Friday, 7 February 2014

Rest in Power, TADO

Rest in Power, TADO

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TADO had died? Tsk, unbelievable but true.

As news reports confirmed that Comedian Arvin "Tado" Jimenez is 1 of the 14 dead in the bus crash in Bontoc, Mt. Province.

According to the police, the bus Mr. Jimenez was riding fell into a 120-meter ravine along the Banaue-Bontoc Road in sitio Paggang, Barangay Talubin in Bontoc town on Friday morning. Other than him, there were two foreign tourists who are also killed in the said accident.

Quite saddening that he, despite being in a different spectrum of the left he had afford to popularise the scene, especially alongside Angel Rivero and Ramon Bautista in then-Atom Henares' UNTV's Strangebrew, followed by the radio show BREWRATS at 99.5 HiT FM. The former had even became informative for children despite its raggedy appearance as it feat. buko pies being made in Laguna, Water Closets manufactured in Cavite, as well as now non-existent places such as San Lazaro Hippodrome in Manila and meeting late personages like Reynaldo Punongbayan.

An episode from Strangebrew 

Personally, this writer had met him and his family during an event with Romeo Lee as host and sponsored by UP Mountaineers. Quite friendly indeed, so was his wife whom this writer had met years ago as part of StrangeBrew Yahoo group, and her kids that he's like any other person regardless of popularity he had attained. 

And like any other "fan" or a just "acquaintance" within the cultural scene would say that at first it's quite unbelievable to hear his demise until latest updates confirmed about this.

Anyways, Condolences to his wife, Leonora Jimenez and the family of the late comedian, as well as friends from the scene. Tado may had left his work unfinished and instead takes a long journey of guiding everyone in his advocacies such as those from Dakila. yes, he's not dead, but instead living in everybody's hearts, especially those who has the gut to continue his unfinished work.

From yours truly.