Sunday, 23 November 2014

Never forget. Never forgive.

"Never forget. Never forgive."

Never forget. Never forgive.

Its been few years passed after the incident had almost brought their end. That, after 58 people being killed by more than 100 armed men, Maguindanao had end worse than its pasts, not of armed rebels, but those whose intention is to keep firm in their stronghold such as coming from a political family.

And like any other concerned group or individual, this page condemns the brutal killing of those whose intention is to wittness transparency and truth, as well as the system's slow-paced 'justice' of the present administration. Yes, that in spite of its culprits imprisoned, the process still marred by delays, much more that there are those whom are stubbornly defending their legacy of impunity prefering to hide, trying to resist justice to the extent of threatening, if not killing those who pursue their ongoing quest for justice. 

Worse, these people are coddled allegedly by those in uniform the way they gave high powered guns in the name of combating the enemies of the feudal-fascist state trying to masquerade as 'democratic'. According to reports, almost half of the 197 suspects for whom having arrest warrants since the incident remain at large, while no prosecution has not even been concluded, nor has any perpretrator has been convicted. What a mockery of justice indeed if that's the case to hear their threats and slow process of dispensing justice for the families of victims killed in the name of uncovering truth from existing facts, and amidst their denials, and a series of press releases straight from the palace, justice under the present administration, or rather say under the present order remains bleak till forgotten. 

But despite these, vigilance will continue by those whom trying to guard and those who seek truth from facts amidst lack of protection, as well as  threats and attacks by the system and its running dogs. Since November of that same year as the massacre happened, at least eight wittnesses and their family members were killed such as last November 19, wherein witnesses Dennis Sakal, a former driver of Andal Ampatuan Jr. was killed while Butch Saudagal, a bagman of of the Ampatuans, was wounded.

These incidents may have intented to cower those who remain vigilant and willing to expose, but amidst these doesn't mean should stop in calling for accountability both from the perpretrators of the crime as well as from a state that is negligent in respecting civil liberties and dispensation of justice. The incident last 2009 was part of a long string of incidents involving not just media killings, but also killings made in the name of order that is rotten and repressive to the core. 

More and more victims, dead or alive has continue crying for justice over these, but time will tell that real justice and accountability will emerge. And this page, like all others concerned, calls everyone to end threats, atracks against civil liberties, human rights, and press freedom by the present order not just in the Philippines but also other parts of the world.

Never forget. Never forgive. Till justice been served and punishment against the perpetrators be dispensed. 

Thank you.