Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Mercy and Compassion? Justice!

Mercy and Compassion? Justice!

by Kat Ulrike

With the Pope's visit just days away, it seems that everybody's trying to prepare their "best" in anticipation of the Pontiff's coming.

Ranging from streamers being placed in the roadsides, plannings regarding security measures, selling of tshirts and dolls, to a theme song being played in national radio and television, the event is more than a diplomatic one but a festive occasion, given the fact that the Pope, the so-called "Pontifex Maximus" is the representative of Christ on earth, yes, and being a dominant Christian country in Asia means making things well done for a man of god to see, trying hard to be good for a few days, then return to normal as he leaves.

However, given the fact that the Pope is an outspoken opponent of Capitalism and preferring simplicity over lavishness of his predecessors, seems that the event is contradictory to his principles. That he wants to see the reality, to be closer to the people, and perhaps willing to chastisize the bullshit out of those whom spend millions, of not billions of pesos just to make a "fool" out of him. 
That, as according to Jhoanna Paola Ballaran, it is quite ironic that while they heed the Pontiff's denounciation of consumerism and calls it "poison", they took advantage of the occasion just to rake profits. Be it in a form of tshirts, caps, dolls, and even rumors of "tickets" allegedly made for the coming mass.

It is also ironic, that as compradores, bureaucrats, oligarchs, trying to appear as "clean as white", the stench of their corruption continues to release no matter they are trying to control it. Expect that these people, with all their foolishness, is trying to act charitable, giving some few chunks and tell the world that they are making communities better; yet in actual they are trying to save themselves from criticism especially after how they exploit anything for their self-benefit. They would appear themselves as merciful and compassionate, and yet they are crooked, rotting, corrupt beings trying to cling on to their so-called prestige at the expense of people's hardship. Remember LRT/MRT fare hikes? Hacienda Lusita? Manobos in Davao, Aetas of Central Luzon, Mangyans of Mindoro, Cordillerans, and the Bangsamoro people still crying for justice and self determination? The ill fated "efforts" after typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, Pablo, Yolanda? These are the actions of the system far from its self-proclaimed depiction as merciful, compassionate. 

Actually, basing much on what everyone observes, from the roads free of commoners to the removing of posters calling for the Pope to join hands with the masses, the system is really acting stubborn in making a festive occasion to the extent of having a paranoia against its people. Sorry for the readers, but the Pope is yearning to see reality that is poverty depicted by shantytowns and not a fa├žade of progress as those of Makati's high rise buildings.
And the system? with its millions of pesos spent is hastingly trying to appear the Philippines the way it is shown to tourists: an amicable populace, festive like any other brouhaha, trying to look orderly as possible, Imeldific in the eyes of the nouveau riche; yet no matter they are trying to invoke "the true, good and beautiful", still the Pontifex Maximus, Vicarius Christi, the head of the Vatican City-State is somehow wise enough to know about the inconvenient truth about the country he is visiting, be it corrupted, poor, repressed, miserable.

That, besides those from the urban poor in the cities seeking sound housing and empowerment, farmers in the countryside continues to clamor for their own land to till, workers for their additional living wages, students for affordable education, artists and writers for their right to speech and expression, a nation that is yearning for national and social liberation that is not being given by those on high yet afford to make the said event possible. Hence, basing on these yearnings, Mercy and Compassion is not enough, and basing on the speeches people had heard from him, he demands a real implementation of Social Justice, the way his country did, under the efforts of Juan and Evita Peron! 

Pardon this person's language, but the Filipino people is really yearning for that so-called "Justice and Freedom" besides "Mercy and Compassion" being said from streamers to advertisements. The Pope's undiluted language of justice and freedom speaks for itself, and even the clergy is accepting the fact that he wanted radical change yet they are trying to lessen its inconvenient reality he vented. "I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting, and dirty" as what the Pope said, is some of the clergy whom is contented at their comforts seriously adhere to his statement? Remember, even the lord Jesus Christ said this according to Matthew 10:34 of the Douay-Rheims bible:

"Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword."

So is the Pope, in an article from the Telegraph made 2 years ago, said:

"Pope Francis has delivered a fiery sermon against corruption, quoting a passage from the Bible in which Jesus said some sinners deserve to be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea.

In one of his strongest-worded homilies since he was elected in March, the Argentinian pontiff said Christians who lead “a double life” by giving money to the Church while stealing from the state are sinners who deserve to be punished.

Quoting from the Gospel of St Luke in the New Testament, he said “Jesus says: It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea.”"

Remember, the Church is not a building with a belltower and a cross, altar and chandeliers, but a body of believers, including the dispossessed masses seeking justice not just mercy.

Personally, if given a chance, the Pope would rather go incognito or with a few men for a "bodyguard", seeing him ride in a jeep, trike, or walking by foot, having sermon in a simple chapel at the slums of Tondo, Quiapo church, Payatas dumpsite, and going to Tacloban dressed as a missionary priest, drinking Tuba or a 3-in-1 coffee, and speaking Waray and Tagalog with the people whom he wanted to meet and understand their situations particularly those of land, bread, freedom, justice.

And be called as "subversive" by the system not knowing that he, the reverend holy father Jorge "ka Kiko" Bergoglio is the Pope himself, wearing simple soutane or a polo barong, and stays at a lowly Parokya of Fr. Benjamin Alforque; his statements is more of a radical than those of a conservative people used to. You even wonder why he speaks more of poverty, corruption, misery, greater than those of his predecessors, the way he wanted to cleanse the church from its filth being tolerated for years, if not generations.

Yes, He is the people's Pope, the beloved Pontiff, and he wants to open the windows greater as the church needs air and support from its people; if Juan Peron had afforded to call Che and Fidel as "Justicialistas" then so is he.

Anyways, Bienvenido Papa Francisco, Bienvenido representaje del Cristo! Avancemos a luchar! Venceremos!

Por paz, tierra, pan, y justicia.