Saturday, 3 January 2015

"Third World Crap"

"Third World Crap"

At first, apologies for being late after five days of not writing this due to vacation. However, it is quite compelling to make this writeup after seeing news reports and on social media sites about this. As Filipino televiewers and internet users had sought the almost "royal-like" wedding of Marian Rivera to Dingdong Dantes.

To most people, that star and political studded wedding is an object of both praise and criticism. Praise especially after seeing a nice gown, a cake, and a series of sponsors offering tribute to the newlywed couple. Showbiz reporters considered that event as a wedding of the century, or even trying to be at par with the royalties in Europe, particularly those of Prince William to the former Katherine "Kate" Middleton.

However, on the other hand, the wedding reflects how the ruling class, as well as the frustrating bourgeoisie cling to their interests. Besides celebrating it in a National Holiday, it mocks the people, particularly the victims of recent calamities especially after the President afforded to enjoy facing the camera, be it dining with the officials at Jolibee, having interviewed for a late night show, and be a sponsor of that "one of a kind event", yet couldn't afford going to an evacuation centre at Tacloban or reconsider the issue in which people abhor most, like the latest fare increase in MRT and LRT; pardon this person's language, but since they celebrate at the day of Rizal's death, the event somewhat actually replicates the scene of Rizal's second novel, where Modern day Hermana Penchangs, Doña Victorinas, Señor Pastas, Padre Damasos, Salvis, and the Governor General afforded to enjoy.

However, there's no Simoun who can able to carry the "lamp" that carries the tears and grievances of the suffering people. In a scene where the newlywed couple hath to cut the cake with the amazement of its spectators, "let them eat cake" as what ought to invoke with a la Marie Antoinette, or "Panem et Circenses" as what the old Romans say; and amidst statements that proceedings of the event be gone to their charitable arm, why there's a need for a clique of clergymen, a star and politico studded cast, instead of a simple one? The cake costs millions and they'll "help" the people? Yes, they will help, using this kind of phrase: Panem et Circenses, Let them Eat Cake! This is what they want to create, a spectacular stage, guiding light to the suffering many!  

According to the website GetReal Philippines: 

The cake was said to be worth 7 million pesos (more than USD150,000). According to an ABS-CBN News report, the cake which was “decorated with Swarovski crystals and was 3D-mapped for projected CG effects” was baked by Philippine fast food chain Goldilocks which the groom, Dantes, currently endorses.

Sorry for the readers, to the so-called fans whom they would say it is their right to be in par with the European royals, but come to think of this, why on earth they celebrate a wedding in a day that is more of mourning and commemorating a Hero's death? Your so-called "Head of State" whom supposed to be with the suffering people chose to be a "best man" in a celebrity-studded celebration amidst all the controversies he had to deal with. Sorry but no matter what they tried to show from these people, such as flashy this and that, that in the eyes of the developed nations, you are still a "Third World Crap" in which people likely not to see nor near upon. You want to be in par of the royal weddings a la William and Kate or the Princess of Sweden with Daniel Westling; but sorry to say this, most actors and actresses are more of frustrated Hiltons and Kardashians rather than examplars showing fine morals and virtue. So why on earth they should be called "almost royal-like"? Even the wedding of the Presidential daughter Irene Marcos to compradore Greggy Araneta was criticized by the foreign media despite trying to appear as "royal-like" as Charles and Diana in a Third World country! As one commentator from the same GetReal article said:

"People are given “disney dreams” and teary eyed GMA drivel instead of a living wage. Why do people do not seem to find anything wrong with the idea of a everyone living like wage slaves in order to support a tiny minority at the top that lives in splendor."

Or rather say, for why on earth you have to celebrate a costly ceremony when most people are suffering from malnutrition, poverty, injustice, and disenfranchisement by self-proclaimed benefactors? Don't tell about rising economic rates, for no matter what how rising the rate is, still the gap continues to widen, there's no job created nor production increased in the resouce-rich country such as the Philippines. Victims of Yolanda continue to clamor for relief and real rebuilding of communities while Davao's Manobos and farmers of Hacienda Luisita, Looc clamor for social justice. And the wedding? Besides disrespectful to the hero whom died at Bagumbayan, is a mockery of how a third world nation tries to show itself as a developed one. 

That is obviously isn't. Again, thank god there's no bomb for the setting reminds of a chapter in El Filibusterismo's.


Photos were from GMA, GetReal, and Video48.