Friday, 4 April 2014

So "Sacred" in appearance, yet So "Immoral" for Others

So "Sacred" in appearance, 
yet So "Immoral" for Others

The art of Irina Kirkinskaya

Other than the works of Katkov, this writer had sought the Mediaeval-inspired artworks of Irina Kirkinskaya.

Also featured in another NazBol page, Kirkinskaya had featured both old end new imagery such as those similar to the Carolingan or Byzantine period

Strange so to speak those artworks especially that it smacks of mediaeval, especially sacred-like imagery for something that is immoral in the eyes of mainstream audience, yet for Kirkinskaya it smacks of reality such as sex, the illusions offered modernity, and people's aspiration for socialism. Below somewhat reminds of a page from a mediaeval book of hours, but instead of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints were Soviet dogs Laika and Strelka, of rocketship Vostok and Sputnik, as well as the flags of the National Bolsheviks carried by a crowd of Toga and Chiton-clad men and women.

Like Justinian one would say that "I had surpassed Solomon" in seeing the wonder that brought Kirkinskaya in illustrating it. The rockets which brought Laika and Strelka into space was one of the fulfillments from a distant past where Icarus and Daedalus had to create wings out of wax in prusuit of escape; the contributions of most scientists had surpassed those whom left its own legacy of making tales about flying such as Jules Verne with its journey to the moon; much more that the hardships of most researchers had turned their contribitions into legends, hence making artists inspired to replicate an aspiration, idea, ambition that had nearly end lost if not exploited by the status quo.

Or let's just say, quite ContemporAntiquitarian regardless of its controversial depictions Kirkinskaya had made. Trying to fuse contemporary, the folk, the sacred, anything what the artist had sought and felt compelled to create those.

But regardless of its intentions Kirinskaya had conveyed, the status quo, particularly those who are conservative had rather abhor those artworks as immoral especially with its depiction of genitalia if not sex positions coming from humans with animal heads; much more that some, if not most of those who abhor may describe it as satanic in seeing those of the macabre and of the dark, that those artworks had distorted those from the Bible if not the Book of Hours and other religious books made during the Mediaeval era.

Much more for a National Bolshevik that had include the hammer and sickle in that artwork!

But come to think of this, the status quo whom abhors what artists like Kirkinskaya also tolerates its creation, perhaps because they tried to invoke a semblance of Democracy and its basic freedoms trying to invoke with, most artists whom chose to use their craft as a weapon if not a tool to make people critically think and see the reality that made these people having the urge to create those artworks regardless of of controversiality given to by the system. That they want to say that the people are tired of being fucked off by the order whose ideas are trying hard to be those of the people, yet in fact is more of parroting. Call it immoral, call it pornographic, or anything yet how come "The Nude Maja" by Goya, "the circumcision of Jesus" by Fra Angelico, or "David" by Michaelangelo been appreciated? 

Had been looking those artworks same as those this writer took interest upon, these are example that is ContemporAntiquitarian due to these being inspired by mediaeval art (and hence being replicated), if not AgitPop similar to the militant atheists of the Soviet Union during its earlier years as a young proletarian society. Again, the present system may had tolerated those but still it had described by these people most as indecent, immoral, satanic, anything whatsoever just to malign those whose intention is to invoke the sickening reality if not getting inspired from history.