Thursday, 30 October 2014

"Pick your cross" for "Your Nation is dead"

"Pick your cross" for "Your Nation is dead"

(A message this All Hollows, All Saints, and All souls day)

Here lies the nation whose aspirations end as scraps of paper and meaningless rhetoric.

That, from the day of its conception, those whom supposedly adhere to the principles of making a nation enlightened and great had rather emphasise its own interest, its own self-benefit no matter how crumb or even a chunk being thrown away to the vast mass of the have not. Worse, many people, whom really fought trying to realize such aspirations were killed struggling to gain those services while few has to pay the highest price just to gain access in those services people on high look upon it as a profiteering venture than a public trust.

That until today it continues to prevail amidst protest, decrees, election promises, and claptraps vented by the system to the tired and suffering populace. The latter, like its predecessors, vent the same statement like ghosts, crying for peace, land, bread, justice, freedom, anything that has been fought and lost by those whom intentionally lost in favor of keeping the privileges.

And despite anyone, irrespective of their class backgrounds, had sought the glass and steel edifices, of state of the art gadgetries, and any other modern stuff being peddled, it cannot suffice the stench coming from the corpses of those physically dead or bled dry left rotting, of the order's garbage being left uncovered, of the horrible, inconvenient reality the system has trying to hid with a series of its so-called 'good news' such as rising economic rates and bullshit.

Perhaps, the rotten order, with its actions shown, has been acting as a gravedigger to the nation whose people chose to be slaves, and those who resist to their policies are being assailed, disenfranchised, unjustly killed for being deviant to their insistence. Those who chose to be slaves remained apathetic for so long, living contented in the hollow rhetorics and the showcases no matter how shitty it was, and is.

And despite their promises peddled to those whom still carrying their crosses and traversing in the path called righteous, when will the peasant be given land? Workers their fair wage and good conditions? The unemployed with good employment? A nation that is ressurected from its ruins and degeneration? When? No one from the system can say a definite time to make things realize aside from telling all the paper decrees and claptrap that rather throws anyone to the grave of forgetfulness. The apathetic remains apathetic, thanks to the state of the art bullshit the system had given.

And this writer, and others concerned are deeply mourned to see their nation, their homeland, been bled badly after exploited too much by the order, buried in the pit of forgetfulness, and left for nothing by those who supposed to care for it. People are still carrying their heavy crosses as they trod that goddamn 'righteous path' strewn with corpses, blood of those killed by the self-proclaimed righteous.

Yes, your nation, like those who had yearned and fought for it, is dead, for the system killed and buried it. And it's up to everyone concerned who wants to resurrect and rekindle the light the way its forefathers tried to cultivate enlightenment and righteousness for centuries.