Wednesday, 21 January 2015

"All after the visit..."

"All after the visit..."

"After five days of Francis and his sermons, back to your Marcelo and his quotes.
After five days of words like poor and justice, back to your whinings about your lovelife.
After five days trying to sympathize with the poor, back to your usual apathies.
After five days of being under detention, children end wandering in the streets.
After five days of acting faithful, most end acting as hypocrites.

Who are these people to judge anyway?
Anyways, admit that most of your people unintentionally loves to judge."

These are the words this writer said prior to making this hell of a kind post. Hell of a kind in a sense that people revert to their normal, sinful behaviour after five days trying hard to appear as holy as the heavens above, given the Philippines as a Christian nation to take pride of. 

However, also given most Filipinos' penchance for being judgemental towards others, it seems that respect, tolerance, solidarity, and other terms related, including the virtues of faith, hope, and love, to that five day event was all but words to remember and less of a practise; and if the Pope had afforded to forgive bashers, perhaps in the name of fanaticism, rather than faith they rather bash, blame, make shit just to defend their belief during that occasion.
Furthermore, these same people eventually wither away their own godliness, save for the pictures and other visual memorabilia about the said visit, be it from the Nunciature, Taft Avenue, Malacañang, Luneta, University of Santo Tómas, or at Tacloban; and proceed with their usual posting of quotes such as from Marcelo Santos, of whinings about their lovelife, of missing their gimmicks and other shit during that long weekend. While self-gratifying Politicians and oligarchs would revert to their dirty work after days of appearing "clean"; and if they do "dirty work", then it also appears "as clean as white" too! Thanks to a series of press releases and "welfare" gimmicks "in spirit of 'Mercy' and 'Compassion'".  

Quite worrying indeed so to speak in this post-Papal extravaganza. Especially in treating the Pope's statements as all but words to remember and less of a commitment. Will the so-called religious stand with the needy? This writer don't think so as they focus much on their interests and be apathetic in regards to the much important calls of today, unless they follow the experience of then Jorge Bergoglio from being an ultraconservative who favors not to stand with the poor to those of a revolutionary clergyman visiting the depressed areas and dealing with the dispossessed; he's not even an adherent of Liberation Theology, but come to think of this: how come his statements are Liberative and looking at realities rather than mere ideas? 

With all the fatalisms being invoked to and by the people particularly those whom are laden by heavy rituals yet less in understanding, then Pope Francis would have also think that the system, regardless of its so-called commitment for the "common good" remains unable to provide humane living condition, worse, letting people themselves citing that they put all their trust "only to the lord", as taught by Filipino priests and by so-called established traditions. One example was that the Pope insist that parents should be responsible and not breed like rabbits, as well as the corrupt be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea!

Will the clergy as well as the laity accept what the pope said particularly those of the latter? The concerned would say "don't think so" about those statements, knowing that those statements be end diluted by those trying to stand firm in their interests. In a way terms such as "Be Fruitful and Multiply" had became "Go fourth and Multiply"; while "service to the people", and even "Solidarity" be reduced to those of mere "charity" particularly those of almsgiving.

Besides that, the event may likely to lose its value, for there are those whom are presenting to be religious are also at the same time loudmouths venting foul statements one after another; and there are those whom presenting as helpful to some yet apathetic to most. All and all, they appeared as religious, Christian-like but they are obviously irreligious, Unchristian-like due to their emphasis on their interest. 

So again, will the clergy as well as the laity truly reiterate the statement undiluted, or rather say put the words into practise? Perhaps the event that started last Thursday of this month should not be treated as a mere in review being featured on the last day of December. 

No wonder why people are rich in rituals yet poor in faith, 
No wonder why people are good in statements yet poor in value,
No wonder why people are trying to be reasonable yet obviously sentimental,
No wonder why people are great in words yet poor in deeds,
No wonder why people are appearing strong yet actually weak.

That's all for now.