Friday, 1 November 2013

Let the horrors of the past, and the ghouls of the future haunt the monsters of today!

Let the horrors of the past, 
and the ghouls of the future 
haunt the monsters of today! 

This picture, taken by Carl Mark Ramota, showed both contradiction and irony in a "growing society" like the Philippines. 

That, as people had to carry crosses of hardship, those on high enjoy the frivolities of life as if nothing bad has gonna happen in a society deemed rotten. That the issue on corruption, with Pork Barrel and the Development Acceleration Program doesn't affect the economy news reports state much as "growing".

But come to think of this: if the economy is growing, how come in some communities still underdeveloped, that people are hungry, that remnants of Feudalism remained strong, that people are as if living in starvation rations like those of Hacienda Luisita with its 9.50 wage? Again, those on high afford that 'prosperity' bragged much by the state, that high rise buildings tower over the houses of those who had built, of graves of those who had fought for wages and decent living. 
Time and again people will sing "Dying of hunger, Dying of cold" that haunts these people on high who had consistently given its share fair and square despite making them work for long hours and telling them that "least you have the work" and "get contented in your wage."

But despite all odds people will never cowed on their taunt and threat, they have seen already the horrors behind suspense that  tries to break the spirit of the dispossessed, that in their shallow graves its blood waters the tree called "freedom" as the late Jefferson saidth centuries back.

Anyways, Let the horrors of the past, and the ghouls of the future haunt the monsters of today!