Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The irony of prohibiting charity while celebrating the day of the onewho speaks positively of it

"The Irony of prohibiting charity
While celebrating the day of the one who speaks
positively of it."

by Katleah Ulrike

It was yesterday when this writer sought this post in a social media site.

This writer, as well as those who had seen that post earlier would easily find it ironic knowing that it had prohibiting people from giving food to the less fortunate, particularly the homeless living in public spaces while below affords to greet everyone the day of Christ's birth, with the latter known for having Charity as one of the virtues being encouraged.

In addition to that, in seeing that kind of post being posted lies comments full of ridicule. There's even a caption also being posted, with facts being presented as well; as it says:

"What would you do if you came across someone on the street that had not had anything to eat for several days? Would you give that person some food? Well, the next time you get that impulse you might want to check if it is still legal to feed the homeless where you live. Sadly, feeding the homeless has been banned in major cities all over America.

Back in January 2012, 40,000 new laws went into effect all over America. The politicians continue to hit us with wave after wave of regulations and laws with no end in sight. For this Christmas, as the number of homeless people in Los Angeles County continues to rise, the City Council is weighing a ban on feeding homeless people in public areas, joining the nationwide ban on feeding those in poverty. This is an attempt to make difficult problems disappear. It’s both callous and ineffective. The homeless population in Los Angeles is the second highest in the country, following New York City. Los Angeles County’s homeless population rose 15% from 2011 to 2013, to nearly 53,800 individuals, according to a report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development released last week. Over 50 cities have previously adopted some kind of anti-camping or anti-food-sharing laws,after the Occupy Movement sustained a powerful free public campsite with food services from September to November 2011.

It saw homeless citizens get cleaned up, maintain a clean park, scrubbing even the bricks clean every night, despite ludicrous media reports of the opposite. This is about a breakdown of community & good will. They know not what they do, but many are willfully doing wrong every single day. This Christmas remember it takes YOU to act to build a better world. Bring back Christmas in your towns, Educate and Feed those lost in a wrongful system. We are the people of our planet Earth and we are better than this."

Most people would say that the state doesn't care about its citizens while those who afford eager to accumulate profits. The issue on homeless people not to be given food is part of a greater issue sich as Workers like those from Walmart or McDonalds had to get contented in food stamps or wages not enough to meet their daily demands and spendings. But with figues presented on that post given somehow would say how that "American dream" people around the world dreamed of is all but an imagination being peddled. After all, how come that dream continues to be peddled while Los Angeles's own homeless population rose to 15% from 2011 to 2013? For sure there are also cities whose homelessness and unemployment continues to rise as well!

To others, it may considered as moral not to give them for they are potentially making them contented to be given. But come to think of this, since authorities had afford to post that, then why not also for these homeless be given housing and workfare just like during the Depression? These homeless are once workers end unemployed, yet personal problems, not just drugs and alcohol had made them becoming hobos begging for a sum of money; yes, they had degenerated into what the state and the bourgeois called as "Scum of the Earth" alongside the criminals and prostitutes whose primary idea is survival.
But banning them from feeding and letting them starve seems to be too much for a policy that also requires offering them alternatives to their plight; come to think that most Americans had afford to eat more till becoming obese whilst these people, also from America are starving and waiting for alms if not getting food from the garbage bins; that the system had made these unemployed, homeless citizens be left degenerated and redescribing it as "their personal decision" to become like that. Right was one of the commentators who had sought the inconvenient truth and read that post, and said:

"Every damn one of us is a few steps away from homelessness. Your company closes. You can't pay your family, than your mortgage, or a partner leaves or god for bid dies. The insurance isn't enough , I go on, so you damn right I would give food. It could be anyone of us...."

Worse, having a post that mocks the spirit of Christmas such as encouraging the virtue of Charity? Then obviously, the state had failed to counter the issue on homelessness same as those regarding slums in the cities, all despite seeing their proposals that end veto'ed "for it wastes money", letting anyone with a kind heart to give them, just like "Food not Bombs" in which policemen usually attack them and their free meals given to the less fortunate, describing it as nuisance to social order.
But speaking of the State, how come they failed to curb major domestic issues as there are those afford to Veto? This writer may not favor Obamacare, but it seems that most had forgot Roosevelt's New Deal, or LBJ's Great Society programs, that somehow giving the less fortunate workfare, all with a decent pay. America somehow tried to keep itself rising from the effects of the 1930s due to the programs that brought labor, food, homes, dignities and reconstruction of American life, and perhaps prior to Reagan's trickle down bullshit, it was somehow an act of charity on behalf of the state in making these depressed people regaining their sanities and improving their lives through working since they can't tolerate having them fed by everyone else.

But nowadays, with this kind of post featuring signs like "don't feed the homeless" while below says "Merry Christmas" is all but a bullshit. Since the state, with its policemen had afford to disrupt groups like Food not Bombs, of destroying communities made by these homeless people, all in the name of social order, then how come they failed in realizing the aspirations of everyone? Particularly of the disspossessed such as these homeless people wanting jobs, food and homes? Right for food, jobs, homes is a human right! And if the state had afford to curtail or negate those rights then that state violates its own laws!

Perhaps they had forgotten that they are Christians, yes, they are Christians by the book and name but not by its practise such as adhereing to human rights and upholding the cause of righteousness and virtue amongst everyone.

Thanks for the Global Movement for that kind of post and comment featured.