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All after De Veyra, Vic Sotto, and various commentators surrounding thetwo

All after De Veyra, Vic Sotto, and various commentators surrounding the two

Sorry for being too late in writing this post, but this writer had also took enough time understanding every commonent just to make this writeup happen aside from focusing on some priorities that ought to finish upon prior to making this hell of a kind writeup.

It was last December that most people had to watch movies featured in the "Metro Manila Film Festival." And again, that fest are merely consist of movies featuring same old personalities and genres typical for well known producers to create for the wider audience; and this writer rather sees nothing except plain and simple repetition of what is lucrative, profitable, rather than artistic and enlightening for the eyes of many.
Obviously, that festival had been marred by fiascos that once involved a beauty queen, of corrupt bureaucrats and media producers trying to control the media industry with its time tested "ideas" that made critics like Lourd de Veyra and others had afford to write it over. While others had afford to create countercomments against critics out of being a fanatic.

Speaking of Lourd de Veyra, this writer had read his writeup about Vic Sotto and his movie featured in that last year's festival. The movie, entitled "My Little Bossings", is one of the most popular films ever produced for the MMFF, however, some people had afford to criticize not just because of Vic Sotto, but also Kris Aquino and her son, whom likely to be groomed as an artist thanks to tv and print ad commercials offered to him. 
de Veyra is somehow trying to create a constructive criticism about the state of Filipino cinema, using Sotto and "My Little Bossings" as its example, he had wanted artists featured in the said event to create better ones than getting contented to the usual ones presented by its producers. As according to the site

"In his open letter, Lourd made it clear that he was very disappointed over Vic and his latest movie, ‘My Little Bossings,’ which is one of the movie entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival. He was asking Vic: is that all that you can do? The letter was reflective of the sentiments of Lourd after watching the movie, which is now holding the record as the highest grossing Pinoy film of all time."

And aside from criticizing Sotto's acting, de Veyra had even addressed that the movie had been much emphasised on commericalism, citing the heavy ad placements of pancit canton, cough syrup, detergent powder and other products endorsed not only by Vic Sotto and Kris Aquino. That somehow it reminds of a movie about a society whose government departments been controlled by a company producing energy drinks. CARLS JR? BRAWNDO anyone? (A recommendation that the movie IDIOCRACY should been watched as well and have the Filipino reflect in it, until knowing that they are beingnused by the system.)

To sum it all, he called the movie, regardless of its popularity a waste of time. Compared to Sotto's earlier movies, the latest ones seemed to be far from what had enjoyed with. People who had read his post would afford to shout ad hominems for criticizing a legend, but sorry to say, what he wanted is a movie that is socially relevant than a show being shown for the sake of showing it; worse, being stretched by adding products such as a detergent powder, cough syrup, milk, or any other bullshit to endorse with! Aside from the "blessing" from the president who is the brother of Bimby's mother!

There were those who appreciated de Veyra's post especially in conveying his thought regarding today's Filipino cinema using Vic Sotto as example, as Pettizou Bouchard, one of the commenters in, said:

"I am so impressed with your letter to Vic Sotto. Your eloquence in conveying your thoughts in contemporary Tagalog without being rude or crass is commendable. You just talked about the elephant in the room. I thank you for being courageous where most of us including myself weren`t able to do. Mabuhay ka !"

On the other hand, another commentator had afford to criticize he as a person simply because of the writeup. Originally in Filipino, this writer had at least tried to translate it into English the comment that seemed to be a personal attack on de Veyra rather than assessing the writeup itself:

"There are so many people who are pretending that they are great especially Mr. Lourd de Veyra. Who is he, is he an activist? What did he contribute to take pride of? You should have been a director instead for as if you know about morality. You had believed in yourself too much, you can't even gave an opinion about obscenity for he himself through his words also had obscenity in it. If he had wanted to help Vic why not he talked to him personally? Instead that bald guy had afford to make noise, for what? Gain attention? It's simply because you're an activist. You should had first talk to Vic before you present your opinion. For sure most people will afford to pay respect to you. But you are becoming arrogant, and I would like to kick you in the ass! You are also immoral in your show especially in confronting with a girl. If that the lesson you wanted to learn? ...."

What's wrong in being an activist anyway? Perhaps that guy commenting is a good example both of an idiot and a fanatic who seemed who suffered from de Veyra's "butthurt" comment. Some even used children, family citing the movie as for all audiences compared to others that cater a specific audience. 

But of all the criticisms, seemed quite right was from Karen Natividad, and although her post is in the neo-Illustrado site GetReal Philippines, it had stated that it is the same people who voted for same old crappy officials who had "enjoyed" watching the movie. It even said that the criticism is pointless regardless of what de Veyra had said, even stating the Government who failed to make its own community "intellectually healthy" by submitting itself to the wishes of the so-called "mainstream media" and its "illusions". here's the snippet:

"Obviously, government fails in its duty to ensure that ours remains an intellectually-healthy society. The fact that movies like My Little Bossings rake in 50 million pesos is proof of this. Is there hope of getting the government to step up to this role? I wouldn’t bet good money on such a hope. The government after all is made up of officials voted into office by the very same people who eat up media crap like My Little Bossings."

To a group of neo-Ilustrado fanatics would somewhat critically agree with de Veyra although on the other hand criticizing him with a "conclusion that the Lourd missed the real point by a mile." Also true that Vic Sotto and movies like My Little Bossings are just products of Philippine society controlled by a decadent system. They exist because there is a strong demand for such kadiri quality full of idioicy common people had forced to content with. 

But on the other hand, is that just enough just to say that? Having a society being dominated by mere profiteers and exploiters had also turned Filipino pop culture into a cesspool, a hodge podge of  nonsensical ideas such as wholesale westernization and crass fatalism; and Film festivals such as that MMFF, despite controlled by a Government agency is in-fact monopolized by those who, as sponsors, as producers exploiting people simply from time to time spoon feeding the people with the so-called culture they tried to insist, and even justifying by using the Family, particularly the Children as its alibi. Yes, one may afford to call it as Cultural Liberalism, or Commercialism at its finest so to speak, especially in a film festival organized by an agency that used to babble morality, discipline, or any otherstatements  that even traffic problems such as overspeeding buses still left unresolved!

And with that 50 million rake made by the movie Vic Sotto had made? For this writer, it's all but the same as last year, or earlier ones featured in that MMFF, and that is far from the achievements made by those whom stressed cinema as a craft to devote than a mere profession to profit with; come to think of the movies of Vice Ganda or Ramon "Bong" Revilla jr. Those are based on the highest number of rakes, meanwhile, much well known works made by the late Manuel Conde, Ishmael Bernal, Lino Brocka had created movies that not just appeased everyone in the Philippines, but also around the world using creativity, imagination, good stories that seemed thought provoking and understandable for most, if not all audiences rather than today's nonsense, all for the sake of attaining a million rakes and winning the prize. 
That, sorry to say so, had been lost for generations and this time trying to replicate by those who had profound interest in creating Filipino cinema that is creative, thought provoking, and genuinely popular just like in the past; knowing that if most people think that good movies are those shown at Cinemalaya or CineFilipino, then how come old ones such as "El Filibusterismo", "Insiang", "Ang Tatay Kong Nanay", or the old "Panday" movies, sountracks conducted by renouned artists like Lucio San Pedro were once likely to be featured in today's "commercialized" events like the MMFF?

Anyways, back then, the main priority was good Quality Filipino entertainment that emphasises talent and relevance than mere profit. But nowadays, most had tried to create but rather fail or at least getting lucky just like Asiong Salonga or El Presidente last year. Personally, George Estregan's Boy Golden and Robin Padilla's 10000 hours seemed to be better than those largely featured in MMFF; and furthermore, what's the use of those who had screen if the emphasis is on the higher number of rakes? de Veyra is right to insist that today's artists should make good quality movies than getting contented in their usual antics, that some people had afford to say that they had wasted 200 or 300 peso to watch a crappy movie largely featured in billboards, print ads, Television commercials, and even social media! 

Anyways, hate de Veyra, but he was just stating the need for a real good Filipino cinema and Artists should be able to make themselves much better than what they had in the present. Charlie Chaplin didn't content in being a silent film actor with his familiar mustache! 


Personally, today's order of things, deemed rotten and degenerating for generations, had been tolerating the same old bullshit that made people dare to protest, since people from all walks of life had afford to protest on the rise of commodity prices and even contributions, some who are concerned about Filipino culture and art had afford to ridicule over the present-day nonsense that had brought those movies largely featured and promoted. Again, this writer would think and even say that from time to time today's Filipino cinema, or mass media in general is all but a rehash of sorts, seeing same plots, emphasising personalities than the storyline, profit over pleasure, anything nonsensical despite trying to follow the ways of the west, or even its eastern neighbors such as Korea or Japan. 
And since they tried to emulate those from Korea and Japan, then sorry to say, it ends Hispanic or American than Asiatic: softcore sex scenes, kisses and not quite so erotic love been shown instead the intellectual-like nature trying to show with. F4? 5566? Super Junior? Sorry to say, they wanted a singing version of CHIPPENDALES or an Asiatic MENUDO that can dance and sing as if everyone's in 1980s or 1990s, with the reason that, sorry to say so, most care about a male persona with a machismo image that still carries the Filipino Guapito image, of than those whom care about their hairstyle, or to the extent of making a parody. So were the all female singing groups who still trying to emulate African-American or Latina ones with higher decibels and calling them "Divas". 

Anyways, to sum it all, it's all but an expression of a whining petitbourgeois to create such writeups criticizing both or the one who had started it,  yet at the same time they are the same individuals who doesn't care much about watching those films such as last year. For sure they rather choose to watch those made in Holywood despite bothering de Veyra and Sotto. Personally, just like de Veyra, this writer had also watched Filipino comedies from 80s and 90s, and had appreciated some actors and actresses making a good craft out of that particular genre, but on the other hand, some of the same actors and actresses whom this writer had appreciate are desperately trying to keep their popularity, so were the directors, producers keeping prestige or end up disregarded by many.

yes, that on some degree agrees with what the man from Radioactive Sago Project had assessed in it. 

And to maximum extent, this writer, whom like others dealing against the flow, would say this: "revolt against the so-called "modern world" full of decadent realities. Only dead fishes join the current, living ones resist!"