Thursday, 2 April 2015

"They defy..."

"They Defy..."

In today's era of sameness comes those whom chose to be deviant given the cherished idealisms erputed from realities they ought to counter about, that, regardless of seeing modern things yet having people devoid of purpose, these beings easy to be exploited by decadent systems ruling, making that today's age as an age of garbage.

Why is it age of garbage? If not an era of sameness? Sameness in a sense that from time and again, amidst different names and colours, lies same fabricated demands, styles, and motives coming from those whom yearning to make profits from man, hence exploiting it; Garbage in a sense that anything is disposable, devoid of value and be replaced by another that of same use but with different packaging. And people, driven by the fad are being taught to do so as if a panacea for survival.

Be it in a form of clothing, housing, gadgets, anything people ought to save and spent on afterwards, today's scene is likely to be worthy of criticism amidst all things modern. That whilst acknowleging the wonders of technological advancement, same struggles prevail be it disenfranchisement, repression, unfairness, inequality. The promise of equal opportunities has been an exploited rhetoric with half baked, if not empty realisations, so was meritocracy as almost a byword for unjust competition all for an illusion of advancement. Workers gain merit by working long hours amidst cramped conditions making anything that is state of the art and appealing to many, and ideally that means good amount of money to be paid for these people making; but in reality these are empty rhetorics as exploiters got its cake and the rest its quarter halves if not crumbs.

Perhaps these exploiters coming from their respective trusts made people "equal" to exploit in mind if not in body, created garbage as every year it created things trying to turn mankind into creatures devoid of meaning. Of becoming apathetic beings secluded in its parameters and contented in a vicious cycle, working for self satisfaction, satisfying over anything canned. repackaged as trendy, in demand, or anything the system has to say just to gain profit from these people working. That individual, a victim of the order, has nothing to take pride of besides false pride and shit. Much more that as what René Guénon said:

 "Modern, individualistic man, "instead of attempting to raise himself to truth, seeks to drag truth down to his own level.""

If that's the case, then pardon to the reader that the system itself and its apologetics, created a centuries-old mess. That the system whom cultivated these modern, individualistic men dragged them down and telling that is reality of life, of being exploited as such and be contented in its condition, be it a worker, a peasant, or a petitbourgeois seeking the truth different from what the order given, from existing facts such as behind the façades of glass and steel, of modern gadgets and clothing, of paintings featuring happy rural life, even students enjoying campus life. And behind all these were homeless builders, exploited workers, landlords repressing peasants, and profit oriented schools with additional fees imposed. And Oligarchs, the clique behind the system are desperately controlling yet squabbling whom is greatest within the trust they have created, a dog eat dog world!

Or perhaps do this person need to repeat Lu Xun's well known quote from his "Madman's diary"? Again, here it is:

"Everything requires careful consideration if one is to understand it. In ancient times, as I recollect, people often ate human beings, but I am rather hazy about it. I tried to look this up, but my history has no chronology, and scrawled all over each page are the words: "Virtue and Morality." Since I could not sleep anyway, I read intently half the night, until I began to see words between the lines, the whole book being filled with the two words—"Eat people.""

Yes, the system eats people through "culture", that its decadence, ruin steered anything to degeneration, distorting one's mind and soul, its personality, its individuality. If they afforded to call things modern were those the tools brought from its forges, that can be pointed towards its themselves by those whom actually brought, or rather say those whom actually created yet left disenfranchised; but in actuality, behind these modern façades and brouhahas same old shit prevails such as this writeup stated earlier. No wonder why class struggle is a fact, from Marx, Niekisch, or even Straßer, given the system's perchance, through its lords, to pit down the other just to ensure their survival. Apologetics may afford to call it as choice or freedom, but it isn't. For the choice today's humanity sees is according to what the system sees as pleasing and profitable to their interest no matter how crappy it appears least it is repackaged as pleasing to the "consumers", and examples would be clothing or music. No matter how distasteful, still they make it "pleasing" as it being packaged as such. Freedom? What kind of freedom is freedom to be exploited by the current? To equate liberty and achievement to those of arrogance and self-pityness?  In a writeup entitled "To break free from Pseudo-Liberality", it said:

"It may be disappointing to some, but the nature of liberality nowadays has become reduced to a showcase of both arrogance and self-pityness. Instead of getting critical, of getting involved, it end rather trapped into reasons far from its supposed intentions such as finishing course just to land a high-paying job if not impressing a person for the sake of gaining trust. Those who achieve seen it as a showcase of pride to depend on but not a means to contribute in their remolding; while those who self pity, regardless of its contributions, no matter how successful it is rather treats as a failure and desperately seeks for an impossible called perfection. Ego has replaced freedom, it has almost becoming freedom itself in today's society, in which far from its heroic beginnings."

Anyways, Liberality is not even Liberalism, and terms like Choice and Freedom is nowadays being raped by the system. Oftentimes mistaken for any other terms such as Ego. Of what is freedom, choice, and other similar terms if in actual what you see is all but same? Again, different colours, names, yet same style and "demand".

Unless there are people whom they called as "demand" are also those who, as said earlier, pointing their tools to their creators like ropes to hang themselves (citing Lenin). They may be wearing the clothes which are sold in a mall or in a bazaar, gadgets that are state of the art coming from well known names, but these people have principles enough to turn those tools into weapons, such as spreading messages contrary to what the system has asserted to them. If that is freedom, then yes, for they chose to step from the boundaries and going beyond the parameters of what they call "legality". If that is choice, then also yes, for that choice is not what the choices being offered by the system, that also does not even reflect their aspirations. 

In other words: They Defy the order that as they opened their eyes, is creating mess, trash, garbage, repression, disenfranchisement, unfairness, bullshit.