Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Trying hard to be "Too good"

"Trying hard" to be "Too Good"

Another Christmas Message

Initially you may find it strange to mingle with people especially who are being scorned by the so-called "moral majority".

From their appearance, behaviour, these people seemed to be less of an object of concern (contrary to their "statements") but rather an object of curiosity by those trying to "appear something worth too real for a country." That Shantytowns, red light districts, sidewalks where beggars sleeping, these are objects of curiosity thanks to mediapeople, pseudo-charity to pride-seeking politicians and celebrities, scorn by the self-proclaimed "moral" and "law abiding." Yes, it is strange for they are deemed outcasts, not knowing that they are also victims of a current the system chose to tolerate its flows, creating a hell-like existence over its subjects.

And since these people on high chose to tolerate the repressive flow instead of containing it, how sickening. And holidays, such as this Yuletide means sharing, giving, renewing friendship, and a promise of hope in which those on high live to babble and peddle so much; but do these people on high really abide on its reason for the season? Not all of these pseudo-charitables would be, not even one would dare to confront like a normal being talking with these "lowlives" and give them "hope" different from the way they give material gifts for them. Contrary to those few ones, out of concern, has to mingle and talk with them nicely, that even a smile can be a charity different from gifts yet there's no hope waiting to really uplift them.

But since most of these people whom called "moral", "law abiding", are educated and some had afford to memorise phrases like Rousseau's, of man as by nature good and kind, then how come the people who is good and kind are acting contrary? Why not uplift them? This person expects these people whom are assuming to be good to some be good to most, but no, they treat goodness as a cover for their bullshit; they can't uplift a person but instead hurl stones to the sinned no matter how sinful the thrower is. 

That somehow made the Christ saidth:

"He who is not sinned cast the first stone."

For sure no one would proceed in doing it for they are mostly sinned and heard the Christ speaking against a sinned yet trying to repent for their mistakes, trying to remold themselves and needs help as necessary; but due to the nature of some people as victim shamers and frustrated "honour keepers", then perhaps few would dare to say stop and give a person a chance for the scorned, the shamed to recover from their shortcomings and mistakes. 

To other religious communities like the Jews, they are preparing for the feast of lights this month and it means a time to cleanse and rededicate the way Christians prepare for the saviour's born through giving and sharing; but if this writer may ask about these holidays indicated, isn't it also this month likely a time not just to give and share but to atone and remold, cleanse and rededicate? People may share and give, but these people who give and share may likely to be the same people who look badly on those who had been given; undedicated to virtue in the eyes of the one whom they are celebrating for. So where's the spirit of Christmas if workers and peasants can't be given an adequate living wage and a land to till to uplift themselves from their poverty? Of prostitutes, beggars to recuperate and become people worthy of respect for themselves and others? These people are usually given food, bonuses, but not enough for their daily needs as its value is almost valueless; worse, being shamed for asserting their call for justice, and that justice is the same justice being peddled by those on high trying to seek votes yet as they reached the seats seeing them warming themselves than working for them.
These people whom most being neglected and scorned are still waiting and that includes preparing themselves for the coming guide as bells continue to peal. They still trying to break from the cycle as possible, to go beyond from the parameters, to regain their lost sanities, to have a break from their forced contentment, to break free from their shitty existence.

And they need help from those whom Rousseau or Confucius states as "by nature, Good." But in reality, "Trying hard" to be "too Good."

In this yuletide season, giving and sharing as what said too much by mainstream media is all but a façade that tries to hide their obvious intentions. You gave them something for the sake of impression, but that giving you're doing is plain and simple valueless act.