Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Concrete barriers has been prepared, so are those willing to fight back."

"Conrete barriers has been prepared, 
so are those willing to fight back."

It is last Friday when policemen are preparing barriers for the event this coming monday.

Ranging from concrete barriers, barbed wire, to deploying policemen from other regions and even soldiers with their camouflaged uniforms, the system seemed acting 'prepared' knowing that their adversaries, such as the protesters whom are also preparing to march, burn effigies, pelting eggs and willing to fight back as they're trying to cross their lines all towards the place where the head of state makes his scripted speech.

Quite desperate for the system so to speak that on that coming event they'll act abit paranoically as protesters from different sectors mached towards Commonwealth ave near Ever Gotesco mall. 10,000 National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) personnel has been deployed that made Datu's Tribe described them as "Sarsa Battalion" defending the pigs in uniform, Barong Tagalog, and even the black Toga assembling at Batasang Pambansa. Last year's police action involved marching bands, offering flowers, trying hard solidarizing that end up with failed negotiations and intentional truncheon charges, countless beatings, and jail time to those whom are arrested at Camp Karingal while protesters outside clamoring for their freedom to those whom were given "charges". Anyways, Protesters expected this kind of reaction knowing that these men in uniform had their hands itchy to raise their rattan canes and beat all the way.

But come to think of this, why the barriers knowing that these protesters are marching peacefully and their activities as harmless such as burning an effigy? Is it because of traffic? Commonwealth avenue seemed so wide that one can offer a route while a one-day event from morning till early evening has been set upon on the other side of the road; but the local government rather disregarded the request to have that 8-6pm activity unlike before, different from what they did to a religious group months ago in which they afford to close a part of the road for long hours in an evangelical mission.

And to cut this story short: unfair. No offense to those whom likely to bash such as "it adds traffic," "hindrance," or whatsoever coming from their narrow minds in regards to these activists staging a protest on that day while num in regards to the current situation such as corrupt bureaucrats, landlessness, and a prevailing state of crisis. That in spite of all the actions taken by the system to curb and end all these, it is still the same system that satisfies in the repression their ranks had brought against the people.
But to thumbs town the people's request to stage an activity at Commonwealth avenue for one day by the one whom favors a religious activity on the same site seemed to be unfair or unwise decision. Come to think of this, how come a decision from the local government has to supersede the provisions given by the constitution such as the right to assemble and expression in any other place such as a part of Commonwealth avenue? Supposedly, these protesters should been having an activity near Batasang Pambansa itself, only to have their activities be done somewhere else as ordered by the system, such as in a park in Quezon Memorial Circle. Furthermore, permits seemed to be a mockery of freedoms in spite of these people doing nothing wrong except having the right to peaceful assembly, speech, and expression as vested by the constitution. Like what PNoy said in regards to DAP, they acted above the law.

Therefore, as their concrete barriers are prepared, and truncheons being raised, so are the people united is willing to fight back to break their block.

Good luck for tomorrow's event, and expect their harassment.

That's all for now.
Thank you.