Tuesday, 11 November 2014

"Still seeking truth amidst threats"

"Still seeking truth amidst threats"

(A writeup made in commemoration of the 2009 Maguindanao massacre
And other earlier actions made by the present, blood-soiled order towards journalists
and those seeking justice)

By Kat Ulrike

At first, it's been so long for yours truly to recall the tragic events involving the system and its victims. Like Saturn whom devoured its own children, the system, no matter they're presenting as a benefactor to its constituents, actually cares less or none at all as it focuses much on its own vested interests; worse, letting its own attack dogs bleed them dry if not killed straight in their graves thinking that it is part of their own job. 

Fueled by the desire to keep in order, the system rather tolerate its own murderous actions no matter how evil it is, that they have to chose to side with the lesser evils, whether it is a warlord occupying a highest position or a trigger-happy men in uniform, arming them as much as possible in order to counter the greater threat the system has to restrain if not to destroy them further.

However, that lesser evil has its main intention such as to keep firm in its stronghold if not to gain a cherished rank and position. Under the guise of order and stability, it also means putting those who oppose at gunpoint, be it a farmer, worker, up to a prominent professional such as a doctor or even a journalist;  and the desire to stand firm in their stronghold or ambition comes their sudden bouts of paranoia, in which they end killing people randomly regardless of their innocence.

It may sound strange, but true as news reports from the past few years present to the world a hard evidence. And one example was last 2009, in which people had sought the gruesome murder of journalists at Maguindanao, and that was, under the soiled hands of the Ampatuans.

Warlord and Successor, Father and Son: Datu Andal and Zaldy Ampatuan
This political war clan, supported by the system in the guise of destroying the growing Moro insurgency, rather points its guns to those whom desire to know the truth and testify in the transparency Maguindanaons trying to present for the coming 2010 elections. People somehow wanted to show it knowing that regardless of the rottenness the system has been showing there's a democracy that is trying to stimulate, such as the right to vote for politicos other than the Ampatuans themselves.
But for the Ampatuans, it means supporting their rival since these journalists joined in the convoy of a rival politico, and that action was as also tantamount to disorder thinking that journalists, in searching for truth, are meddling too much in their affairs. Maguindanao has been treated as their bastion for years, much more that one of the Ampatuans back then also dominate in regional and even national affairs with one of them became governor of the Muslim Autonomous Region. These made a once mere warlord shared the same experiences of others whom are being coddled by past regimes for being 'supportive' no matter how grave the mistakes pointed against the common people.

Ampatuan in Prison, still enjoying as the victims clamor for justice
But with the 2009 massacre brought shed to light comes their fall in Maguindanao. Culprits, especially those who were once in power are being imprisoned if not hidden in their balliwicks, weapons that were buried had been unearthed by the authorities, as well as a series of releases promising speedy justice for the victims of the said incident trying to make sure that they are "serious" in resolving the case.
Yet as years passed by, threats and coercion are continue to be heard such as victims and even prominent news personalities like Ces Drilon being given death threats for being meddlesome if not asserting justice because of the genocidal action made in the name of order; whether it came from the Ampatuans, its supporters, or any other ruling politico from the countryside who can't withstand the clamor of change, transparency, truth, and justice.

And if media personages, whether famous like Ces Drilon or not, yet searching for truth from facts is meddlesome in the eyes of the system, then perhaps the system itself unveils greatly their paranoia in seeing a potential opposition regardless of who they are, and in seeing a potential opposition meant an untimely death; for sure countries that were once under military dictatorships like El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina, Chile had stories from its past having a system mistaken those who seek for the truth, as well as advancing social change, for demons trying to destroy the moral and social fiber they tried to preserve with. So is the Philippines with its Feudalism clothed in a sheet called Democracy.

And since everybody know that system, while trying to present the world how healthy Philippine Democracy is, rather shows the actual, inconvenient one that is stagnant, failing to stimulate no matter how it tries to show proofs how healthy that Democracy is. That whilst Thailand's Sarit Thanarat actually said that Democracy incompatible with his dictatorship, the system that dominates the present presidency, congress, courts, military, and the police tries to call their dictatorship, their feudalism, a democracy; yes, democracy in its original Athenian form that is for the privileged, elite, trying to keep their interests firm by redescribing themselves for the people.
Yet on the other hand it unveils its bloody daggers no matter how they tried to wash their soiled hands. Warlords, military men, trigger happy politicos occupying the middle to the highest seats care nonetheless their interests, and again, with its paranoia unravel their acts far from the standards of their so-called democracy. Perhaps the peace they are talking about is the peace of the grave, that the progress they are presenting is the progress of the privileged, and the prosperity they are trying to invoke is the prosperity of the profiteer, in which, all at the expense of those who are being exploited, bled dry, and killed for their action that is seeking truth from facts, if not social change. No wonder why a Greek Philosopher abhors that kind of government that is actually a tyranny with reality as its proof.

That with the massacre of Maguindanao last 2009, as well as others pointed against journalists, and others seeking changes, are examples of earlier ones in which those whom opposing their wishes, their policies, or simply a hindrance to their motives are being spirited away to their deaths, hoping to be uncovered by the concerned in the name of justice.

And that is the duty of those who never forget the past and its commitment to raise amidst threats: Of uphelding justice, seeking truth from facts, and advance social change for the people. This person knew most people would remain apathetic to these issues, but hoping that both reality and time will make them enlighten.

That's all for now,
Thank you.