Sunday, 18 May 2014

"Three stars are enough"

"Three stars are enough"

The flag that has a variety of meanings.
(Source: Malacanang Museum and Library)

It's all but awkward to see nowadays how people chose to rally on the side of stars and stripes as if that hell of a kind flag will protect from bullets and nuclear bombs. Not knowing that it is also the same flag whom brought blood, rape and disenfranchisement for long years after their so-called "liberation". Much more that underneath their promises and cheers lies slander and bullshit most Filipinos care less about from these so-called "Yankees."

Basing much from comments coming from social media sites, most commentators had gone blind with the illusions and disregarding the realities regarding Philippine-American relations. One commentator had even admitted that he rather be a slave for Americans for the latter would provide him "better", another plead to president Obama for green cards and petitions for his family, others had even yearned for American help in Juan's struggle against corrupt officials, up to the extremenity of wanting the Philippines to become 51st of 52nd state, another star for the stars and stripes as expected.

However, few people, despite recognizing how America provided modern this and that to the Filipino houselhold, still cling to the same old flag that was first flown in 1898, citing its struggle as its reference and its unfinished revolution that has to be continue with. Hence, prefering three stars and a sun than the stars and stripes fanboys yearned so much.

"Three stars are enough", said the late poet Alexander Martin Remollino years ago in justifying Philippine independence in midst of continuous American intervention in socio-economic and military affairs with the latter heavily featured and supported by those whom as if the United States of America really guarantees their security "all for free."

But despite assuming that they guarantee security can also guarantee independence and the existence of the Philippines as a nation. Most people may care less about the nation's existence as an independent entity and instead thinking about their short term goal particularly those of yearning for doleouts a la Saigon during the Vietnam war or Olongapo prior to the expiration of the bases agreement. They care less about independence if not reducing the nation's existence into what the system usually presents of: be it the flag, or the feudal, peasant-like setting such as those being presented during President Obama's visit. The latter as if can guarantee through an agreement that includes free water and electricity, and the people? Uncritically supporting it as if it can provide jobs and a smattering of development.

And that same alibi was also had done decades before during the Vietnam war, as if South Vietnamese were likely to be saved by the Stars and Stripes against the red flag flying over Hanoi up to the DMZ and the Ho Chi Minh trail! But come to think of this, if the United States did guarantee security, how the the Philippines failed in securing its own, despite having decades-old plans still left on paper and in military journals? Will the Filipinos whom had loved the Americans so much also wilking to accept the fact that the nation whom assumes that can guarantee their security, whom afford jobs and support development really did their contribution? Or just safeuguarding their interest and if war comes be treated as a buffer zone?

Again, right was what the late Remollino said: "Three stars are enough."

Citing history as reference, he chose having three stars than fifty two with the former born out of a personal struggle while the latter out of its subjugation and calling it as manifest destiny. The Americans had freed its own from the British, that they imposed the Monroe doctrine, and trying to retain neutral, but subsequent leaders and congresses turned that United States into an intervener, a self-proclaimed "world police" trying to institutionalize a "Pax Americana" all over the world, an America that is right or wrong just to maintain its interest at the expense of the hardships of the people, be it the victims from Iraq or the taxpayers from the state of Minnesota.

"Three stars are enough", those stars Mr. Remollino stated isn't just Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It also meant a nation that composed of upright, noble and united citizens (based from Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalang, Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan) trying to defend and create its own path based from their cherished aspirations, and like the Americans during the American Revolution has to defend it, right or wrong in pursuit of freedom and justice for all. Andres Bonifacio had read the lives of American presidents knowing that with their experiences such as from Jefferson or Lincoln, comes a Filipino one who can seriously help his compatriots forging the redeemed Filipino state.

But again, people whom as if Uncle Sam really defend mang Juan's property rather sacrifice the cherished flag, of being upright, noble, and united citizens, just to become a "white man's burden" with the illusion of free if not affordable modern surplus, much worse if they really yearn for doleouts and foodstamps at the expense of the taxpayer (especially from the mainland) if they yearn to make the Philippines as a 51st or 52nd state. This writer, like others may knew that kind of fate knowing that the average John Doe who is paying taxes at the Internal Revenue Service complaining about where were their taxes go? And for sure he and others wanted those taxes be allocated to good roads, good education, not unjust wars and bullshit.
So should be the average Juan whom has to think critically about where were their taxes go: is it for good roads, education as what ideally think of? Or the actual one that is debt servicing and nowadays free water and electricity for these so-called visitors?

Perhaps it is undeniable that the Philippines couldn't break the clutches of neocolonialism because of the "conditioned" mind of the Filipino such as anything modern is made by Uncle Sam and his Benevolent pseudo-Paternalism guised as "friendship". They chose to be slandered if that's the case such as that picture above, calling them "googs", "Flips", even "Niggers" prior to be called as "Little brown Americans". That their "racial pride" is all but cosmetic such as waving the flag and a tanned skin than deeply rooted in mind and heart through studying history, culture, and identity; worse, history is even discouraged actually so that people can "move on" for chrissakes.

Right was the late Secretary Dulles to say about the United States has neither friends nor enemies but of interests to defend with. The Philippines had rich natural resources that are supposedly for the Filipino people. Having manganese, gold, silver, copper, rubber, sugarcane, anything that can feed and clothe millions of masses through developing its own. But the system chose to rely on unjust investments coming from scrupulous investors, swindlers in coat and tie if not offering its mountain, plain, beach to those whose intention is to export every ore, plant, raw material whilst the average juan has to buy expensively whose raw materials came from his own land. The system that controls the United States cares for its interests, and those whom represent that same system has to condition the minds of people of exceptionalism such as making unjust wars, occupations as just, as if Uncle Sam can offer modernity all for free that is, isn't, especially to nations treated as its tenants. It is right to hear about the contributions of the Americans in the history of the Philippine state from public works to bread toasters. They did modernise anything even the feudal structure into a semifeudal one thanks to that goddamn "democracy" being parroted by oligarchs and landlords willing to turn their fields into plantations for cash crops such as Sugarcane and Lumber for American, rather than Filipino households save for scraps for Panocha.

Three stars is enough. Right or wrong as what the Americans do, but this time in order to keep the independence spirit alive. It's up to the people whether they chose to become slaves contented in scraps and surpluses, of just waving the flag and cheer during a boxing match alone, than to be freemen who's intelligent enough to create alternatives in pursuit of forging a new Philippines.

After all, what's wrong in eating sweet potatoes and swamp cabbage instead of cans of sardines? Again, its up to the people. 

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