Friday, 9 January 2015

"Mismanaged Development"

"Mismanaged Development"

(Or all after the latest fare increase 
and the still mismanaged mass transport system 
thanks to diversionists and saboteurs)

Few days ago, the increase in LRT and MRT fares is being enacted in full force. Imposed last year, the said increase in fares was met with both approval and criticism, with the latter that is mostly expressed by commuters seeking affordability. 

From 15 to additional five peso increase going from Legarda to Cubao as an example, most people may likely not to accept the said increase, no matter it tries to appear "affordable" as insisted by the government and its apologetics, much more that they are repeating the mantra of development that is actually mismanaged by both bureaucrat and compradore whom afforded to gain money from both subsidies and kickbacks, while letting improvements in the mass transport system be half-developed, hence resulting to glitches, if not accidents.

And since the system arrogantly saidth about its chunk of the increase goes to the transit's income rather than the supposed improvements, of what is increasing fares then to the commuters seeking affordable transport alternative? Where are the subsidies that actually diverted by corrupt bureaucrats and compadores gaining kickbacks from anomalous contracts resulting to mismanaged development? Anyways, apologetics are starting to create a new series of alibis to justify the increase besides repeating the mantra of "development" that is mismanaged by these compradores.

No offense, but increasing fares does not guarantee improvement of things but instead a two way road. Most likely, it regularly goes to income as public transport can also serves as an investment by those whom had really pooled money in that enterprise. The state, whom tries to make a real share as a "benefactor of the people," provides subsidies to support evenly the maintenance and improvement of facilities, trains, as well as its affordability for its customers. But, it is also the same government whom insist unjust "laissez faire" such as deregulation, privatisation, and commercialisation of public assets that also meant less subsidies and possibly yearly fares. MRT, unlike the LRT, is a joint state-private enterprise that is meant to be take over fully by the former after a span of few years; yet with the policies being stated in this post, particularly those of privatisation would meant a full takeover by the profit-driven compradore sector is possible.

Some would dare to refute this statement and babble the usual mantra of development, but the majority of the users, no matter how they are trying to continue using the said transit amidst the fare increase likely not to consider what the system had approved on behalf of profit. A few would be contented on that kind of outcome, for most cannot just content especially after an insufficient minimum wage and higher prices rising. Perhaps one would say that there are alternatives to the recently fare increased LRT or MRT; such as jeepneys, buses, and taxis. That if the Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC), Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), or perhaps private owners (like Ayala, Cojuangco or any other foreign sounding names) taking over any of these mass transit systems, and charged their daily passengers P60, P80, or even higher per trip, then consumers have the right to choose among MRT/LRT, jeepney, bus, or taxi; furthermore, car owners whom usually using mass transport opted to use their own vehicles instead amidst rising oil prices. Another would even dare to ask But how about other sectors like the jeepney, bus, and taxi operators and their drivers as well as their families if people insist not to increase fares evenly, and create competition within mass transport. 

But the conclusion is this: aggravated traffic jams due to the growing number of buses, jeeps, and taxis; and worse, what if fares in most transport increase altogether, especially when oil is deregulated and encouraged by the profit driven few? No wonder why those who insist fare increases are actually those who favor letting mass transport be at the hands of the profit-driven few who loves increases trying to siphon off those from the cash-strapped commoners. Competition? Deregulation? Much likely trying to create an artificial crisis. And if one afford to say that the government has been subsidizing all mass transit systems because of the "evil belief" that the government must also provide basic needs then the compradores will make it worse using yearly increases starting with the present one people chose to be against. 

Anyways, who's controlling the government? Isn't it that the compradores? No wonder why there are commuters has to raise their middle fingers no matter they able to ride in that vehicle.