Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"How Pitiful your Nation is."

"How Pitiful your Nation is"

(or again: how this Philippines has to rethink clearly after what its 'best friend' did for years)

"Someone said that 'in the Philippines, a territory of the United States for the past Forty years, America taught Democracy, constructed roads and built fine buildings, popularised education and introduced modern conviniences like ice-boxes, electric fans, sewing machines and motor-cars.' Because of these activities, there are some Filipinos who believe in 'America's friendship'. But was this friendship a true one? No, of course not! A certain high official of the United States government once branded the Filipinos 'Over-Dressed Monkeys."

These are the words made by a statesman named Ernesto Ponce in his work "What did American Democracy give to the Philippines?"

This work, made during the second world war (Japanese occupation) speaks about how the United States, regardless of its so-called "benevolence" has its hidden motive such as keeping its own interests; and that same benevolence, especially in a form of material aid or support given for generations had made the average Filipino chose to disregard its own kin and favors keeping the interest of others such as its overlord.

That, even until today, most Filipinos care to be accomodated just to have greenbacks, px goods, white-skinned caucasians 'willing to become husbands' of women yearning for a half-breed. Yes, half-breeds that are showbizable actually.

But not all of these white, anglo-saxon men are nice, thoughtful, and willing as most think of. But instead, an erring one who fucks and leaves, makes a damn and doesn't care, as evidenced by centuries old actions that are being disregarded by a desensitised populace. Yes, desensitised in a sense that they stress the importance of a two-faced 'friendship', of its gifts, aid, greenbacks, and others brought by a nation 'ordained by god' to keep a world 'safe for democracy' over those who felt being harassed, killed, raped, tortured, disenfranchised.

And one of the examples is the present issue related to a murder of a transgender named Jennifer Laude.

Like the actions made by erring men amongst the US armed forces in its history ranging from Balangiga massacre, death of a scavenger (mistaken for a wild boar) near Olongapo, Subic Rape Case, and the Tubbataha Reef tragedy, the murder of a transgender brought another wave of controversy as it involves not just a foreign soldier, but also agreements in which that soldier made him also have the right to 'stay and enjoy'.

However, instead of sympathysing with the murdered, people seemed to be rather sympathysing with the murderer if not insisting the agreements such as Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement as necessary for national defence (instead of self reliance actually). They would even cry China as well, citing the latter trying to occupy territories in the contested Kalayaan Group at the West Philippine Sea, if not assailing the domestic Left for opposing agreements that are inimical, contrary to National Sovereignty and its desire for full independence as a nation and stupidly deemed as 'pro-China' (just because they are Leftist).

And since they sympathise with the murderer, most which are comments in social media sites, that simply summarise that instead of calling justice for a murdered Filipino, rather blame that same Filipino for being a Homosexual, and hence letting their ball-driven emotions vent their homophobic rage against her 'without any remorse', same as heckling those who had protested against the military agreements that can't tolerate erring soldiers such as Joseph Pemberton or in years past, Daniel Smith.
On the other hand, there are those who would even think of it as a mere LGBT issue without looking at the general picture such as a US Serviceman done wrong. That they 'wholeheartedly' sympathise with Ms. Laude's family, cried for justice in that gruesome murder, assailing the killer, yet can't even assail the program that created such erring persons like Pemberton.

That somehow made this writer think that why they are actually supporting a murderer through the papers that justifies the entrance of erring soldiers? These men rather think that the Philippines is not just a country to train and refuel, but a whorehouse to fuck anyone without any remorse at all except throwing a few greenback crumbs to shut them up. Hence, ¡Porbida! ¡Que Demonio! If Quezon would have lived he would say that his kin, no matter how gender that person is, was raped by none other than his adopted father such as Uncle Sam!

And in spite of the so-called services America had offered, the Philippines, as a sovereign, independent nation has to focus largely on its own with its muscle supposed to be stimulating production instead of relying to their crumbs. On the first place, why on earth an independent nation still acts as a commonwealth of the 'united states' and its people a trying hard minority? No wonder if the Philippines be a 51st state be also called a liablility for being a no.1 recipient of food stamps.

Anyways, since everybody had heard most, if not all continue to cling to their cherished Americanism through their comments, it simply summarises that the United States as benevolent from the day it had stepped in its shores nonewithstanding the racial slurs being vented upon. That the Filipino who is supposed to be as patriotic as Rizal, Luna, and Bonifacio has become an adherent of American Exceptionalism, thinking that its actions as right no matter how wrong it is in the eyes of many. And perhaps may also as well accept themselves as 'Asian Niggers' (apologies to the reader), the way they say swagapinos, niggapinos, trying to be whites, blacks, and even latinos as well. No offense to use such incorrect terminologies, but true for these people, that regardless of waving their flags and singing the national anthem during a boxing match, accepts a massive wholesale Americanisation at the expense of national sovereignty.

And by the way, since mainland Filipinos tries to be like Americans with all their Americanised mindsets, then also perhaps those who seriously tries to become Filipinos are the Filipino-Americans, for they tried hard to keep and cultivate a heart that is Filipino.

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Thank You.