Thursday, 29 May 2014

Adieu! Sayonara! La Marina!

Adieu! Sayonara! La Marina!

Admittingly speaking, time seemed running out prior to making this work.

That, all after she had finished school, and had enjoyed summer by going to beach and enjoy the warm sun and the cool breeze, this time this writer's friend had to leave and return to the land of her birth. Obviously, it is quite saddening for a friend whom she had met two years ago, of seeing in a kitchen window, end gone shy yet afford to draw, then comes friendship and perhaps a good companion.

And the fact that she had inspired a person to write and draw, to express struggle and hope. His works may mimic those of the past, rather than of the present out of reading history books and seeing classical artwork; and the fact that She may not understand the works this person had made other than assisting in her homeworks few semesters ago, yet she even understand a few of this person's thought that is more of culture and politics and her's as parties and outgoing stuff.

But the good thing was, and is the interest in food.

And as she leave, it would take months for this person to recollect, if not inspire again to do his craft of both pen and the pencil in a barren sheet of paper turning into a series of tales and sketches. Yes, Marina may had not wore the red vest, the white skirt nor having the red beret in her head; few girls made this writer drew that kind of figure being stated, and yet, call it strange but she is according to the sketches, for she captured this person's attention and hence end in every artwork, much more that she was a good companion who really acts carefully than assumes.

So was this poem, made two months ago as he anticipate his leaving.

Two and half years, nineteen months and still counting
A fruitful friendship with you continues to grow
And now counting months, weeks, days till leaving
'Gain I alone, as you leave away

Beloved maiden, when you will return back
Will I wait long, hoping see you again
Will I wait long, till the winds make bells pealing
Hoping to see you, yearning to love you
Will I wait long, till my heart gone crying:
Beloved girl, O Marina, my love!

Like flowers growing you're the rose so special
Hoping it never wilt, forever growing
Same as the day when I met you, recalling
Until the day our blossoms rose astound

And as you leave, perhaps all's may forgotten
But deep inside never! Until the end!
The stars are shining and you whose colour is red
And with thine glow, means hope as I desire

Again, to Marina,
Adieu! Sayonara!