Anting Anting and carrying the Revolver and the Mauser rifle. It was undeniable during those times, coming from the native, Mestizo and even the Spaniard that there are those who chose not to surrender and instead pursuing the Independence what their former leader insisted, they had even called them as Ladrones and Bandoleros, Thieves and Brigands rather than rebels and freedom fighters. But come to think of this, why the surrender since Spain had been battered by guerilla warfare from the forests? Of the rain that often stops the battle? The Spaniards had even used native puppets like Pedro Paterno, whom using a hodge podge of promises, monetary support that consists a thousand pesos, and even then-"progressive" rhetoric just to make them surrender into their terms, yet in fact most of those who have up their guns been treacherously killed at the dungeons of Fort Santiago or at the field of Bagumbayan.

Even during the early days of the first Philippine Republic lies the mistrust instead of unity what Bonifaico and earlier ones had yearned for; Apolinario Mabini, one of the members of La Liga Filipina and radical in his views, had sought the irroncilable differences of those pursuing independence and those who gave up and submit to the wishes of another occupier; that Pedro Paterno still loved his España, and even gave up his post for a position under the Americans than defending the young republic he had sworn to defend till its last breath.

Yes, there are traitors whom still living until present day, choosing privilege over sacrifice, of self interest than those of the people. And somehow it is the duty of the people, of those who have an undying love for their homeland to oppose their motives that brought disunity and oppression.


 It is uncommon indeed, that from past till present there are those who chose to stay in their comfortable backgrounds than breaking down the barriers in pursuit of advancing people's interest;  everyone had sought how most politicians rather wanted higher positions at the bureaucracy and treating it as a job than a national commitment, as evidenced by having kickbacks and at the same time corruption charges filed against these privilege-seeking personages; meanwhile most peasants and workers, even those who earned their degrees faced the still greater challenge of having their lands not given, wages not been fairly distributed, job mismatches, brain and brawn drains that benefits those on high, hence aggravating existing problems what Bonifacio and his people wanting to end for. 

Or let's just say that the war of independence Bonifacio had made most textbooks said much is not a just war for independence as these books being told so, and until today it was and is a revolt of the poor, a prolonged peasant struggle whose majority of the fighters still called for social justice!

Anyways, Andres Bonifacio Maypagasa still offers hope, and his hope for freedom and justice had made him alive and youthful. And in breaking down the barrier of differences, of joining into the people lays the greater chances of fulfilling an unfinished revolution.

Thank you for reading and long live the legacy of his life struggle! 
And to use Rizal's characters from El Fili, this writer would say that may a thousand Simouns lead a million Eliases and Salomes of today! 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

For this writer, POSTMODERN JUKEBOX seemed better.

For this writer, POSTMODERN JUKEBOX seemed better.

(Or all after listening to Scott Bradlee 

It was months ago when this writer had the idea of listening to the cover labels of Miley Cyrus, and one of which came from a well known band named Postmodern Jukebox.

Known for its classy labels of crappy mainstream songs, New York-based Postmodern Jukebox gives a good amount of creativity as compared to those who had actually sung it; that the heavily criticized songs of Miley Cyrus been appraised by most listeners thanks to Scott Bradlee and his crew having the guts to transform Cyrus's crappy songs into classy ones being sung by Robyn Adele Anderson or Annie Goodchild.

One example is the doo-wop version of one of Miley Cyrus's songs people usually criticized about. The original "We Can't Stop" had been described as "weird," "quintessentially California," or even compared to Lady Gaga, the version made by Postmodern Jukebox had transformed it into a version that, sorry to say so, should been sung years before in a way Robyn Adele Anderson gave a sexy twist as a classical doo-wop.

However, despite having Scott Bradlee saidth in assessing his cover versions that he was breaking down barriers, that he abit "trolled" the mainstream music industry, his covered versions rather turned what is impressive from a producer into something that is expressive from a musician; and some musicians somehow love to tinker existing music, polishing it, and making it worth better to be listened; nevermind the critics so to speak, for he, and others who shared his views somehow making something better out of songs deemed crap by many.

As what Mr. Bradlee said: 

"My goal with Postmodern Jukebox is to get my audience to think of songs not as rigid, ephemeral objects, but like malleable globs of silly putty. Songs can be twisted, shaped, and altered without losing their identities–just as we grow, age, and expire without losing ours–and it is through this exploration that the gap between “high” and “low” art can be bridged most readily."

And somehow it also shared with this writer's views of twisting, shaping, altering in pursuit of bridging  contradicting themes, that  knowing how art is for the people and at the same time should be classy, one has to be creative in making existing things better than what's been actually shown in YouTube or played in the radio. 

Another song, this time sung by Annie Goodchild, had turned one of Katy Perry's well known songs into something that reminds of a session in a Bar or in a Jazz kitchen, that again thanks to mr. Bradlee and his crew turning ms. Perry's mainstream pop into something that is old school motown, with a matching tambourine player making its viewers think it adds comedic twist with someone enjoys playing his instrument while Annie Goodchild and the rest of the gang polishing an existing song and making it classy.

Yes, with one of the commentators in YouTube afford to say how Postmodern Jukebox making original songs much original than the actual, simply because how it was done, from the musicians making its melody to the singer giving its good voice to an existing song.

Anyways, as a person who listens to their labels would say that their versions made existing songs better than those who had popularise; that with all their creativity in making fitting versions of existing mainstream songs would say these are much original than those being played much in the radio. original in a sense that the musician, rather than the producer spent good amount of time making really good quality music despite being a label; that with its clever arrangement one has to replace an existing nonsense such as autotune with piano, sax, violin, banjo and a fitting voice leaving the song as polished as what Paul Anka or Neil Sedaka had appeased its listeners with their finely made music.

That again somehow pleases to the ears no matter critics afford to malign so; after all do they listen to jazz, blues, or motown and bluegrass covers of existing mainstream songs? Nope, for they chose getting contented what goes on through the radio. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Remain vigilant! So as to remember the fallen!

Remain vigilant! So as to remember the fallen!

(A message in commemoration of Maguindanao Massacre

Tommorrow will be the commememoration of a tragedy that involved indiscriminate killings of those who stood for truth, that with their lives they had witnessed the impunity made by those whose intention is to keep themselves into power, that somehow mocks the foundations of freedom and democracy that should been observed and respected.

And the fact that the Philippines had remained Semifeudal and Semicolonial in orientation, freedom and democracy is all but a word, whilst clan-sponsored authoritarianism been deeply rooted, especially in warlord-dominated provinces like Maguindanao with then-leading clans like Ampatuan taking pride in their guns as a showcase of their power.

And with those guns that resembled prestige and power had been pointing at everyone, including those who speak for the truth. That Journalists, lawyers, and even family members of an opposing family had been killed and redescribed as putting law and order; but no! For if they afford to redescribe it then they had been justifying impunity and repression that affect not just those who seek truth from fact, but those who oppose consistently the policies that justify decades-old feudalism with its carrot and stick tactics.

 And despite being unraveled by the people through news reports and yearly commemorations doesn't mean their repression will stop. Yes, the perpetrators remain dormant at their prison cells, or at large as they hid themselves from the people crying for justice, worse, aggravation of the present, dilapidated social structures had stunted calls for justice further with corrupt officials within the field of law emphasising personal desires over professional commitments. 

That somehow for this writer would say it's all but a mockery of the victim's cries and the writeups being made, all in pursuit of seeking the most inconvenient truth from sicking facts given. 

Anyways, despite all the shit those people on high had made, it is necessary to remain vigilant while those who afford to mimic justice remained lazy in their commitments. Right was NDF's Oris Madlos in his statement calling for justice for the victims of Maguindanao massacre last 2010, as he said:

"A year after the massacre, the process to attain justice has become overly strained and snail-paced under Noynoy Aquino’s watch. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has not yet been tried for her complicity in cases of grand malfeasance and of extra-judicial killings during her term. And, thus far, the current regime has offered nothing but the vague assurance that the case against the Ampatuan warlords would be “concluded within its six-year term.”

Yes, knowing that they are lazy in their commitments, the present system had still offered nothing other than a word of consolation, while few people whom took interest on the proceedings of the case had to listen to the hearing at Quezon City Regional Trial Court for the sake of truth (while mainstream media had less interest in listening aside from few comcerned people working), yet nothing happened other than Ampatuan and his clique trying to deny their responsibilities as murderers and aggravators of an existing problem over Maguindanao. 

Knowing their backgrounds as pro-government allies with high powered guns and amassed wealth with their mansions, these Ampatuans rather chose to aggravate Maguindanao's problem on curbing poverty that made its  people rather chose to rally on the side of Hashim Salamat and his Bangsamoro struggle. For sure these people, mostly dispossessed and chose to side with the rebels had endured walking on dirt roads and forced to content in their less developed communities during those times, while these Ampatuans, as well as warlords supporting, then in power had afford to construct mansions, that their names featured, an unofficial personality cult alongside then-President Arroyo.

Speaking of the former President, she tolerated Ampatuan and his gun-toting warrior clique under the pretext of anti-terrorism the way Marcos supported Dimaporo under the pretext of anti-subversion. Once, the muderer general Palparan had said that most of the guns Ampatuan buried near his mansions were very modern compared to the usual rifles and machine guns used by the military; yes, those weapons are supposedly used to combat the Bangsamoro struggle that of course, includes those from Maguindanao! 

But that very same modern weapon is the same being used by these thugs to kill those who oppose their policies, or rather say afford to oppose as persons and willing to put them down. That again for this writer an example of their feudal-minded insistence of patronage politics, that those who oppose had to suffer or "go straight to hell" for having the mistake of opposing.

And this time seeing present-day's Aquino, via his sockpuppets afford to say that there's no more culture of impunity? The incident involving deaths of Journalists, lawyers, and some members of the Mangundadatu family  will always be an example how these gun-toting landlords justify their "mutated Machiavellian nonsense" that those who stood their way meant death; and there will be others wanting to follow the footsteps of these murderers in keeping themselves into power. 
And if the present administration, through his sockpuppets had afford to say "there's no more culture of impunity" then how about those at Hacienda Luisita? Of those who had been yearning for social justice? Anyways, these people are from the landed gentry, had afford to deny the sicking truth behind the mess that continues to creep everyone's minds. But people nowadays aren't blind, deaf, mute, stupid to acknowledge their nonsense nor tolerating it; and knowing that the vague assurance of the present system can't even assure their lives and healing, everyone should help each other in maintaining vigilance, and if possible oppose their moves from getting back to power, and to their impunity. 

Remain vigilant, so as to remember the fallen! 

No to fascism and state sponsored terrorism!
Justice for the victims of media-related killings and social injustices!
Freedom to the people! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Seeing November as rage and discontent: Of masked protests, red flag marches

Seeing November as rage and discontent:
Of masked protests and red flag marches

No one cannot blame them for marching in the streets and wearing masks last 5th of November nor confronting the police with the Red flag at November 7th. The crisis opened the streets to these people as it continues to aggrave social misery such as corruption and inequity prevailed in societies propaganda consistently speaks of progression and improvement of living yet in fact, a contrary.

As for the 5th of November, it somehow tries to invoke what the movie "V for Vendetta" stated such as against tyranny. The work of Allan Moore somehow idealises Guy Fawkes as an anarchistic individual different from a historical one, the real Guy Fawkes of opportunism and Catholicism.
Yes, Guy Fawkes was a staunch Catholic who wanted to overthrow a protestant king, who, ironically speaking, a son of a Catholic queen; while Allan Moore's "V", taking the character of the former in the form of a ceramic mask and presents himself as an antithesis to a dictatorial order, of throwing daggers on the enemies and red roses on their supporters. Both are radically different but they shared the same idea of bombarding the Parliament and getting rid of tyrants.

And with groups such as Anonymous, they had to emulate their idol and his aspirations, or perhaps simply because of the movie they had to follow V's footsteps, but in a different form of action such as hacking.
Obviously, hacking had become a propaganda of the deed that temporarily paralyses one of the system's foundations such as a website of a government department. Anonymous had known much for staging ddos attacks against systems that for theirs as repressive and antipeople to the roots; that somehow for the system it is no different from the bomb-carrying anarchists of the past for they had paralysed their websites, that they are worrying much about the data they have especially inretrieving prior to recovery.

But as for this writer, their actions aren't enough other than giving a media impression of a masked groupuscle, crew confronting a police and end arrested as accoridng to the news. Protests around the world had tend to invoke these people in V masks transparency the way they provide information if not paralize websites of departments controlled by the system; but, as according to Gerry Lanuza, it saidth:

"What's with the mask of Guy Fawkes? Historically, he plotted to assassinate King James I and restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. He ended up in the scaffold. Then he is revived in V for Vendetta, the icon of postmodern anarchism. But I prefer the classical anarchism of Kropotkin more than the anarchic, digitized global brain of the Anonymous international network of activists and hacktivists that protested this morning at Batasan. Kropotkin: "...instead of inanely repeating the old formula, "Respect the law," we say, "Despise law and all its Attributes!" In place of the cowardly phrase, "Obey the law," our cry, is "Revolt against all laws!" However, the lawmakers were apparently not in the building to listen to the protesters’ demands as they are on Halloween break until Nov 18. Okay lang. Ernesto Che Guevara — "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.""

Right is the former seminarian who, to sum it all said that the actions of the group Anonymous isn't enough to create a sttong tremor against the system as compared to the Black Jand and Narodnaya Volya. Ideally speaking, what Napoles did in siphoning off state funds would make the people themselves afford to break the law by doing bank robberies and redescribing it as expropriations for the exploiters did the effort in bleeding the people dry.
So should be the victims had to bleed the pigs dry as well.

While in Russia, November 7th was their day of reaffirmation with Crisis-ridding people, under the red flag, had to march into the thoroughfares of Moscow and St. Petersburg with shouts and grievances to cry upon. The post-Soviet leadership had felt the tremor though knowing that they have a share of rotten eggs and vegetables enjoying Russia's wealth like Gazprom controlling oil and gas reserves. 

Yet despite the so-called prosperity and stability being said much by Putin and his clique the tremor of people's discontent remained still like Zyuganov or Limonov and its followers opposing Putin and his cluque of bureaucrats and oligarchs donning a flag waving stint full of Tsarist eagles and Red stars trying to counter the western crap.
Yes, western crap that is led by Obama and his forced "allies", with the former's very own circle of armed men worrying for themselves after seeing the fugitive Snowden under the care of the Russian bear. Russians somehow care about their prestige so as to counter the sickening west with their patriotism that involves strongmen like Ivan the terrible, Peter the great, and Stalin. But does not mean that they had to disregard the domestic issue that made them put to the march and expose a system that, as what this writer said earlier "full of corrupt personages", that has a greater share of "rotten eggs and vegetables."

As according to Zyuganov, in his article at Pravda, he said:

In Russia things were not limited to electoral shifts. The protesting masses took to the streets. The protest acquired a scale unheard of since the time eight years ago when people protested against “cash for benefits” reform. This time around the protests took place under the slogans of no confidence in the authorities. For the first time in many years the Russian “elite” became aware that the ground under its feet was becoming patently shaky.
To lure the protest into a dead end the authorities deployed the “secret reserve”. The “shadows of the 1990s”  — aged but still aggressive representatives of the liberal froth of a quarter century ago — were being infiltrated into the protest movement. The pseudo-opposition noise they created gave the authorities a pretext for putting on a spectacle of “fighting pro-American subversive forces”. The groundswell of protest was in many ways disoriented, compromised and crushed…"

Obviously, the protests happened in commemoration of the glorious Soviet revolution is all but minor in international media unlike before when it was commemorated as a Soviet holiday. But on the other hand, the international crisis, as evidenced by rapid unemployment and rising costs of commodities had made October-rev like protests happen, yet Zyuganov is right that the protest scence be disorient by those who wanted to divert, that one has to water-down militancy into a mere bread and butter issue that can be resolved by a mere Collective Barganining Agreement, while on the other hand massive arrests against a comprador-bureaucrat-landlord regime being undertaken, filling prisons, if not "safe houses" and open pits with innocents crying for peace, land and bread!

That somehow aggravates, rather than eases old and still present tensions knowing that the system treats those who oppose as threat to their security, even those who had hacked their websites are incomparable to those who had thrown bombs years ago.

Obviously, the protests happened in commemoration of the glorious Soviet revolution is all but minor in international media unlike before when it was commemorated as a Soviet holiday. But on the other hand, the international crisis, as evidenced by rapid unemployment and rising costs of commodities had made October-rev like protests happen, yet Zyuganov is right that the protest scence be disorient by those who wanted to divert, that one has to water-down militancy into a mere bread and butter issue that can be resolved by a mere Collective Barganining Agreement, while on the other hand massive arrests against a comprador-bureaucrat-landlord regime being undertaken, filling prisons, if not "safe houses" and open pits with innocents crying for peace, land and bread!

That somehow aggravates, rather than eases old and still present tensions knowing that the system treats those who oppose as threat to their security, even those who had hacked their websites are incomparable to those who had thrown bombs years ago.


After all, in observing passed days, this writer simply sought people willing, if not starting to go beyond the barriers such as making their once "peaceful" protest into what goes on in their heads. Beneath the cries for justice lies a call for revenge so to speak; it is not impossible for these people driven by the crisis to limit themselves in "putting those criminals" like Napoles and her clique into the courts but putting them do death as evidenced by their comments in social media sites such as Facebook.
Most, if not all may had "liked" it anyway.

Anyways, despite differences, still lies the acknowledgement of these people. They just trying to be like V, but doing in a different way; but perhaps one of them are willing to take the risk of having a bomb than a mouse in their hand.

And that is greater than a hundred leaflets and posters shown, all given to a discontented majority yearning for a revolution.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"EGO IS USELESS" A repost of a personal account coming from a supertyphoon survivor who chose to remain unknown


A repost of a personal account coming from a supertyphoon survivor
who chose to remain unknown

At first, this is a personal account from a person who had survived the Typhoon. Shared from a social media site, the said survivor, who chose to remain anonymous, had to convey what goes on at the ravaged place that is, Tacloban city, Leyte.

And through his own words somehow lies the difference from what mainstream media stated, that some are for show than making a serious committment in easing the situation. That somehow this person who ought to repost had to show the inconvenient reality behind whar was shown in the TV or posted in every website, article in a newspaper or anything just to keep people informed about the tragedy brought by supertyphoon Yolanda.

Here it goes:

"I wont be posting my whole experience as theres always some people who think they know better. But I do want to make things clear so you would have an idea what its really like being there."

"1. Tacloban prepared for Yolanda, to say that they didn’t because of the their casualty number is a bit disappointing. They had families already relocated in designated evacuation centers even before the storm it was just sad that those places were destroyed as well.

2. Dont go on thinking you know better by saying they should have left the seaside. Im not enitrely sure but even near the heart of the city there are sandwiched cars my guess is the water went as far as there when it hit.

3. Step down your high horse from time to time. Dont be so quick to judge looters, I was also a looter. I looted medecine for the red cross, milk and food for the children. Walked 4 hours and dug into 2 foot empty plastic bottles to get at least something to drink and bring back some. The people who took flat screen tv’s were the same people who offered to give me a drink and some lugaw. Those who looked like ex-convicts offered me something to eat. Almost all the time they are willing to lend a hand when you said you really need something. What they didnt show on the news was how people were helping each other amidst the catastrophe.

4. These tv personalities and politicians majority are a piece of shit. Mar Roxas and his body guards never helped us retrieve families trapped on the cottages on the hotel that we were staying or assisted in helping the wounded. They just walked around clean tidy as if they couldnt be bothered. Ted Failon ate a hearty meal while some children barely had anything to eat and slept in comfy beds while children slept on marble floors. Love Anover panicked and asked us to go downtown to get military assistance like they were someone special. You dont hear those on the news do you? its all about what was recorded on the shot.

5. It might look like chaos I guess thats what they want to show you, but there are police patrols, I personally went to the police station and ask about the rumors of hostility, they told us that its not true as they have not received any news about it. dont think for once that they are not doing their jobs, their manpower is spread so thin why? Because some of them are dead.

6. Dont for once think that everyone hungry is hostile. Dont you dare think like “oh im trained, oh I have seen this happen somewhere, oh its going to happen here” its not a movie. People just want someone to talk to, hear their story ask them how they are, I found out that listening to what they have to say helps them and it helps you.

7. There are no zombies. You can talk to the people sometimes you would be surprised as to how they can help and how much they are willing to help.

8. No one is special. You might have the best training, equipment, plans or what have you. At the end of the day youre one of them, you are in the same situation as them, to think otherwise. Is I think quite foolish.

9. To think its always going to be this way is foolish as well. Im counting 3 to 4 days if relief and resources cant make it, it will be chaotic.

10. Ego is useless."

"The more you find, the less you lose… find something in each person that you meet.

I am no expert, again theres going to be someone here who has tons of things to say because of his knowledge or expertise. This is what I experienced, im not a victim nor a survivor, but for 5 days I was a citizen of Tacloban.

This will be my last post about what happened."

Admittingly speaking, most media entities care to exaggerate than to give the exact, truthful account on what was going in Tacloban city before, during, and after the deluge. Most keyboard warriors had afford to assail these people for looting, for being undisciplined simply because of being hungry or thirsty, or even unclean with all the mud. Perhaps, quite thankful with the account given comes a side that these people arent berserk, but crying for mercy and eager to survive; that includes taking a bitter cup and giving up their egoes.

And lately, as this person had watched reports and reading articles about countries such as United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and even the dearly beloved United States had donated millions of pesos, perhaps mainly for relief if not rehabilitation operations, it is somehow a starting point for a nation to rehabilitate if not relief its own kind, although on the other hand there's enough funds knowing that the Philippines had been awashed with cash ideally allocated for such operations like this.
And with people still aware about corrupt officials (including the wrecker Napoles) with hands wanting to siphon off money, are also concerning about a possible bullshit with countries donated millions of Pesos for these unfortunate people end up in corrupt officials amd wreckers.

Anyways, as for these survivors (like the one who had made his personal account), this person aside from showing a matter of concern, also gives a snappy salute for their effort to survive, right or wrong.

And let everyone (including this person of course), help them improve themselves, make something productive other than prayers as well as given relief.

That's all this person had ought to say,
Thank you.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Trying to escape from the hands called "justice"

Trying to escape from the hands called "justice"

- or all after everyone watching Janet Napoles denying 

in front of the legislators

It is all but stupid to hear her saying "I don't know" especially in front of the legislators.

As people had started to make hashtags, comments, editing pictures of the wrecker herself, Janet Napoles tried to deny anything consistently, feigning ignorance in front of legislators and even the audience knowing that through her lies a truth inconvient to the legislators implicated of the said crime such as stealing public funds.

But, as everyone instead heard her insist her right against self incrimination, or even not to say her name, of saying "I don't know", seems that she is trying to cover up, to the bone so to speak, denying the accusations that includes her name, her establishment, and all of the pseudo-NGOs involved in the controversy.

As according to Rappler:

"Looking impatient, Napoles was noticeably more evasive after lunch break, invoking her right against self-incrimination to avoid most questions. At other times, she mostly responded, in Filipino, with "I don't know" or "I don't remember" or “The case is with the Ombudsman now.”"

That somehow for this writer these examples showed mme. Napoles a desperate case of feigning innocence, ignorance, all despite a number of files that her name, as well as the legislators, her pseudo-NGOs written upon; including those of her daugher who had squander a million peso worth of state funds for her Marie Antoinette-esque lifestyle.

And like  any other personality known for denials, Janet Napoles rather kept her controversial secrets firm citing threat as her alibi. She had even condemn some of her former associates, like Benhur Luy as the latter had unraveled her connections related to the issue; but again, in facing the legislators lies the evasiveness, selective memories as according to Guingona III, while Escudero, through an Inquirer article,  "wondered why Napoles initially wanted to have an executive hearing with the committee when she would only invoke her right against self-incrimination to many of the questions of the senators."

Enter Miriam, a dash of some catechism and pointing against Enrile

However, as the proceedings continue, and some legislators felt dismayed over Napoles's "tabula rasa" tactics of denial, comes another legislator who is willing to counter the denial in the name of Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Being a former judge, and stating some of her works used in the proceedings, she somehow knows every gesture what Janet Napoles showed in front of her and the rest of the legislators, as well as laity in the Senate. And knowing that the controversial personality had afford to state she has the right not to be self incriminate, or even "I don't know", Santiago even stated some catechist-like questions knowing that Napoles is also a "devout christian."
One example of her question is that if she observed the ten commandments, especially those of "Ye Shall not Steal" and "Ye Shall not bear false wittness". Napoles somehow said "Yes" to the two questions, but Santiago even said that "She (Napoles) steal and lie". As well as urging her to tell the truth, nonewithstanding the threat that includes those from Enrile, the so-called "Tanda" (old man) whom became Napoles's client.

And again, citing her denials, and some gestures, Santiago and most of the Senators knew how evasive the controversial Napoles did. "She’s beyond evasive, she’s totally distant from the entire proceedings,” Santiago said in a press conference after she grilled Napoles in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing Thursday accoring to the Inquirer.

Furthermore, Sanitago even thinked that she's also been coached by her lawyers to remain silent or deny in the accusations, or scared citing threats coming from legislators implicated, especially those from Enrile (accdg. to Santiago). For again, according to the Inquirer:

“But her answers are to be expected. She has been coached, maybe by her lawyers …  that the less she says, the less trouble she gets into,” Santiago said.

“She doesn’t realize that if she told the whole truth now, her life would be forever free,” she said.

What's next? 

Anyways, it's all but strange that Napoles had went to the Senate to have a show of trying hard ignorance over the accusations involving her as well as her retunue. Worse, for a shrewd businesswoman, she kept every transaction as a secret, that she can make an alibi such as having coal mining at Indonesia, that Jeanne's gifts came from her friends, that her money came from her businesses that somehow still unbelievable in the eyes of a common man citing her stealing public funds.

And knowing how evasive Napoles is, then perhaps these legislators who consistently asking asking questions should prepare for another's session. One commentator even suggested that Senators Santiago or Guingona should have come with documents, photos, audio-tape, or any concrete evidence, aside from the testimonies from Benhur Luy, et al.  to shatter any denial, or evasiveness on the part of Napoles. There are even newspaper articles as well, including those from the Inquirer how Napoles tried to bribe one of the writers only to be asked by a coterie of those she attempted to bribed on!

 And frankly speaking, this writer seems that is Napoles, contrary to her talkative stance during an interview with Monsod, Vitug, et al. This time trying hard to act like those from the banks blocking attempts from the legislators asking about people who had made transactions with her? Santiago is right that her lawyers, or perhaps those who had threatened her advised to deny if not to remain silent. 
Yet the more she denies, the more trouble she has to face, such as evidences being prepared amd with witnesses willing to express justifying Napoles as suspect, alongside legislators accused for wrecking! 

Napoles may continue denying acusations, or doing a raison circulaire in the proceedings, yet she cannot escape from the hands that is called "Justice."

That's all for now.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"Everything is according to the plan"

"Everything is according to the plan"

Well, this writer had again revisited the music deemed strange in everybody's ears. As he listened one of the songs sung by the late Egor Letov, as well as reading its awkward english translation, it is quite compelling for this writer to make his own version, words closer to the melody and of course, recalling the bullshit that is all guised as development, that with the elites working in the system around the society he belonged had scammed its subjects evenly with their sugar sweet statements and promises, 
- and thus, making him used Letov's work, mainly the melody and the second stanza, again to make his version. According to the plan.

It was middle of 80s, before I was born
And the tremor of change had become sort of oppression
And The cries of the people still yearning for change
And because of the truncheon it all became rage
Yes, all those on high had made the people scammed
according to the plan!
according to the plan!

Then the brownouts had came so is privatization
They cried patriotism yet it's all globalization
All came the investment, high rise towers and malls
Yet still there are shanties, walls full of scrawls
Yes, all those on high had made the people scammed
according to the plan!
according to the plan!

Then along came the 90s all but illusion
Seeing flags shown in the TV screens an aspiration
But no! Crisis creeps the stock markets had fall
Despite people gone to movies, window shopping in the mall
Yes, all those on high had made the people scammed
according to the plan!
according to the plan!

Pork barrels, rising stocks, crisis all but prevail
Everyone is discontented just like the northrail
All despite propaganda shantytowns will remain
Rising stocks, rising prices everybody's in pain
Yes, all those on high had made the people scammed
according to the plan!
according to the plan!

А моя судьба захотела на покой
Я обещал ей не участвовать в военной игре
Но на фуражке на моей серп и молот и звезда
Как это трогательно — серп и молот и звезда
Лихой фонарь ожидания мотается
и всё идёт по плану
и всё идёт по плану

Will the people gonna rage again just like I have said
Everybody now in anger for the pain should had end
The years of contentment from elites should end its page
For the masses gone to streets and demand an highest wage!
They had enough of scams the system made
according to the plan!
according to the plan!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A speech to "fool" everyone?

A speech to "fool" everyone?

It was a week ago when President Aquino had to interrupt on national television midst criticism pointing against him. That despite the controversies erupted during his administration he had to justify his "innocence" while taking pride in programs that are deemed "controversial" because of its connections to corruption.

Especially with his Development Acceleration Program and the Presidential Social Fund he consistently bannered much.

Personally, his speech had unveiled his desperate attempt to gain sympathy especially to a confused middle and lower class viewers. As controversies such as the Pork Barrel issue had indirectly pointed against him, he had to insist his innocence, like Nixon, trying to prove himself that he isn't a crook, a thief, that his DAP provided development, that his "Presidential Pork" provided relief with all the facts and figures he had showed on National Television.

But, for most people, they would rather chose to laugh it over, if not saying that "it's not yet April fool" or complain that "he disrupt what everyone was watching" such as a soap opera. And since Aquino himself had tried his "best" to prove his innocence, then why not unveil the names, even those of his partymates that had enjoyed the bullshit of cash and patronage politics?

And why not as well pass the long-overdue "Freedom of Information" act?

Well, like any other people who had contented in their extravagance, it's much likely for them to deny that he or his partymates had done mistakes, that they had to blame the opposition thoroughly or calling it as a conspiracy made by those trying to malign the regime or the President itself.

That somehow for this writer may call it a foolish act with political analysts care nothing but to criticize the said speech as a "damage control" other than being described by others as Gloria-esque as It desperately sought to justify presidential lump-sum discretionary spending amid growing public disgust over corruption.

As according to the Manila Times, it stated that Political Analysts like Ramon Casiple and Clarita Carlos said that while there was nothing wrong with the speech, it also did not contain any significant declaration that would address the issue regarding the questionable Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and other forms of “pork.”.

Carlos, for her part, said that Malacanang should stop its effort to control the damage from the DAP issue and instead come up with data that would show how the funds coursed through DAP were spent.
The President should also explain why the administration was being selective in choosing legislators who should be allotted funds through DAP.

But again, DAP and the so-called "Presidential Pork" will still carry the negative stigma knowing how bureaucrats afford to gain "income" with kickbacks, with pseudo-Civil Socieities afford to accumulate state funds with less or no contributions to the people; knowing that Napoles and her clique had done damage along with officials implicated. There are also nameless personalities that the administration had to uncover as it tries to stand firm in its righteous path being bannered much since 2010.

Also mentioned by Carlos that while she "believes that the President is not corrupt, he lacks the courage to run after his own partymates and allies." Especially those who are implicated after given kickbacks, who funded Napoles' extravagance using their pork while giving mere piecemeal programs, or let's just say throwing crumbs to the populace yearning for a piece of bread.

And by the way, since Aquino and his clique, along with his rah rah peeps insist in justifying the controversial programs and the presidential pork, it seems that they justify that is deemed unnecessary since had there been sufficient funds for social services from the General Appropriations Act, had corrupt politicians kept their hands off from calamity funds, and implement an honest-to-goodness disaster preparedness program that would somehow prevent loss of funds such as what happened in some areas affected by the earthquakes at Cebu and Bohol;
That somehow for this writer described as a challenge for the legislators in allocating the national budget. Furthermore, why there is a need for a Presidential pork or the pork barrel itself? And since it had been freezed due to the controversy why not had it returned to the Bureau of the Treasury if not directly allocated to programs of importance such as social services and national defence under the General Appropriations Act?

Anyways, it is clear for everyone that the present administration did that speech merely as to control the damage and to keep check its popularity from getting dwindled from the controversy, and not just justifying the DAP and the Presidential pork other than insisting Aquino's innocence over the issue as emphasised.
As according to Dante Jimenez, chairperson of the Victims Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), he stated that Aquino’s collapse has already started following the result of the survey conducted by the president’s Office of Political Affairs showing a steep 35 percent drop in Aquino’s rating.
The president's ratings also suffered drops in the surveys conducted by Pulse Asia (44-percent drop compared to the 79 percent last Sept. 14 to 27) and Social Weather Stations (a decrease of 14 percent compared to his +49 percent rating in the Sept. 20 to 2).

Gloria-esque indeed to save faces in midst of serious controversies erupted. Arroyo, then as president had no chance but to acknolwedge her action during the "hello Garci" issue yet at the same time justifying oplan "Bantay Laya" I and II, even keeping herself silent over Northrail, NBN-ZTE and other controversies erupted.
And now, with Aquino trying to do a Gloria in justifying, aside from keeping most, if not all of her programs as his (such as the Conditional Cash Transfer program, whose funds also came from what Aquino and her clique had justified), may somehow made everyone a fool, knowing that he who afford to blame the past administration for the woes had at the same time keeps.

And as for his speech made? Sorry to say, but people may think he had mistaken all hollows, or before as april fools'.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

An "uneasy" rest

An "uneasy" rest

By Katleah Ulrike

Originally made last November 1, 2012 and posted at, this writeup somehow tackled about the relevance both All Saints and Souls day not just as a day of remembering the dead, but also remembering those who had been unjustly killed, of those who had been forced to disappearance, all in the name of order that rather justifies impunity and aggravates past and present tensions between a resurgent people and a rotten state. 

Personally, in making that kind of writeup may say that in remembering those who had killed for their beliefs, that in their graves had their candles lit and given flowers, deep inside they wanted to continue fighting and swore that impunity will end, and to those who had been fallen will given a dignified rest.

Et vous, objets de nobles l'armes,
Braves, morts au feu des cannons,
Avant que la patrie en armes
Ait pu connaître au moins vos noms,
Sous l’humble terre où l’on vous range,
Dormez, martyrs, bataillon indompté !
Dormez en paix, loin de l'Orange,
Sous l’arbre de la Liberté.

These are one of the verses coming from the 1830 version of the "Brabançonne", the Belgian national anthem. Those words reflect its rebellious past wherein its people took arms against a "ruler whom despite its fatherly appeal gave no just laws"; that, somehow reflects the current problem, not in the country the poem coming from, but rather in a different one whose system, beneath the cloak of righteousness lies repressive instances.

That, all despite efforts to curb atrocities laid by the military over the people, especially those who oppose government policies and advocating radical changes, it rather didn't stop the tension as countless cases from past to present had left unsolved or rather say, never been solved due to those who tried to circumvent the law for their benefit such as 114 cases of extra-judicial killings (EJK), 12 enforced disappearances, 70 torture victims, 224 victims of illegal arrests and detentions, 8,266 victims of forced eviction/demolition and 29,613 internally displaced persons, under the Aquino presidency according to the Human Rights group Karapatan from July 2010 to September 2012.

These numbers continue to grow as nameless individuals are fast becoming victims due to repressive policies and the like, worse, if people remain apathetic and unheard about social realities such as what Karapatan being stated in its report making those who circumvent laws justify their actions as necessary for their goals such as security.

Quite worrying though, especially in regards to people who rather remain apathetic over a serious matter of growing extrajudicial acts made in the pretext of protecting the state from lawless elements, all despite seeing news reports and reading countless comments from the narrow minded in every social media site condemning the victim rather than the accused for their beliefs, it rather aggravates the present danger in a way chunks of defense budget be used for operations including those of surveying the legal left and continuous mill of black propaganda.

That somehow made this writer felt concerning when will people ever open their eyes and minds, hearts to a reality such as countless, nameless persons imprisoned, disappeared or killed due to their beliefs, making this writer had made to use one of the original verses of the "Brabançonne" and be described these nameless people an "unbroken battalion?"

And you, objects of noble tears,
The brave, who died under cannon fire,
Before the Fatherland, under arms,
Could know at least your names,
Beneath the humble earth where you are laid,
Sleep, martyrs, unbroken battalion!
Sleep in peace, far from Orange,
Beneath the tree of Liberty.

Substituting the house of Orange for the current Aquino administration and its armed troops, of cannon fire for countless arrests and detentions, torture and summary executions, people fighting for liberty with all their lives end martyrs trying to be at peace in a society labeled as "unjust" and "repressing", leaving to the present generation with pleas appealing. But all despite the verses stated, the voices of the innocent and the affected buried beneath the humble earth remains aloud than at peace, haunting the wretched ceaselessly as long as the latter has its hands left bloody and trying to act conscienceless with denial such as Jovito Palparan and his men after the disappearance of Karen Empeno and Sheryn Cadapan, or the soldiers who justified killing Blaan tribespeople in Mindanao for mining companies? Sorry for using Dechet's words, but those words reflect those who brave the blows and the cold and dark cells if not for the graves unearthed after years of sorrow and concern.

Quite lamenting to hear their pleas for justice other than their call for freedom yet fell on deaf ears of apathy. Whether living or dead, countless victims of state repression still tries to invoke, voicing out aloud regardless of threat and intimidation even pain and death to justify the system described as "unjust" within the cloak of "righteousness" the way people from below assailed absolute monarchs who tried to present themselves as enlightened yet trying to keep the antiquated order firm in the midst of growing clamor for changes. Every law had been enacted to counter atrocities so to speak, yet how come despite all these there there are still reports stating about growing numbers in it? Most people would say "too late" to wash their bloodied hands in it? Most people would say "too late" to wash their bloodied hands in midst of growing criticism yet still acting ignorant.
And perhaps, since the first two days of November marks remembering the deceased, with people visit every grave, or stare at the picture of a beloved one with candles lit and prayers invoked, why not shed tears off and instead advancing the interest of the people the way loved ones showed interest in theirs? It is indeed that life is short, yet least that all after seeing how precious life is and making it better for the well being of the rest same as themselves, making hearts at ease in their "eternal" rest-waiting for a signal to awake.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Let the horrors of the past, and the ghouls of the future haunt the monsters of today!

Let the horrors of the past, 
and the ghouls of the future 
haunt the monsters of today! 

This picture, taken by Carl Mark Ramota, showed both contradiction and irony in a "growing society" like the Philippines. 

That, as people had to carry crosses of hardship, those on high enjoy the frivolities of life as if nothing bad has gonna happen in a society deemed rotten. That the issue on corruption, with Pork Barrel and the Development Acceleration Program doesn't affect the economy news reports state much as "growing".

But come to think of this: if the economy is growing, how come in some communities still underdeveloped, that people are hungry, that remnants of Feudalism remained strong, that people are as if living in starvation rations like those of Hacienda Luisita with its 9.50 wage? Again, those on high afford that 'prosperity' bragged much by the state, that high rise buildings tower over the houses of those who had built, of graves of those who had fought for wages and decent living. 
Time and again people will sing "Dying of hunger, Dying of cold" that haunts these people on high who had consistently given its share fair and square despite making them work for long hours and telling them that "least you have the work" and "get contented in your wage."

But despite all odds people will never cowed on their taunt and threat, they have seen already the horrors behind suspense that  tries to break the spirit of the dispossessed, that in their shallow graves its blood waters the tree called "freedom" as the late Jefferson saidth centuries back.

Anyways, Let the horrors of the past, and the ghouls of the future haunt the monsters of today!