Thursday, 26 June 2014

Admit it! Futurism is good!

Admit it! Futurism is good!

Funeral of the Anarchist Galli by Carlo Carrà, 1911

Admit it! Futurism is good! Says this writer despite being an Anti-modern, ContemporAntiquitarian enthusiast.

Basing on the works of Evola, Carrà, Severini, Balla, and others whom had spen time creating various works, Futurism tends to counter the currents such as a continuing past, seeing a much developed society that has advantages and opportunities, all inspired by Scientific achievement and the promotion of progressive, if not revolutionary ideas.

Futurist Armored Train by Gino Severini, 1915

Giacomo Balla, Speeding Automobile, 1913
Admittingly speaking, Futurism tends to glorify an idealised future. Prior to those being expressed by science fiction enthusiasts, these futurists tend to emphasise speed, technology, youth and even violence, as well as objects such as the car, the aeroplane and the industrial city. And being a ContemporAntiquitarian would say that the scene itself, like others whom are originally countercultural had contributed to the creation of modern art. 

However, those from the so-called "thinking class" understands the said art, but some, if not most artists insists that the art was for everyone. Soviets used Futurism as well as other genres such as Costructivism "all for the working class" in creating an idealised society as industrialized, modern, and further developed compared to the past-centric, tradition-strapped west. The tomb of Vladimir Lenin had invoked modernity so was the proposed monument for the Third International by Tatlin, while movies like Metopolis anticipates a coming social war that has to be averted by a robot, anyways, the future can be peaceful yet difficult to maintain, else, with crisis and unfairness, injustice prevailing then right were these artists to see blood, fire, death, destruction coming before recreation.

Antonio Sant'Elia, Futurist City, 1914
But today's perception of "futurism", in its word itself isn't as idealistic or realistic as in the past, but rather an illusion being peddled by those whose primary intention of promoting is to profit, to commercialize. They'd rather glorify massive production of consumer goods, of nonsense "pride", beauty that is shallow, and a series of trends that are meant to be thrown away on the following day. Much more that they nearly disregard nature itself to satisfy greed of the few, and a youth that had gone degenerating thanks to a culture that cultivates shit rather than gold. 

No offense, but in short, today's order of things is deforming the future and of progress as contrary to the presentation. If the old Matsushita had spoken of social justice above profit, nowadays it had been the contrary, or even reducing the former into a mere statement. An idealised future what Mr. Matsushita would had meant more than modern day goods he had produced from his company, but also a people contributing, building a community that is beyond expectations.

Obviously, some, if not most, or few would understand futurism or even art with a cause. The canned, distributed and sold culture of today lies meaningless outcomes. Some would still have consciousness that includes changing the world, but few are willing to become antimodern, to be countercultural, of utilizing things modern for something that is beyond what is regularly being peddled for those whom "understood" rather pauses, banners its appearance. 

But again, speed, youth, technology, class war, and the subsequent creation of an ideal society would be expressed and glorified as time comes.