Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A poem to the "Ungrateful Mother"

A poem to the "Ungrateful Mother"

(Or a poem to Celia Veloso)

Yes, the ungrateful chose to keep its silence
Amidst the heckles surrounding
Its silence been brought after its passions
Vented out so astounding
The poor cheered and the rich jeered
In its messages pointing at the latter
Especially with the incompetent ruler
Who afford to grab credit yet anything is in paper
The ungrateful is of the repressed, walking from town to town
Crying freedom for his daughter threatened by death come
Out of a crime done yet innocently not known
The authorities did acknowledge yet in fact they turned down
If not leaving them with scraps paper trying to shout their mouths on
But for five years of shutting their mouths they can't withstand
Fearing a love one's death has to cry aloud till a concerned come
And listen to her words, to her pleas, to her calls
And be responded by assistances, pressuring the system to heed over
The same call, plea, word
That has been turned down, snubbed, or complimented by a statement.

The pleas suddenly became pressures, and the pressures became protests
Pointing against the negligent system, while calling for a reversal of sentence
Till the man from the Nusantara did heed their pleas
Taking first with concerned groups trying to change his mind at ease 
While his men trying to make spin by telling he is listening to the authorities
Who actually afforded to came late and gave up quite immediate
The pleas comes a reprieve and the almost sorrowing gave thanks
To the concerned people, groups, masses but not  the authorities instead lambasted
That made its apologetics creating messages
In various mediums, articles and comments
One did cry ingrate the rest chanted death
For not giving thanks to a system, negligent yet came hero as the papers being set
They spin the minds of those once concerned, creating monsters and venting rage
Trying to protect the corrupt patrons, and its incompetent princes 
From the forsaken people gone tired and angry willing to vent hatred
From the computer screens to the gates of hell.

Yes, the so-called ungrateful keeps its silence
Unless her heart urges her to vent words against them
Against the hypocrites whose defending the rotten order is contrary to the words 
trying to seek changes if not whining against those who does the same action 
Yet in a different name.