Sunday, 24 May 2015

"Politically true."

"Politically true."

(Or an assessment-reflection on yours truly's writeups)

Seems that yours truly has spending his words on politics. 

In this page supposed to meant for art and culture, this writer has spent posting "common" people likely less to deal with: politics, economy, the desire to revisit science and technology, and others seemed to be less of an interest.

Starting with the latest posts, this writer somehow expressed concern over various issues, and in every report being read from various links somehow worth compelling to make a writeup enough for an assessment, if not an opinion. Besides that, being engaged in politics, no matter how controversial it is, is an encounter with reality, that somehow most would rather dare to escape instead of facing the fact that the society is a big political entity with this person, as a citizen concerning with socioeconomic realities, has to contribute no matter how it contradicts the wishes of the present order yet uplifts the interests of the people.

And that task means tiring. This person may still trying to revert to his initial interests such as his earliest post this page once featured, but most of this person's initial interests are also well connected to the society's daily actions. That in every old house being demolished, in every factory turned into a commercial complex, undergoes matters that has been also undergo through the ballot box and ceaseless debates featured in every newspaper page. That in every featured person trying to convey its expressions and contributions in their respective fields, invokes something that is beyond the scripts, dialouge, and intentions of their works. That in every music being played, the drawing being sketched, or the poem being declaimed, somehow relates to the current protest action that in turn, out of a really existing controversial matter. No matter how an individual tries to escape the reality that is politics will always undergo that same goddamn reality of being in a politicised society. Consumerism tried to dislodge politics using escapism with a series of advertisements, of showbusiness trying to dominate from print to social media, that somehow benefits the system as it tries to hinder people from seeking truth from facts. 
So are the others whom trying to negate public pressure with all its militancy, of not going beyond their rooms, and justify what they called as "parliaments of the social media" that is, currently looming and trying to replace the counterparliament that is, in the streets and in the session hall. 

And although it is inconveniently true that engaging in these tasks is arduous, of spending time on research, writing initial statements to a series of editing and adding additional views, isn't it that tiring for the mind, and to some extent, the body as it being bogged for being awake from afternoon till midday? Anyways, he may have spend making a poem yet his views turned it into a critique. The articles that tackle an idealised future did inspire to realise it yet at the same time knowing that it requires confrontation. The personalities or the establishments being featured had tried their best to become gamechangers in their respective fields, that somehow beyond the imagination of others. His sketches did focus on factories, old churches, and rebellious children instead of for chrissakes, that somehow reflects defiance against the system that dissuades people to dare their minds to create and of course, defy.

Anyways, despite odds, life will always be connected to the society, to politics, to the Republic as what Plato said, but time and again, as long as the system remains unrepentantly rotten, there will be those who trying to escape and deny the existence of truth amidst acknowledging it, and those who will confront thinking that the truth and change is in their hands. 

And hoping that this person, as well as others somehow wanted to make a reader understand this statement. 

That's all for now.