Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Read, Study, and be Inspired!

Read, Study, and be Inspired!

In an era where reading has been almost disregarded by many, there are some individuals whom rather prefering to read a book, studying it, and be inspired by its messages its writers had afforded to write on after their experiences. 

That amidst attempts to displace the cultivation of idea and favoring a society that cultivates a culture devoid of value and significance, it is necessary for those whom concerned to urge people to deal with cultivating knowledge and wonder as part of creating new achievements in their respective field. 

Whether it is political, scientific, to those of fiction and fantasy, reading a book makes a person explore many things, cultivate ideas, and creating an urge to formulate new ideas and opening possibilities in building a tomorrow different from what has seen today. 

It was reading and studying realities that had brought renewed struggles in case of the French Revolution, the Paris Commune, the May 4th Movement, Movimento Propaganda, Katipunan, and other social movements in which instilling people a desire for social change, and in every book comes a record, analysis, and facts that somehow compels a person to acknowledge the people's call for changes in its society, far from what their system tries to insist with.
So were the Industrial Revolution, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Futuriam, Vorticism, Dada, the use of Petroleum for the engines, and the creation of gadgets that were once figments of imagination coming from science fiction writers only to be realised by those whom trying to steer a new phase in arts, culture, sciences, and Technology.

And no matter what others say in pursuit of dissuading one's desire to cultivate knowledge and a thirst for renewed talent, Reading and studying does not mean you have to give your gadgets or any tools a modern world had offered, but to tell reading and studying is nonsense makes you having devoid of a soul that drives one proving your gadgets you certainly enjoy. That the Science Fiction of Verne or H.G. Wells came Rockets and Cellular Phones, and the works of various philosophers like Marx has urging a person think and interpret the world's realities, with a note letting one on how to change it. 

Anyways, with this message, hope that people now and then acknowlege that in reading, studying, comes enough idea to make people be inspired and help in an unrealised aspiration.