Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Forge through protest! Reap through struggle!

Forge through protest! Reap through struggle!

Lately, this writer had read news about Evo Morales of Bolivia had raised wages for workers in their respective countries. Evo had raised wages to 20% in response to the call of the labor sector to increase their wages. On the other hand, President Aquino did nothing except promises that are meant to be broken, That the regional wage boards has the right for a go signal to raise wages, mostly not enough to face the challenge such as rising costs of goods and services particularly those of electricity and foodstuffs.

That somehow made the common worker and peasant to consistently oppose the system regardless of the latter's sugarcoated rhetoric and band aid solutions primarily made to counter the people's outrage against their oppression.

Meanwhile, President Maduro of Venezuela had raised wages for workers to 30% ahead of May day. Yes, the Bolivarian revolution, regardless of hardships least provide the masses housing, education, and other needs important thanks to the Commandante who had least trying to realize the aspirations of the laborers. On the other hand, President Aquino still aloof in regards to the issue on Hacienda Luisita with the latter having its farmworkers evicted from their communities moths ago. The latter had faced hardship especially those of their fruits of hard work being thrown away if not left to spoil by the orders of the hacienderos and goons PNoy had coddled.

That somehow made the common worker and peasant to consistently oppose the system regardless of the propaganda mill being vented via national television up to social media sites, supported by its keyboard warriors, and online newspapers via its paid hacks around the metro.

How wonder compares to those two Latin American countries whose concern for the laborers is a tradition, the Philippines, for years had to endure the tradition of repression and forced contentment, people must remember how Aquino had said that "leave it to God for he's busy" last year, he may had said it towards his critics but it also includes the innocent whom affected by the tragic events such as Yolanda and the earthquakes at Bohol and Cebu. In every tax being paid ends in the hands of the corrupt, worse, those who pay taxes comes from those who had really worked hard than those who had been well known for their massive wealth. The so-called "righteous, straightforward path" is nothing but a meaningless phrase, a two way road to nonsense as issues related to the people, be it may the worker, the peasant, the student, the professoonal been disregarded in favor of the elite and the stupid nonsensical media being vented.

And again, made the common worker and peasant to consistently oppose the system regardless of those trying to answer the issue through paper reforms and promises, of others whom seeking to lessen tensions through countless lobbying, and end completely nothing but a series of minutes of discussion but no action. If there is, all is but a propaganda image.

As the system chose to remain aloof with the cries of the masses, it is not impossible for these masses to march regardless of the guards' own truncheons and water cannons stationed at the main thoroughfares of Manila. They can withstand the blow and the pain as they vent their call for decent wage, an end to contractualization, land reform, rural development, industrialization for fair, decent employment.
To those apathetics reading this writeup, history is full of countless blows to those who speak straightforwardly about the need to uplift the laboring people and the nation itself, that Andres Bonifacio, regardless of his lower ilustrado background had integrate himself to the laboring masses who comprise the majority of his Katipunan. Don Isabelo de los Reyes, regardless of he an affluent person from Ilocos had to march with laborers during the first Labor day march at Manila in support of a call for decent living standards and an Independent Philippines. These two men, in modern setting they would had been deemed terroristic, subversive due to their call of revolution and a need to support those who had really worked for long hours for their daily bread. On the other hand, Marcos was right, regardless of he as a dictator to say about a "Revolt of the poor" that until today continues to wander as a spectre over Malacanang, Batasang Pambansa, Supreme Court, to the Central Business District of Makati and at Ortigas Centre in Pasig, but did he exorcise the spectre? Nope, he intensified it with martial rule and free trade agreements that suffers the working class. Apathetics would still trying to escape from reality by reducing social matters to a whine of an individual, if not altogether disregard in favor of its own egotistical bullshit. That through working hard and forced contentment can lessen the serious matter of high prices and uplift its own standard of living. If so, then how come even the petit bourgeois afford to complain about rising costs of electricity? They do work hard, but how come the purchasing power of peso remained low to face the rising costs of prices? How wonder the system and its apathetic apologetics are in a deep sleep of illusions while the masses are awake with inconvenient realities such as rising costs yet lower, insufficient wages.

Well, Lenin, in his message, speaks about the need for working class unity, to be firm in its ranks against the repressive social order whom fails to heed the call of the laboring people. The issues of the third world may had been as worse as Russia during the tsarist days, and the workers has to forge their call through series of protests and strikes, and the peasants reap their struggles in a series of actions against the landlords and its hired goons. There will be blood, but that blood cannot stop the revolt of the poor whom calls for peace, land, and bread:

"Comrades! If we will energetically and wholeheartedly strive to unite, the time will not be far distant when we, having joined our forces in solid ranks, will be able openly to unite in this common struggle of the workers of all lands, without distinction of race or creed, against the capitalists of the whole world. And our sinewy arm will be lifted on high and the infamous chains of bondage will fall asunder. The workers of Russia will arise, and the capitalists and the Government, which always zealously serves and aids the capitalists, will be stricken with terror!"