Tuesday, 24 February 2015

"We Belong..."

"We Belong..."

"Let there be light as what they say, but we are still living in darkness..."

These are the words a concerned citizen exclaimed about the present situation of one's own country, also imbued with youth and idealism cultivated from actual realities, that citizen has enough well to  seek for an alternative to the clear and present crisis that made a country stunted in its growth for generations; amidst all the modern anemities being sought, if not being experienced as a showcase of progress.

But despite all those experiences, that citizen still living in darkness, and had to ventilate greivances and aspiration in conventional fora only to be denied because of a prevailing culture such as an assertion of ignorance, intentional apathy, if not banish independent minded professionals and achievers; and remaining those who rather stand idle, assuming to be progressive yet unassertive for it may costs their comfortable positions. 

Worse, dismissing an inconvenient truth as false if not an exaggerated truth. Yes, exaggerated in a sense that it includes misinterpretation of facts, of false flags pointing one towards another, of turning lies, half truths into full ones known by many as true and nothing else despite what was actually happen. The system did benefit from these nonsense, and one of which is an apathetic if not an escapist populace trying to evade the inconvenient truth than risk losing their comfort zones. 

Again, that citizen and others concerned seeks that light. If there is then has to rage against its dying, trying to make sparks as much as it can just to make its light shine greater no matter what the establishment tries to take it off. If one would ask "why we fight" would say that "We belong to those whose conscience guide us to seek major changes, we deign to act guided by aspirations and responded to existing realities." 

And that realities is far from what the system, the establishment, the order tends to insist and show to many. If there's progress, then only 40 richest personalities experienced growth up to 159% while ordinary citizens has to get contented on 104 pesos for a day; those who really worked hard end having its earning a quarter as its portions be end directly to taxes and paying high-priced utilities, while access to needs such as health and education be deemed insufficient and caters to a selected few. 

So, from what direction is that righteous path being peddled by the present order going if that's the case? Of what is righteous if people behind it aren't in actual? No matter what they say and "prove" such as skyscrapers and well paved roads and bridges, the same old situation continues to prevail. That amidst rising economic rates, so are the poverty and unemployment rates; amidst papers bragging about agrarian reform and emancipated farmers, so is centuries-old feudalism that also benefits multinational companies; and amidst high rise towers in the highly urbanised cities, so are the shantytowns made by those whom, ironically constrict those high rises. Yes, the situation continues to prevail for the system itself caters to themselves as in their good old days. 

Perhaps, amidst all the bullshit that has happening and prevailing, its up to the people concerned whether to content in being repressed under the system or going beyond the parameters of so-called legality just to assert what is just and right, that affects even themselves as individuals. There are people who are also getting tired of EDSA yet willing to create another that's different yet radical, or underneath calls such as for the ouster of an incompetent head of state during protest marches lies their call for bloodshed against the system; pardon this person's language but reality bites to hear people speaking or yearning for hell to create heaven, for calls for social change comes with the price called sacrifice, that calls for unity does not mean unity with the system and its running dogs; and those who yearn for ideas like liberty, equality, fraternity are also crying for realities like bread, peace, and land. Of what is toppling the dictatorship if not because of repression alone? Even rising hunger and inflation rates made them sick and tired of that dictatorship too! 

Anyways, for few days, if not weeks or even months, lies hope with eyes wide open in this continuing past; and call upon those who are willing to share the vision that continues a protracted quest to the extent of making "rule of law" made by self-proclaimed "righteous" point its words to themselves because of not siding with truth and just.