Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Of Good Crooks, Incompetent Self-Righteous, And the people who are sick and tired willing to shake the floors of their hallways"

"Of Good Crooks, 
Incompetent Self-Righteous, 
And the people who are sick and tired 
willing to shake the floors of their hallways"

There was a time this person had read a quote made by a well-known Senator of the past. His statement, rather infamous, obviously mirrors both the past and the present crookedness that stemmed from their interests. Of course, they would afforded to appease people from a series of rhetorics to both baked and half-baked projects, yet with his words the primary reason is keeping firm in their vested interests, including circumventing laws for their own keeps.

"Why did you have to order an investigation Honorable Mr. President? If you cannot permit abuses, you must at least tolerate them. What are we in power for? We are not hypocrites. Why should we pretend to be saints when in reality we are not? We are not angels. When we die we will all go to hell. It is better to be in hell because in that place there are no investigations, no secretary of justice, no secretary of the interior to go after us.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He made a distinction between the good crook and the bad crook. We can aspire to be good crooks."

Such statements obviously admit themselves as keeping firm into their interests whatever bad may be; but in the face of the people they are hypocritical as they promise heaven with words like development, but obviously they drew people to hell with their words, such as justice not to go over them. However, unlike today, men like Avelino did not share his self-admission of being good crooks, if there are, then maybe justifying it further by telling the world "least the people benefited from it", or its apologetics would say "least that person did projects, I'd rather support a corrupt than an incompetent".

Whether that politician is corrupt or incompetent, they are crooked in a sense that it failed to heed the call of the people nor keeping its righteousness firm as lawmakers, statespersons, or firsts among equals. They would create laws if not interpreting it one by one as legit and for the common good, if not making a series of projects trying to make one's self as paternalistic as any father do; but not all of them would remain firm to principles as most been driven by their fantasies, of interpreting laws for themselves or making projects with a big share for theirs with a name tag of theirs to appease the people; these persons aren't angels, nor even making haven a community rich in its resources and a people promising to be benefited from it. "For the welfare of the people is the highest law" as one orator would say.

If mankind has to be ruled under law, and laws are made by men, then how come there are those afforded to say "rule of law", "regime of truth and justice", "transparency and equity", or another words to vent over and yet in actual are whether trying to be upright or unrepentantly corrupt? Indeed that they are trying to keep firm the laws they themselves and its predecessors made with the purpose of making man be in order and benefited from its justice in its living here on earth, with the provisions in which people from all walks of life are be treated equal with all the opportunities and limitations vested, and yet with the urge to keep their pleasures, of their interests, these same beings are trying to change the jargon, reinterpret every decree, changing its objective, toning down the line, all at the expense of the law's intended purpose, and even its maker's trying hard to keep its righteousness in the eyes of others. How come decrees, codes related to various socio-economic issues, such as Agrarian Reform, affordable education for the masses, or even Interest-free banking and other forms leading to a swift implementation of social justice be end as hollow rhetorics, scraps of paper? It is because of men trying to keep their interests firm, reinterpreting it from time to time till its intended purpose be rendered useless, and at their worst, giving up their self-proclaimed righteousness in the eyes of those whom they had promised words like justice and equity. Soldiers did have the same problem in regards to the growing insurgency problem they are talking about, yet they failed to address the issue amidst doing short-term programs, "victories" to be bragged, and demonising those whom are opposing yet choosing the legal path, or worse, killing them as if they are no difference from the armed one as long as it blocks their interests, or as what they say the "government's way".

And because of these incidents, of tragedies done and doing, no wonder why people are still longing for righteousness, of correct interpretation of laws in pursuit of justice are writing names in broken potteries and be thrown against them as a sign of their disgust. They had enough of sighs after years of being repressed and instead venting its rage to assert that is in need of change, to the extent of letting their rage resort to occupying their halls disregarding their crocodile tears and gold studded pleas, and trying to recreate that was once lost through the ages through interpreting, orthodoxically the laws such personages interpret badly for themselves, in a sense that there are people, quite many of them, whom once have nothing, be given the dignity to live, cultivate further their cherished righteousness, and be defended against the odds, so as to strike the foolish with the deviance emanating from its very feature.

Again, paraphrasing what Mr. Avelino said: what are they in power for knowing that power corrupts these people? Did these people fail to harness the privilege of having that power just to ensure the welfare of many amidst self-proclaimed divine right of theirs? In every report you may see corrupt bureaucrat if not a repressive compradore or landlord trying to keep the age-old reins by putting a sheet of development trying to appease the eyes and emotions of its subjects. But regardless of rising economic rates and half baked projects, these failed to appease the people as the latter still demanding for peace, land, bread, and justice given the still prevailing issue these people on high fail to deal about. The rule of law is nothing but a codified rule of men, and these men failed to implement the law in its truest sense of the word. They may babble phrases such as "Dura Lex Sed Lex" or "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto", yet in reality they reserve the harshness to those who failed to satisfy their fantasies not even ensuring their well being as these people on high cares about their interests. Laws are made for the common good as the old afforded to say, but in reality these laws are made to bind many for the fantasies of the so-called "righteous few", they were made to ensure their survival, and not the community they allegedly swore to protect and ensure with all their lives.

And in these inconvenient realities also means more than a reconquest by the reaffirming old, but a conquest by its young who had sought an inconvenient truth and hence willing to vent its talent, its mind, brawn, blood for a better future, even it requires shaking the earth to its rotting foundations.