Wednesday, 29 January 2014



(Or "let's help Axel Pinpin and his battle against Pneumonia!")

It was last month when this writer heard news about the Poet-Activist Axel Pinpin had been hospitalized.

Suffering from Pneumonia due to a critical condition from Asthma and confined at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia, Axel Pinpin had still take time battling the pain so as to survive and make AgitPop thrive like any other artist-activist do.  His works like "Remote Control" had fused militancy of his words  and grooviness of the music being played by his band. That somehow this writer had to say in one of his posts that AgitPop fused Agitation-Propaganda with those of Pop Culture. He was also a former political detainee who had endured torture from his captors that later on became basis for his poems reflecting his passions both in torture and in detention.

 Earlier, there was a benefit gig in Black Kings bar in West ave. in Quezon City. The event, which is titled REKOBERI had featured artists like Jess Santiago, and its proceeds end in the needs of the said bard-activist- especially those of medicines taken to battle his Pneumonia and other illnesses Axel has to resist and overcome.
And lately, there's a benefit  buy and sell page in Facebook named AxSale. Just like REKOBERI, the proceedings from the auction and selling of the featured works will go to Axel's recovery, while interested buyers can send a private message on the page. 

One example of the goods to sell is  "TUGMAANG MATATABIL: Mga Akdang Isinulat sa Libingan" that costs 500 pesos, and  a Bookmark with an excerpt from Axel's poem costs 100 pesos. Others such as Talahib's "Mga Awit ng Pag-ibig at Digmaan" and Bobby Balingit's enamel on paper artworks are to be determined by the buyer.

The page has also call on everyone especially artists, musicians and writers who are willing to donate their art crafts, books and other materials for auction, with its proceedings be allocated directly to the Bard-Activist's recovery, showing support along with prayers that he be healed and return to the scene with renewed strength and vigour better as before.

Anyways, all despite being confined at the Intensive Care Unit of the PHCA and recovering from his illness, Axel still needs everybody's help especially those from his friends and colleagues in the music scene and the struggle. And also despite not using respirator for his breathing, he still needs proper medication and blood transfusion, with blood type A- or O to improve his CBC count. His colleagues also called on others to help him, such as this writer, who had admired his poetry and exploits as an artist willing to make this message, with the same purpose of those who had admired his works assist him in his battle, knowing that his poetry, music, and stances regarding peace, land and bread made AgitPop thriving.
And again, hoping that he recover and hear his poems and accompanied music open everybody's minds and agitate better than before!


For those who would like to extend financial help, please contact JamJam Pinpin at 0942.274.5591.