Saturday, 13 June 2015

No wonder one wants to become like Simoun

No wonder one wants to become like Simoun

Source: Video 48

If most chose to be like Ibarra, or much accurate like those of Señor Pasta or Isagani, there are those whom rather wanting to become like Simoun. 

Tired of being Hamlet with all the efforts falling on deaf ears, of paperworks gone disregarded by the highest echleons of the society without consideration, these people concerning wanted to become Guido Fawkes with the intention of turning the existing society upside down no matter how risky it is just to realise such profound goals.

Be it by the loudest voice or by the bomb as one chapter from El Filibusterismo showed, these people are willing to go beyond the parameters knowing that the "freedoms" the system had offered to them isn't sufficient to resolve the age old repressions in an actually existing illiberal society. Discipline can be  an alibi for fear, and progress is another term for exploitation, the elite in its hunger pangs desperately tries to sustain its power yet at the same time getting conscious on its moves knowing that the people whom they repressed are having their eyes enough open to see the inconvenient truth behind their "beautiful" façades, trying to appease as they could with all the anemities they could offer just to silence their minds from "getting curious".
That the buildings of Dubai people amazed most, were built by the blood of the migrant workers from South Asia, reminiscent of the Pyramids and of the Great Wall done centuries ago, lives were at stake yet the Sultans have little or none to give justice, worse, trying to make them hidden from the eyes of many, seeking truth from facts and trying to shed light that these people on high are desperately trying to keep firm, no matter how soiled their hand, just to appease the world the wonders of their creation. Nothing wrong about the edifices as monuments to ContemporAntiquity, but the system that had carried the knout and force the enslaved to work without just makes the truth seeker willing to dismantle their ambitions by force regardless of its risks and justify why they have to expose the injustices. 

There are other examples the system had crafted beautifully at the expense of the community, of the people. Those who dare to seek truth from facts are compelled enough to expose and assert what is right and just on the community's behalf, as said earlier, there are terms that has becoming alibis, that discipline has become a substitute term for fear, based on the actions the system actually did towards its subjects, particuarly the knout, the unjust censorship, the prison cells with crampy conditions, or even enforced disappearances. 

But why the Bomb? Why like Simoun? Guido Fawkes? The men of the Haymarket? Baghat Singh? Why not Gandhi or Crisostomo Ibarra? The People for sure are tired of contentment and willing to go beyond the parameters the system just to assert their aspiration. If groups like Anonymous did afford to hack sites, of Wikileaks leaking sensitive information in the name of free speech, then maybe a renewed deed awaits people to carry on and the systems to fear about. Ibarra's idealism earned the scorn of the system while Simoun's revenge created the fear in which the system tries to lessen. Its continuations, such as Ibong Mandaragit's Mando Plaridel acknowledge both the deeds of Crisostomo and Simoun, of taking the pen and the gun, that somehow made he a sublimation of both characters willing to use any means necessary to realise the goals people yearned about. But the more the system continues to do its dirty work, no wonder why the one who is tired of seeing dirt and of playing with thoughts seeks a straightforward solution most think of as revenge or retribution. 

Be it the pen, or the gun, or even both, as long as the people supports its cause.