Saturday, 14 March 2015

Artless: all after an Artist's death and its "deification"

 Artless: all after an Artist's death and its "deification"

It's been weeks passed as reports tackled about an artist's battle with illness,  of almost toying with assisted suicide, of personalities visiting, and even urging fans to pray "for his recovery", that somehow made others think that it turns out to be a desperate measure. 

Sorry to say this, but in seeing those events passing, as well as from the comments whom felt so annoyed by every picture or video taken, that even after that artist's death created a desperate scenario all straight from the hospital to the grave, full of friends, fans, a "widow", and a bereaved family creating an apotheosis of that person, just because of the fame he himself, including his partner created by using YouTube, Facebook, even school tours and paying a thousand bucks for a kissing scene. 
Obviously, those scenes are videoed and YouTube'd for the same purpose of a thousand likes and a thousand shares, supported by a series of selfies and other pictures being posted in Facebook, again with the same purpose. 

And in seeing such actions taken and justified by its fans would make one, two, or three say "isn't it irritating to see a personal matter turned into a desperate fame seeking procedure?" That whilst he himself perhaps trying to seek personal peace with the lord, those surrounding him, even his partner and his family continue to make fortune out of a tragedy; that while famous personalities tries to keep their lives least private, theirs trying to make it as public as they can as they plea for help. 
Yes, coming from those whom was yearning for an Iphone 6 instead of supporting for its own medical need, of taking pride in their monthsary as the rest mourning for a well-known national artist, of crying for likes in their so-called film in exchange for a support in the relief efforts several years ago; and just like any other short film being made by theirs trying to create a fairy tale relationship complete with dance steps, couple jackets, and snapbacks in the head. 

And since he or rather say the couple did became "famous" till the end, then did they cultivate a good example of theirs to their fans besides their fairytale relationship? For sure some would say that they are far from the royal couples in Europe nor the well-known real-life husband-and-wife tandems in showbusiness, that theirs was practically seeking for fame in their "art" yet for the really concerned artist  whom spent their lives trying to make its craft better in the eyes of everyone would think of theirs as "artless", "artless" in a sense that it has no value except for the sake of being sold to the press. 
But as for the fans whom likely to disregard or even making grudge against critics, the memories he had left to them comes their deification of him, or even the couple they admired and cherished most like any other personality such as Elvis, Bob Marley, or even Dolphy whose death was being mourned by many; they would even "try to do their best" just to counter their "haters" who find much the events surrounding that artist; if not that artist himself as irritating, cringy in social media. 

And if this person, like any other concerned may ask, did the bereaved family, partner, friends, fans did make respect he as a person? Or perhaps letting the market forces decide their lives at the expense of dignity? Of letting a storybook romance thrive regardless of the issue that has to be focused? The culture that created such "individuals" actually created outlets in order for people to engage upon, to escape, even acting as a substitute for the realities that has to be dealt upon. In every news report that involves certain personality or organisation easily replaces another, no matter how important it was and be subjected to scrutiny. How was the Ampatuan massacre? The case of the former president Arroyo? The murderous exploits of the imprisoned Palparan? Pork Barrel and DAP scams? And the latest Mamasapano tragedy? That artist's illness, death, and eventual internment did almost replace those controversies in the TV and in the computer screen, and still trying if possible thanks to the so-called fans. 

Anyways, perhaps in a "parallel real usual world" where ignorance is intentional, their "movies" regularly being shown at social media sites and even at bus TV screens are unlikely to be watched as most prefer those from the west if not yearning for gunshots and car crashes, that his death as intentionally disregarded since it has nothing to do with their lives no matter how "famous" he and his girl was as artists.