Thursday, 30 October 2014

"Pick your cross" for "Your Nation is dead"

"Pick your cross" for "Your Nation is dead"

(A message this All Hollows, All Saints, and All souls day)

Here lies the nation whose aspirations end as scraps of paper and meaningless rhetoric.

That, from the day of its conception, those whom supposedly adhere to the principles of making a nation enlightened and great had rather emphasise its own interest, its own self-benefit no matter how crumb or even a chunk being thrown away to the vast mass of the have not. Worse, many people, whom really fought trying to realize such aspirations were killed struggling to gain those services while few has to pay the highest price just to gain access in those services people on high look upon it as a profiteering venture than a public trust.

That until today it continues to prevail amidst protest, decrees, election promises, and claptraps vented by the system to the tired and suffering populace. The latter, like its predecessors, vent the same statement like ghosts, crying for peace, land, bread, justice, freedom, anything that has been fought and lost by those whom intentionally lost in favor of keeping the privileges.

And despite anyone, irrespective of their class backgrounds, had sought the glass and steel edifices, of state of the art gadgetries, and any other modern stuff being peddled, it cannot suffice the stench coming from the corpses of those physically dead or bled dry left rotting, of the order's garbage being left uncovered, of the horrible, inconvenient reality the system has trying to hid with a series of its so-called 'good news' such as rising economic rates and bullshit.

Perhaps, the rotten order, with its actions shown, has been acting as a gravedigger to the nation whose people chose to be slaves, and those who resist to their policies are being assailed, disenfranchised, unjustly killed for being deviant to their insistence. Those who chose to be slaves remained apathetic for so long, living contented in the hollow rhetorics and the showcases no matter how shitty it was, and is.

And despite their promises peddled to those whom still carrying their crosses and traversing in the path called righteous, when will the peasant be given land? Workers their fair wage and good conditions? The unemployed with good employment? A nation that is ressurected from its ruins and degeneration? When? No one from the system can say a definite time to make things realize aside from telling all the paper decrees and claptrap that rather throws anyone to the grave of forgetfulness. The apathetic remains apathetic, thanks to the state of the art bullshit the system had given.

And this writer, and others concerned are deeply mourned to see their nation, their homeland, been bled badly after exploited too much by the order, buried in the pit of forgetfulness, and left for nothing by those who supposed to care for it. People are still carrying their heavy crosses as they trod that goddamn 'righteous path' strewn with corpses, blood of those killed by the self-proclaimed righteous.

Yes, your nation, like those who had yearned and fought for it, is dead, for the system killed and buried it. And it's up to everyone concerned who wants to resurrect and rekindle the light the way its forefathers tried to cultivate enlightenment and righteousness for centuries.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

All after listening to the Nasheed of the "Islamic State"

All after listening to the Nasheed of the "Islamic State"


It was a day ago when this writer heard a remix of the nasheed being played by the so-called "Islamic State" of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), known by western media as ISIS as they accurately refer the Levant as Syria.

The "Islamic" State, ruled by the ruler "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, waged a war against both Syrian and Iraqi governments as it tries to occupy and eventually expand in the name of their Caliph and of the religion. That however, most Muslims around the world hath opposed them for being against the rule of war such as unjustly killing captives and destroying other places of worship, including Masjids in certain towns of Iraq; as well as their interpretation of the Shariah law in which far from being just such as compelling people, no matter how peaceful they live, to just accept Islam (according to their interpretation actually) or face death by firing squad.

"Caliph" Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi
Self-Proclaimed "Caliph" of the Islamic State

These instances somehow made residents of some occupied villages, regardless of their religion, compel to leave instead of stay and face the consequences. Hundreds, if not thousands of refugees dare to leave theirs towards unoccupied ones such as those defended by the Iraqi army. In Syria, Islamic State forces used the civil war as an opportunity to expand and wreck havoc in the name of their 'faith', that somehow made other Islamic armed groups like Hizballah, Kurdish self-defence forces, troops of the Syrian and Iraqi army continue to fight against them. And ironically, Al-Qaidah's Al Nusra Front also battled against them as well, also despite waving the same flag as theirs alongside the banner of Jihad.

Back to the main topic, this writer had listened to the their nasheed and yes, it's like any other Jihad-invoking nasheeds they glorify war as well as the Caliphate. According to their propaganda, their mobile propaganda teams played the nasheed in every occupied town, as they're trying to impose their so-called "governance" that stresses their interpretation of the Shariah law. 

Actually, in an earlier article made by yours truly, nasheeds reflect their religion and culture, particularly in music (since most conservatives within the Islamic religion prohibits instruments except the daff drum). Towns occupied by the Islamic State prohibit any kind of music except their  nasheeds, and social media sites supported by the said entity dare to produce videos of their actions with their music being played as its background; that, somehow made people around the world described their music as 'scary' as the religion itself.

And as according to an article made by Euronews, The song was released at the end of 2013​ by the Ajnad Media Foundation, as according to Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, a Shillman-Ginsburg fellow at the Middle East Forum. For Al-Tamimi, the Foundation is actually an ISIL-founded “media unit specialized in jihadi audio chants.” Its very existence suggests nasheeds are crucial to the militant group.

And according to Behnam T. Said, a Scholar, the nasheed “is a mighty song with a powerful and hopeful message which comes from a position of strength not of weakness,” a stark difference, he says, “from older songs which often underline the status as a small opposition confronting a mighty state and its security forces.”

Al-Tamimi goes as far as to say that this nasheed “has become a quasi-official anthem for ISIL.”

The lyrics, music,
and the response from commentators

In a writeup made by Al-Tamimi, he also featured his translation of the said nasheed. He also stated that in the stanza "in which there is the law of the Lord of the Worlds", Al-Tamimi had made clearer that the 'which' (hā in fīhā) refers back to ad-dawla al-islamiya (the Islamic State), thus perhaps better to render the line: "So that the religion may be established in it: the law of the Lord of the Worlds."

Here are the translated lyrics of the said song:

"My Ummah, Dawn has appeared, so await the expected victory,
The Islamic State has arisen by the blood of the righteous,
The Islamic State has arisen by the jihad of the pious,
They have offered their souls in righteousness with constancy and conviction,
So that the religion may be established, in which there is the law of the Lord of the Worlds.*

My Ummah, accept the good news, and don't despair: victory is near.
The Islamic State has arisen and the dreaded might has begun.
It has arisen tracing out glory, and the period of setting** has ended,
By faithful men who do not fear warfare.

They have created eternal glory that will not perish or disappear.
My Ummah, God is our Lord, so grant your blood,
For victory will not return except by the blood of the martyrs,
Who have spent their time hoping for their Lord in the Abode of the Prophets.

They have offered their souls to God, and for the religion there is self-sacrifice.
The people of giving and granting are the people of excellence and pride.
My Ummah, accept the good news: the Sun of Steadfastness has risen.

Verily we have marched in masses for the hills: the time-honoured glory,
That we may return the light, faith and glorious might,
By men who have forsaken the dunya*** and attained immortality.
And have revived the Ummah of glory and the assured victory."

*- The Shari'a
**- Metaphorically, the language of sunrise and sunset.
***- The material world.

In spite of its so-called message of "hope" to Muslims through a "Caliph", not all would admire its feats as reality had showed its real intention. As said earlier, even Al-Qaidah's Al Nusra Front also battles against them despite waving the same flag as theirs. Come to think of this, if this modern-day Caliphate tries to unveil its glories, how come most muslims disagree with them such as its own version of the Shariah law? Perhaps Al-Baghdadi is far from the just of Abu-Bakr, and the righteousness of Omar Al-Khattab, and the magnificence of Suleiman al‐Qānūnī.

And to most people, seemed quite scary though thinking that the song had become synonymous to the cause of the so-called "Caliphate" of Al-Baghdadi. Actually, certain uploaders in YouTube had afforded to upload the nasheed as well as others featuring the so-called "feats" of the "Islamic State" such as its flag, its men brandishing their guns, as well as their war booty. There are even commentators, other than assailing them (and worse, Islam in general), had afford to put ridicule such as:

Be good to hear this at the Olympics...... If it lasts that long!"


This writeup, although posted under "Kultura" portion of this page, is not meant to popularise the said group through its nasheed. This writer, although a Christian and a Deist, had been listened to nasheed and savor its meaningful message including those speaking of Jihad. If this writer may ask, if ISIL is the Mujahid, then how come Hizballah or the dreaded Al-Nusra is also a Mujahid? 

Yes, Dawn will appear as what the nasheed said, but that dawn is not the dawn, nor the glory, what Al-Baghdadi had proclaimed. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



Of all the poets I have met
You vent something worth never forget
For it carries something beyond the norm
Despite sharing the same form
Your pleasant voice matches your words
As if like rose whose shaft is a bladed sword
Making others be end amaze
As your rival felt its mind estranged like a maze
Quite nice to see but few may knew
A different you whose care gives soothe
That pressures gone low and no worries in ones face
Because of your caring touch despite in a dilapidated place
Perhaps your songs heal ones old wounds
Same as the rage you've brought rivals deep wounds
Yes that's the real you, the caring, with thought
Behind that poet whose rivals sought.

For Lhea Positibo

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"How Pitiful your Nation is."

"How Pitiful your Nation is"

(or again: how this Philippines has to rethink clearly after what its 'best friend' did for years)

"Someone said that 'in the Philippines, a territory of the United States for the past Forty years, America taught Democracy, constructed roads and built fine buildings, popularised education and introduced modern conviniences like ice-boxes, electric fans, sewing machines and motor-cars.' Because of these activities, there are some Filipinos who believe in 'America's friendship'. But was this friendship a true one? No, of course not! A certain high official of the United States government once branded the Filipinos 'Over-Dressed Monkeys."

These are the words made by a statesman named Ernesto Ponce in his work "What did American Democracy give to the Philippines?"

This work, made during the second world war (Japanese occupation) speaks about how the United States, regardless of its so-called "benevolence" has its hidden motive such as keeping its own interests; and that same benevolence, especially in a form of material aid or support given for generations had made the average Filipino chose to disregard its own kin and favors keeping the interest of others such as its overlord.

That, even until today, most Filipinos care to be accomodated just to have greenbacks, px goods, white-skinned caucasians 'willing to become husbands' of women yearning for a half-breed. Yes, half-breeds that are showbizable actually.

But not all of these white, anglo-saxon men are nice, thoughtful, and willing as most think of. But instead, an erring one who fucks and leaves, makes a damn and doesn't care, as evidenced by centuries old actions that are being disregarded by a desensitised populace. Yes, desensitised in a sense that they stress the importance of a two-faced 'friendship', of its gifts, aid, greenbacks, and others brought by a nation 'ordained by god' to keep a world 'safe for democracy' over those who felt being harassed, killed, raped, tortured, disenfranchised.

And one of the examples is the present issue related to a murder of a transgender named Jennifer Laude.

Like the actions made by erring men amongst the US armed forces in its history ranging from Balangiga massacre, death of a scavenger (mistaken for a wild boar) near Olongapo, Subic Rape Case, and the Tubbataha Reef tragedy, the murder of a transgender brought another wave of controversy as it involves not just a foreign soldier, but also agreements in which that soldier made him also have the right to 'stay and enjoy'.

However, instead of sympathysing with the murdered, people seemed to be rather sympathysing with the murderer if not insisting the agreements such as Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement as necessary for national defence (instead of self reliance actually). They would even cry China as well, citing the latter trying to occupy territories in the contested Kalayaan Group at the West Philippine Sea, if not assailing the domestic Left for opposing agreements that are inimical, contrary to National Sovereignty and its desire for full independence as a nation and stupidly deemed as 'pro-China' (just because they are Leftist).

And since they sympathise with the murderer, most which are comments in social media sites, that simply summarise that instead of calling justice for a murdered Filipino, rather blame that same Filipino for being a Homosexual, and hence letting their ball-driven emotions vent their homophobic rage against her 'without any remorse', same as heckling those who had protested against the military agreements that can't tolerate erring soldiers such as Joseph Pemberton or in years past, Daniel Smith.
On the other hand, there are those who would even think of it as a mere LGBT issue without looking at the general picture such as a US Serviceman done wrong. That they 'wholeheartedly' sympathise with Ms. Laude's family, cried for justice in that gruesome murder, assailing the killer, yet can't even assail the program that created such erring persons like Pemberton.

That somehow made this writer think that why they are actually supporting a murderer through the papers that justifies the entrance of erring soldiers? These men rather think that the Philippines is not just a country to train and refuel, but a whorehouse to fuck anyone without any remorse at all except throwing a few greenback crumbs to shut them up. Hence, ¡Porbida! ¡Que Demonio! If Quezon would have lived he would say that his kin, no matter how gender that person is, was raped by none other than his adopted father such as Uncle Sam!

And in spite of the so-called services America had offered, the Philippines, as a sovereign, independent nation has to focus largely on its own with its muscle supposed to be stimulating production instead of relying to their crumbs. On the first place, why on earth an independent nation still acts as a commonwealth of the 'united states' and its people a trying hard minority? No wonder if the Philippines be a 51st state be also called a liablility for being a no.1 recipient of food stamps.

Anyways, since everybody had heard most, if not all continue to cling to their cherished Americanism through their comments, it simply summarises that the United States as benevolent from the day it had stepped in its shores nonewithstanding the racial slurs being vented upon. That the Filipino who is supposed to be as patriotic as Rizal, Luna, and Bonifacio has become an adherent of American Exceptionalism, thinking that its actions as right no matter how wrong it is in the eyes of many. And perhaps may also as well accept themselves as 'Asian Niggers' (apologies to the reader), the way they say swagapinos, niggapinos, trying to be whites, blacks, and even latinos as well. No offense to use such incorrect terminologies, but true for these people, that regardless of waving their flags and singing the national anthem during a boxing match, accepts a massive wholesale Americanisation at the expense of national sovereignty.

And by the way, since mainland Filipinos tries to be like Americans with all their Americanised mindsets, then also perhaps those who seriously tries to become Filipinos are the Filipino-Americans, for they tried hard to keep and cultivate a heart that is Filipino.

That's all for now,
Thank You.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Between Progress and Justice

Between Progress and Justice

"While giving careful consideration to harmony between profit and social justice, we aim to devote ourselves to the development of national industry, to foster progress and to promote the general welfare of society."

These are the words the late Mr. Matsushita said during the early days of his company the world eventually known as Panasonic. His words had emphasise much of social justice citing his experiences as a lowly electrical worker whom became Chief Executive Officer of his company.

It seemed quite strange for a person, especially an upper-class one from the electric industry to speak about social justice. To others it may call it as a desperate attempt to appease people especially those whom are against the profit-oriented inclinations of the ruling class, that they had resorted to use populist ideas in order to sway away people from those clamoring for land, bread, justice, and freedom. That, frankly speaking, they would tackle about business ethics as if a panacea to resolve tensions, but does it mean those ethics would benefit workers? Sorry to say, but other than a rhetoric to encourage people to be productive and strong would say it isn't enough to appease those whom are greatly affected by crisis.

On the other hand, and actually, there's nothing wrong in Mr. Matsushita's statement trying to make harmony between profit and social justice. But in today's setting wherein workers being exploited if not disenfranchised by the society supposed be abide by hope and justice, his ideas are just plain ideas being peddled as rhetoric, compared to the actual profiteer, irrespective of the sector he belongs emphasises profit and sacrifices well being of those actually creating every product such as gadgets, clothing, or even processed food.
But then, things make clear that in spite of seeing really existing profit-oriented businesspeople, still there are those whom are willing to sacrifice for social well being through a real fair share to the workers as part of a social progression. How come Scandinavian countries or UK under Attlee practise social justice in its programs? How come China became successful in having its workers during its first few years through its "iron rice bowl"? Of management and employees acting as a collective in ensuring the well being of the company? The mission is clear for those who insist social justice: putting practise the virtue of solidarity as a highest form of charity than charity alone, as fostering social, as well as economic progress comes greater responsibility of ensuring community's as well as individual's upliftment.

Or to tell straightforward:

"It's better to sacrifice their increasing profits than their own heads."

As long hours of work making good quality things brought tremendous profits, it is necessary to reward workers progressively and just. But as long as profiteers create crisis, jusitfy exploitation, may as well they themselves create their fall. Right was Marat to say that "five or six hundred heads cut off would have assured your repose"  as exploited beings, bereft of development regardless of its long hours of work just for a short pay and a crisis difficult to resolve. No offense, but will anyone remain contented in short pay as crisis continue to linger? Working hard alone doesn't guarantee hope, especially in a reality full of inconvenience. If Mr. Matsushita had afford to say words like Social Justice and fostering progress and devoting to general welfare, it includes those who actually made things happen such as those on the front line. 

As entrepreneurs aspiring to become industrialists; of engineers, scientists, all willing to create solid foundations and fulfilling aspirations of the people, it is indeed an obligation, an aim to devote in creating a society that is just and at the same time generating progress. Yes, it is indeed difficult for them to succeed in their devotion, especially that today's order of things in developing countries had acted half-hearted in regards to industrialization while presenting infrastructure and the illusion of stimulating production, currying foreign investment, yet actually accommodates the ruling few than benefits the many. You may also wonder why half-hearted bureaucrats prefer a country awash with cash and imports rather than seriously adhere to fulfilling people's aspirations such as what Mr. Matsushita did, much more that those who favor the former would rather say international capital and a series of neoliberal terminologies rather than urging people to stimulate production in one country such as a developing one.

That's all for now. 

"The system tends to cripple anything, while its self-proclaimed apologists blame it to others"

"The system tends to cripple anything,
while its self-proclaimed apologists blame it to others"

(Or after reading those who favor increasing fares in LRT, MRT
without looking at the system privatising the entire network)

It was a day ago when this writer read a post that is more of an apologist than getting concerned by the state of it's own mass transport.

In a post, originally written in Filipino, it stated that those who oppose the said fare increase in mass transport are the ones to be blame for all the maladies such as the recent accident a 2 months ago. They even insist that it is for the common good the need to increase fares or even privatise the entire tracked mass transport network rather than support those who are "against the system", particularly the left whom they think of as those who are responsible.

But come to think of this, how come you need to act as if an apologist of the rotten system and its proposal to increase fares? Haven't the noticed that people are clamoring against increasing taxes, of rising costs of goods, much more in fares for they are riding in it thinking it's affordable to ride on? Here are the example of the questions they presented:

"The question is, will it improve if you have to suggest the cancellation of LRT funds?
Can the MRT buy new train if you oppose fare increases?
Can the MRT to enhance and improve the Maintain the system if they opposed raising the fares for its budget?
We should upgrade the MRT and Railway Systems by any means, even increase its fares, just to have good services and for the good of the passenger."

Quite nice to hear their so-called statement, but in reality, the system chose to increase its fares from 15 to 30 pesos as they gave up its obligations to oligarchs like Cojuangco, Ayala and Manny Pangilinan. And prior to the said increase they mismanage the entire network from malfunctioning vending machines to heaty conditions inside the train, much more that in spite of providing million-peso subsidies, it end up in the pockets of the corrupt such as what Transportation and Communication Secretary Abaya did. So why the need to increase its fares than calling for a subsidy to maintain operations as well as to persecute the officials whom treating LRT, MRT, and even PNR operations as its milking cows? Perhaps, these apologetics are actually speaking for the system by trying to speak on behalf of a common passenger, not knowing that the system, on the first place, is acting like the two faced-Janus with the front presenting as benefactor and the back as an exploiter. That Compradores like Ayala or MVP is willing to invest every billion peso, yet on the other hand as controllers of their trusts as willing to cripple knowing that mass transport is also a hindrance to their interest like decades ago in Los Angeles, California (wherein trusts controlling oil and automobiles took over streetcars and turning it into bus lanes, it was also happened in Manila after the war, and likely to repeat since these oligarchs are also crafty to do that kind of silent but wrecking job).

And since there are apologetics then they likely blame those who are against the increase in fares knowing that they are left wingers. That these left-wingers consistently oppose the government whom had ordered to increase as well as giving altogether the operations to the profiteering oligarchs. That also makes most people think they are kissing the arses of the system and its obvious interests instead of making improvements and changes according to their supposed statements. So again, why a need to increase fares than adding additional subsidies and serious adherence to improving mass transport in pursuit of resolving the crisis? Perhaps, this person would say that the system did shit Just to make fares increase and let the compradores take over a supposed public trust. These apologetics, known for its 'red scare' would time and again seeing red out of seeing militancy against rising fares and oligarchs trying to take over, while playing deaf in a system acting ignorant in mismanaging a state-controlled service such as mass transport.

So based from their questions, Did rising fares really brought new trains in the past? No. Did rising fares improved conditions and brought repairs? Not as well. But instead, it was government subsidies, aside from the transit advertisments and stalls in every station brought funds for the train system. Many people rode in every train out of its affordability so why's the need for increasing fares if that's the case? It may sound idealistic to say about increase fares, but since the system is geared towards neoliberalism and letting the crafty private sector to ran over, then sorry to say, profit is its priority than service. Countries like Japan, Korea, both 'Red' and 'Free' China has its train systems subsidised by the state to make it affordable, but the Philippines and its stubbornness to make anything in the hands of crafty businessmen? Good service is all but a façade trying to hid its possible dangers.
Anyways, in spite of those people insisting what the system wanted, the majority, specifically those who ride mass transport out of its affordability chose to be against it, knowing that the system tends to cripple anything in order to keep their interests such as corruption or letting it go in the hands of the greedy few. And that opposition also includes opposing those who afford to blame those who oppose their unpopular moves such as raising fares progressively, privatizing the rail network, or worse, letting the system do its silent sabotage through mismanagement.

Saturday, 11 October 2014



It was made weeks ago after this writer sought pictures of a girl named Karen.

Known by many as a model based from her photographs, she is a studious girl who loves to take pictures as well as sketching dresses dreaming to become a designer in the future. And as observed through her pictures, it seems that she loves science with her interest in looking at chemical compositions, mixing compounds, if not staring at the microscope about the composition of a cloth fiber such as cotton or rayon.

And since he felt so inspired both after seeing pictures as well as once met her in a demonstration, this writer seemed quite compelling to make a pseudo-alchemical poem (perhaps because of reading alchemical poetry) showing her life and her love for knowledge while most made her known for her beauty.

Or let's just say she's a vixen that is, more than a vixen most people think of, as proven by this poem yours truly had made for.

"Alone in the lab, staring at the chalkboard
Full of compositions, strangely written word
Can't sleep as coffee made her awake
She has to finish work for a grade of one or two for chrissake

She filled the papers with compositions and sketches
And in the trash can lies crumpled pieces be burned by matches
Trying to create magenta instead of a purple dye
Hoping it may succeed else an endless cry

Yes, she's indeed beautiful to see her but to be an alchemist is her outmost dream
She had both pictures and the ramp but in the lab she's commonly seen
If not in the dorm where she has to sleep
Yes, she wants to sleep after a days full of creep

Then suddenly we seen her in the TV screen
Therefore we amaze at her no matter few words spoke so it seems
But in spite of the ramp and screens she still has to face the board
Full of chemical compositions, for a grade of one as reward

Since most looked upon you as a goddess, but for this person she's human
In spite of her beauty seen in pictures, few would seen her eating la mien (ramen)
We looked at her in the ramp and in the screen, but we seldom hear her sing
Perhaps in dreams hear her voice that makes flowers bloom in spring

And as she finished her week-long work comes a week end rest
Going back to her dorm, after a bath comes bed in a night's best
With a silent prayer that says "don't bring us to the test"
That includes the floors with a sudden creeping pest

And suddenly the spirits of the Alchemists came and hath her fetch
And brought her from the place far from the wretch
There sought the alembic and its liquid boiling fourth
Whose contents came further north

In it the chemical that boils is all but simple thing
But to the old spirits it has both soul, life to bring
But as the cellphone end rung forced her to wake
Leaving something for a class for her to make

And again like before with the professor has to look
The maiden in her lab garb gave anything from the book
As if making a potion for maladies a cure
Bringing beauty perhaps so tender and pure

But despite all these still think her as they see
A model from the ramp, or in the screen all end glee
But for her she has anything work to do
Hoping it is not a grade of five, three or even two

Let others think different, than contenting that is same
For the world is degenerating, all is but insane
The flask is boiling and the chemical is blue
There is nothing to say but real beauty is in you."

Sunday, 5 October 2014

"Fiat ars - pereat mundus"

"Fiat ars - pereat mundus"

A message to Ben Chan and his Apologetics 
trying to justify the controversial "Naked Truth"
by Lualhati Madlangawa Guererro

It's been weeks ago when the controversial event known as "The Naked Truth" brought initial popularity with a barrage of messages pro-and-con to the said event.

Based from comments in various social media sites, some, if not most people would criticize the said event for it shows immorality, as well as the depiction of women as a commodified being; while others tend to defend it out of plain, simple artistry, trying to be at par with the west when it comes to appreciating Filipino fashion such as those of Bench's Ben Chan and his folk.

However, speaking of those whom called that said event as artistic, it seems that this writer would at first dare to ask them: for whom? Of course, they would say nothing other than for art's sake, L'Art poir L'Art that actually masks the real intention such as to sell what is well known and keep it trendy as possible regardless of its nothingness besides being negatively criticized.  

But in spite of their justifications such as for art's sake, the late French writer George Sand said this 2 centuries ago, that L'art pour l'art was an empty phrase, an idle sentence. And asserted that artists had a "duty to find an adequate expression to convey it to as many souls as possible", ensuring that their works were accessible enough to be appreciated. 
That somehow he and his folk tried to make it both accessible and appreciative in a form of a fashion show that end rather barraged by criticism especially after seeing Coco Martin and a woman in his leash. And women's groups like GABRIELA seriously abhorred that kind of event that also means subjugation of women over the whims of men.

Yet still, his folk insist it as for art's sake, or even trying to compare their events with those of the west with all the lingerie shows and exposure of nipples in their breasts, if not using the red scare card as radicals criticize the commdification of women and a culture gone degenerated. But seriously, this writer knows that Ben Chan is better than his on the first place, that his creativity had brought him fame the way his relatives being known for making lamps. But then he chose to leave matters to those that made his event exaggerated and his name be nearly tarnished. 

Yes, to theirs it's "art for art's sake" regardless of what most people see as just exploitative.

And since they continue to insist their alibis (or rather, Stand), then sorry to say but theirs isn't art at all but plain and simple commercialism that primarily entices more to buy from your shop and gain profits in it. Different from Coco Chanel, Rene Salud, or even the lowly dressmaker who makes clothes without any claptrap except good service to its customers through their craft.

Admittingly speaking, this person had wore shirt bought from its shop so was his hair styled through  its products, ate its marshmallows, and once surfing the net in its computer shop in Greenbelt. But in spite of that doesn't mean tolerate a sheer nonsense his apologetics trying to justify about. Not even the late artists Amorsolo or Tolentino would even appreciate of it as a art as well in spite of they making nude scuptures and paintings yet has sense different from for chrissakes.

And since they say "art for art's sake", then art should be free of claptrap including profiteering and commercialism, or may as well let the world perish and create something anew. Again, Mr. Chan is better than them, but in order to be better he should think beyond the parameters of just plain aesthetics.

In short:

"Fiat ars - pereat mundus"

Let art create art, and the world be perish.

That's all for now.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pseudo-Nihilists: or Still seeing 'videogame' fascists and self-destroying reactionaries

Pseudo-Nihilists: or Still seeing 'videogame' fascists 
and self-destroying reactionaries

by Kat Ulrike

"Future. This topic has always excited people. Scenario of impending catastrophe, designed to destroy the human race, presented to people of different ages in different ways. The prophets have appeared in antiquity religions believed that this car will be a higher power. With the development of scientific and technological progress began to appear, and other versions of the end of human civilization. Some predicted the fall of a giant meteorite, other - other natural disasters, but with the advent of weapons of mass destruction the most popular version of the end of the world has become the self-destruction of the human race."

These are the words this person had read weeks ago. Crudely translated from Russian, this writer had sought how man and its technological progress also concedes with destruction of its own self; especially with the advanced weaponries that had been predicted centuries ago by those whom had foretell the future such as a coming deluge.

However, in spite of people seeing physical damage as depicted by bombs if not hunger, what this writer sees is that the today's culture that is lucrative has become a weapon of mass destruction. That Man's failure to harness control comes an effect that is far from its productive expectations. As today's culture, left unharnessed and tempered had turned man into waste, it is likely to say that that those whom are deeply rooted are facing with really hard decisions that has to be made in pursuit of averting total disaster and yet those whom chose to be idle while swimming in the current unknowing where will it end.
Right is the statement taken that with the development of scientific and technological progress began to appear so is the idea of destruction, if left unharnessed, if left guided, so it hastens self-destruction, to barbarism as what Rosa Luxembourg stated years ago.

However, what is really destructive is the rise of those who pose for a certain idea, yet fail to analyze the realities surrounding them other than mere observation. Influenced mostly by their vices with a smattering of thought from online pages, these people speak their so-called aspirations and yet likely to conceive as Reaction, or Counterreaction to an issue.
They tried to act nihilistic, counter-cultural, counter-current, or anything that counters the prevailing norm and more of the society through their statements. But on the other hand, they have less aspirations nor alternatives to offer other than the word "self"; much more that they are supporting a rotting state in degenerating a once healthy society, and its self-destruction just to keep their interests in the expense of many.

One likely example was the statement of Ria Bautista of the band Paramita. It may sound near-nihilistic by negating the protests happened during the State of the Nation Address, calling them "apathetic whiners" without "offering any solution" while tackling nothing about the system; that somehow likely to consider it as Counterreeactionary for she offers no solution other than the individual, the lonesome self whom actually limits "change" to its own self than for the benefit of its own fellow and the community.
However, in an article made in, Bautista stated that her statement posted on her Facebook page is not intended to vilify the leftist groups and supporters of the rallies against the government. It is also not her intention to attract “anti-rally” sentiments but a call to action for everyone to do his/her part in nation building. She goes on by saying she is not against rallies, but she is not in favor either, which is two different things.
Yet still, it had attracted criticism in spite of thinly-veiled denial such as "not being against activists/rallyists nor against street protests but doesn't share the same enthusiasm when it comes to taking my fight to the streets" and end up be described as bullying. Her fans did afford counter those who criticized her statement if not telling to calm down or venting clauses like "freedom of speech," but in this writer's view still despite her fencesitting approach of neither support or oppose ends described as Counterreaction as she, her fans, or any other apologetics had afford to react in an existing reaction; much more in indirectly defending the status quo by countering those who protest by saying stupid questions like "how much did you pay for rallying?" "Why always making trouble instead of cooperation?" alongside raising the "red scare" card and a series of hecklings that really invokes their Counterreactionary idea (of being against the system yet trying to keep 'order').

But in spite of these, still what are they actually doing other than their so-called productive work that benefits themselves and less of their communities (contrary to statements such as taking part in nation building) is living in comfort and escaping the reality, much more in justifying apathy by trying to deny reality (nihil) in favor of a tangible illusion such as a better, luxiourious life.
And yes, it is destructive as it progresses, destructive yet without significance other than an intentional abscence of concsiousness. viewing an inconvenient truth, struggling life as being utterly meaningless, and eventually deciding to give up, escape, if not destroy the bonds of existence largely for this reason.  

Admittingly speaking, this person used to be playing Red Alert, Medal of Honor, Tactics Ogre, Dark Omen, or any other game but at the same time reading works from both left and right. The works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, as well as Oswald Sprengler, Jose Streel, or Guilliame Faye, did influence him in his writeups concerning politics, society, and culture while satisfied in an accomplished missions in front of the screen playing a game for a respite; but those whom parroting statements and even ideas without a just, concrete understanding are likely to be influenced by what they just observe without immersing, or even posing, imitating their 'idols', yet still having a smattering of an idea they're parroting of that some of which are through their statements.
Some had cried for another Hitler, Marcos, Martial Law, Palparan, or any other dictator or tyrant people abhorred due to their actions, and offering no solution (as they gave up their consciousness) other than submitting to the rotting order of things, and treats 'change' as an individual matter that undergoes close scrutinization if not a hollow rhetoric frequently said for chrissakes.

Again, it is destructive than creating an idealised future. Destructive in a sense that despite desperately trying to keep interests lies a community in ruins, a people wiped out of their existence. Nihil except fearing death and submission out of mere survival.

Well, in spite of concerns coming, the market for these people, such as computer games, social networking sites, and others continue to increase as these youths makes the computer rental "full house." Some of these youths whom afford to play those games, watching shows, end self-proclaiming as "rebels" with all their near-nihilistic fantasies. Whether they are trying to act left or right, those games provide respite and vent their passions the way they afford to march and confront their adversaries like the system or their own rivals.
There were those whom became activists, political soldiers so to speak that by their passions, no matter how less taught in their supposed guiding line, they want to take political power through the barrel of the gun.

That obviously they know it ain't easy to attain that with just few shots "if they do so." The actions made by these trying hard trigger happy wannabes cannot be like those of Ulrike Meinhof, Gudrun Essenlin or Andreas Baader citing the fact that the latter three did their actions to justify people's struggle against the system, calling their bank robberies as expropriations as its example. They may speak terms like "rebellion" or "revolution", yet mostly driven by their personal interests really far from destroying a repressive system and steer social change. They have sought the figures of people clad in keffiyehs, reading the Qur'an, and brandishing AKs, yet they failed to understand why they fight the system that is repressive, or why they self-destruct in a populated place like Tel Aviv.

And if they afford to do so, they can't as they are likely to act like stooges of the order while parroting pseudo-nihilist sentiment such as what Hitler or Mussolini did decades ago. Both wanted nothing but change, only to turn out that they want nothing but order to the disgust of those whom once supporting the two. Will they insist that is nihil that also means keeping firm to the status quo sand limiting change to the so-called self? They are plain, simple Counterreaction to an existing reaction rather than partaking to a Revolution if that's the case, regardless of what they are babbling of.

Anyways, they are just posing if not parroting a thought that is contrary to their ideas, much more that they are steering anything down below towards destruction leaving without a meaning other than nihil. Let them destroy the world as they want while those who revolt against the same order they whine with will make something anew from its ruins as Shiva invokes destruction and recreation. 

Right was Bakunin, as he said:

“Let us therefore trust the eternal Spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unfathomable and eternal source of all life. The passion for destruction is a creative passion, too!”