Saturday, 17 January 2015

Stand with the unjust'ed!

"Stand with the Unjust'ed!"

At first, it may be surprising that the Pope, instead of speaking about the usual peace and friendship tackles much about justice, freedom, and solidarity with the poor. 

In a speech at Malacanang, Pope Francis bids the people to break the bonds of injustice and oppression which give rise to glaring, and scandalous social inequalities. And in order to reform social structures requires a conversion of both mind and heart.

This would sound easy for the ruling gentries, of bureaucrats and oligarchs, simply by trying to appear popular no matter how corrupt they are; that by "heeding" the "call of the poor" and just given Panem et Circenses it is enough for them just to "shut themselves up." If not mistaken, this reminds this person on how a once congressman said to his constituent that he provides entertainment yet these people needs empowerment. Another official from a distant province had even used the people, providing goods and stuff, calling it charity, yet actually just to claim their votes for the coming elections. Is this what they call providing needs? Breaking the bonds of inequality and steering social development? And lately, the President is crying wolf in front of the Pope, apeshit as what another page said, criticising the clergy for not supporting his regime and at the same time self-proclaiming that his righteous path continues that actually ridden by corpses and filth! "He could have spoken about the various ills of the Philippine society, yet he chose to be self-patronizing at a time when the Philippines is at the global spotlight. It brings not only shame but utter disgust, and leaves all Filipinos, Catholic or not, with a bitter taste in the mouth." As what Vencer Crisostomo said. 

Pardon this person's incorrectness, but for the so-called "wretcheds of the earth", the hunger driven slaves of today, and ailienated from true selves, the socio-politically oppressed and repressed for generations, economically exploited and disenfranchised, in the face of malicious statements, of half baked projects, the pope's message means an arduous task that is sound, real, and just. 

This task would have been suceeded if not for those who chose to keep firm in a rotting status quo and be justified further by its apologetics. Within his Visit, prisoners continue to clamor in asserting their rights, of their innocence, as well as their freedom in expressing their beliefs. Exposés involving imprisoned children had been greatly tackled in circles, much more that same old scandals involving higher officials still tackled in social media sites. "What is done is done and cannot be undone" as what William Shakespeare obviously said, and a massive, costly, and damaging mistake has been done and now cannot be undone regardless of their statements and half baked actions the system had "offered".

No matter what they say, the Pope's message is clear, and that is a swift, distributive, and social justice. The system may tried its best to dilute the message of the Pope, whether it is from Malacañang, Luneta, University of Sto. Tomas, Manila Metropolitan Cathedral, or at Tacloban. But for sure there are those whom also trying to spread the man's undiluted message amidst all risks such as asserting Solidarity with the people rather than mere Charity. One should remember that prior to liberation theology that was both praised and abhorred by Catholics and Protestants, people like Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Müntzer, The Working Priest movement, Living Church, and other like-minded groups and individuals, did have a greater share in making the church an entity that supports the call of the people to the extent of justifying rebellion as necessary to counter established repression, as well as to assert distributive, liberating justice by those whom are truly in need. 

So with this background picture of the festivities in mind, and the problems and aims of the nation people faced, what people can say that the masses, the poor as what the Pope said is that: must strive and struggle, learn and serve, for the day when these oppressed are in position to determine their life, to the totality of their life. A position in which will not only provide them appropriate needs, opportunities in choosing their own destinies, but also the authority of maintaining true, sound peace and order, a just society in which the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality be truly maintained. Of what are these if it is not for the masses anyway? And who, what is more faithful in asserting such commitment? 

Stand with the Unjust'ed as what this person say, and solidarity, rather than the usual charity is its requirement in asserting and realising the call for justice. 

Again, Viva il Papa! Suportar los descamisados!