Saturday, 7 February 2015

"The soul of the Barricade has to be awaken."

"The soul of the Barricade has to be awaken."

So when they will open their eyes and go beyond the parameters of their self-proclaimed peace? When will their warmongering mouths be pointed against the rotting, decadent system? These are the questions this person thinking about all after reading a certain post about socio economic issues, as well as current affairs in social media sites.

Mostly based from comments with calls such as limiting change to the problems dealing with the "self", if not praying for war as a form of justice, these people, whilst at the comfort of their rooms seemed to be aggravating an issue if not trying to posture their statements as an alternative to an impending conflict the system has instigated. 

Worse, they are becoming unpaid fanatics of the system using somewhat progressive rhetoric as they enjoy the militant bandwagon. They express the yearness for change, of babbling progressive terms, be it renovation, innovation, reconstruction, revolution; but the difference lies on the program of action or the guiding thought that made them assert their worldview-such as those whom limiting themselves to the parameters of legality, of anything that is at first "peaceful" with the system trying to appear "willing to negotiate" in changing, omitting certain rulers and regulations, adding some that benefits to the so-called "people" and making the system appear as "supportive". Yes, the rotten system whom represses people trying to appear as benevolent, supporting the people as if those of despots long ago.

But come to think of this, since they wanted change, of being against the system according to their statements, how come they chose to limit within the parameters imposed by the order? And how come they still insist dealing with the order despite knowing that the latter can't even seriously observe any agreement? Land reform for instance, there are so many decrees, acts related to it yet the system, mainly consists of landlords and middlemen compradores continue to dominate the countryside while dispossessed farmers languish and resort to protest marches, and burning of effigies, as well as confronting the police that filled prisons and mass graves. 

That somehow made this person ask them: You hate the system yet you don't want to vent rage in the streets? Of smelling the burnt rubber, cardboard and Papier-mâché? Of getting tired walking in the main thoroughfares? And instead facing the goddamn screen and telling about "parliaments of the social media" or any other "protest substitute"? What a wasted "idealism" so to speak the so-called "idealists" of today, making ideas to justify their contentment within their comfort zones. 

And since they know how to oppose, particularly in regards to today's issues, that so-called oppose they are speaking of is merely a word of mouth that isn't justified by their passions the way their hearts used to vent on. Some would state certain people, such as Mahatma Gandhi as their inspiration, with all the Amhisa or Satyagraha as its example; but his actions, underneath those terms involve disobedience, that even the spinning of cloth by cotton farmers, as well as the creation of farmer's cooperatives was also a form of disobedience pointing against the system; he's even imprisoned for his actions as well for being a freedom fighter and a disobedient subject of the crown.
So, in citing their favorite Gandhi, are these "idealists" also prepared to be disobedient, of not paying taxes, having work slowdowns, noise barrages and raising dirty fingers in front of CCTV cameras besides marching and even facing the police? If not, then of what is their "idealism" if they can't go beyond the parameters? Of what is change if they can't assert further social aspirations? Well, better Baghat Singh if that's the case.

Perhaps, these people, trying to appear idealistic, as gamechangers in front of the screens are actually justifying their apathies in the guise of "peace". That besides feigning ignorance and contentment in their comfort zones, asserting that life goes on in regards to realities yet on the other hand babbling "they only live once" in regards to their fantasies; and even justifying their so-called "contributions" as beneficial to the society yet actually more of their self-interest than common good. "Change starts from the self?" That change is limited from that self alone and not for others despite "contributing to the society" they have called for. 
And if they follow Gandhi or any other well known individual, are they prepared to face the consequences such as Prison or even Death? Perhaps they are following men like Adolf Hitler or Francisco Franco. These two men did cried "Change", "Freedom", of militancy against the system as they tried to counter those from the militant Left and even the Centre; but then being reactionary from its root and emphasising order as its reason, their actions does not really pave way to change (except dor a few trappings to appease people), hence at the expense of the principle being bannered and "fought" for. Hitler bannered National Socialism, but at the same time he admitted that "Socialism" is a thought that sneers people "through the ears" (and killed men like Röhm and Strasser); while Franco used the Falange Española as his political arm, yet his actions as Spain's Caudillo, was mainly consist of restoring reactionary order that was far from a Falangista who yearns for revolutionary change (Like Manuel Hedilla).  

Well, if that's the case then don't tell us about your suggestion, such as your so-called "peace" or "unity", for in reality you don't want to go beyond your comfort zones. It can't be considered as invoking pacifism, but rather, CounterReaction for it justifies "peace" with the rotten order amidst stating terms like "change", "renovation", "innovation" or any other similar claptrap to appear as progressive if not revolutionary. But instead, a reaction against an existing reaction! 

So are the self-proclaimed warmongers

Same as those who yearn for war, yet can't even face the frontline of struggle but instead doing the same as the former do: facing the screens and reading the headlines, or rather say the bold letters instead of the entire story behind those featured words; and letting the men in arms do the job while they remain sitting in front of the screen as if doing nothing.

In a writeup made by Ed Lingao (for an example), he attests self-proclaimed warmongers from his page to think clearly about the consequences, especially in asserting war as a form of "justice" after the incident days ago. He did also insist justice and accountability over that incident, but he also clearly disagrees those whom bask and delight in the reflect valour, honour of dead men that they end eagerly calling for an all out war. 

That somehow made this person think that there are those whom really yearn for an all out war yet at the comfort of their own rooms, with all their comments shown naked and unbashed bigotry, false bravado and machismo being unveiled; and yet still these people at their rooms, making posts in front of their computer screens, making bullshit such as one commentator bragging its own self that the "war is in Mindanao, and somebody else will do it for he pays taxes, drinks beer, and be a keyboard warrior in the comfort of his own home." 
But come to think of this, is that person talking about war really invokes his patriotism out of being a couch potato, keyboard warrior, or a videogame addict? Bragging that "someone will do his job while he drinks beer least that he pays his taxes for these men to fight?" Bah humbug! Perhaps that person whom is saying is same as those whom calling for discipline, order, freedom, justice, or ang other claptraps yet can't even provide a program of action to control, if not avert the prevailing socio economic crisis. 

Anyways, what this person knew is that those whom calling for war are those whom really contribute, even their lives to avenge and regain lost victories. Warriors at home just like in the field, living like those of Ancient Sparta as they believe, fight, and realise such aspirations so as obeying and maintaining rulw of law. Otherwise, Soldiers would have gone into mutiny if they heard their "bosses" doing nothing to help in spite of that latter bragging "he is helping by paying taxes for their allowances, bullets, uniforms, and guns", and that hell of a kind "helping" seemed meant to be bragged for. After all, where were they when men cried for help after having lack of ammunition and supplies? 

And if they really want war, have they smelled the scent of burning wood, gunpowder, and rotting corpses strewn in the streets and in the fields? For sure they haven't heared the actual sound of the gun and someone being shot point blank with flesh splattered over. They have misunderstood justice after that incident, and instead they demand a renewed bravado to show in a form of war, of hawks over doves, and a peace of the graveyard to attain with. After all, Paying taxes to brag for, especially while drinking beer or playing computer games, doesn't mean you are contributing to your country, especially if that contributee is a corrupt asshole who siphons your earnings and end in their pockets.
By the way, since there are warmongers, particularly in social media sites, crying for blood in the guise of "justice", then why not let these people also cry letting the soldiers of the forsaken republic point their guns against the system? How hypocritical if they cried for war, death against the terrorist, and yet they can't even cry against the real terrorist such as the system itself, who's siphoning the coffers, bleeding dry those who're "drinking beer" and making comments full of false bravado and machismo. Perhaps these people are as same as those who yearn for "peaceful means" in asserting social change, regardless of how rotten the system is that has to be dismantled by moral and physical force. 

The soul of the Barricade has to be awaken

As observed, there are people who are really yearning for blood if not scared of it. There are those whom yearning for something yet they can't express it further as it endangers their comforts, and even justifying it as an alternative or a primary arm of their belief instead of getting tired, of enduring the sudden heat and rain, and the heckle of the prevailing system due to beliefs being fought for. 

Given the almost privileged backgrounds, it is difficult for these people to understand realities, or worse, intentionally ignorant as trying to keep their privileges; worse, whilst parroting words like self initiative, hard work, discipline, or any other claptraps they can't even provide a program that would serve as an alternative in today's sickening situation. You may work hard for hours and save for months, but does it really guarantee a good amount to pay for especially in this time of intentional crisis? Or they would even beat much the battle drums as they could, but why not let these people rise up and face the battle the way they urge anyone to take up the rifle and confront the enemy at the expense of comfort in their workplaces? 

Well, Social media comments does not guarantee newfound consciousness unlike immersions from the picketlines and barricades, the streets and in fields, of facing the filth and grime brought by reality instead of the corners of the room called comfort. And if they really have seen poverty, scandals and the bullshit made by the system time and again and start babbling about it, then when will these people start going beyond the parameters to assert further that is currently being babbled? Babbling is not enough to call it struggle, that even the French, Russian, Chinese, and even the Filipino attests the truth that babbling and contentment is not enough to call it struggle, or not even to call it struggle at all. Parliaments of the social media? Again it is like any other neutral term for a protest substitute that is likely to fell into deaf ears, if not being treated as a holy water to consecrate an opportunistic reactionary.

Anyways, no matter what they say, the soul of the barricade has to be awaken by those whom really desire and assert something that requires going beyond the parameters. Here's a message from Julius Evola, that is somehow contradictory to those yearning for order, "peace", or any other claptraps these people cried for. Ironically, Evola's a Traditionalist.

"Be radical, have principles, be absolute, be that which the bourgeoisie calls an extremist: give yourself without counting or calculating, don’t accept what they call ‘the reality of life’ and act in such a way that you won’t be accepted by that kind of ‘life’, never abandon the principle of struggle."

Gora Roja Gudariak! That's all for now.