Tuesday, 28 July 2015

"Praise but no Praise": Notes after Jim Paredes and his statement

"Praise but no Praise":
Notes after Jim Paredes and his statement

By Kat Ulrike

At first, this person admires Mr. Jim Paredes simply because of his songs. Yes, along with Danny Javier and Buboy Garovillo, APO Hiking Society has contributed contemporary Filipino society through its songs, especially during the mid-80s to 90s. And most of which are relevant enough such as "American Junk", "Awit ng Barkada", or even "When I met you".

However, this writeup tackles about Mr. Paredes not as a singer, but an avid apologetic of the present administration known for representing interests like its predecessors. Be it the Landlord or the Compradore, the present Aquino administration has failed to uphold its duty to ensure the welfare of its constituents, regardless of its projects, development plans, anything mostly for the sake of bragging yet failing to ensure as the father of the state.

In his recent post, seems that Mr. Paredes pointed his criticism, or rather say heckling towards those consistently fighting against the status quo, that Mr. Aquino tries to maintain and defend as such. From the common activist clamoring statements in Commonwealth Avenue to those from Batasang Pambansa, Mr. Paredes blatantly judged them not because of opposing Aquino, but for subjectively interpreting them as supporting Binay and China if not "didn't create jobs nor even infrastructure."
And if so, then seems that he didn't see the call of these activists, those ingrates what he described, that all of the culprits behind Pork Barrel Scam and its substitute, the Disbursement Acceleration Program from both Aquino and Binay be accountable! True that Binay and his folk did shit, how about Aquino and his folk too? Don't use the Binay issue just to cover up Aquino's incompetence in failing to ensure his constituents, for both of them did shit! And although good to see Mr. Paredes staged his anti-Binay rallies in Makati, again, the ones he abhorred are venting their rage comprehensively compared to his failed putsch that acts as if supporting the yellow peril. 

So is describing them as Pro-China. True that these activists are Anti-American government and its repressive policies as they rallied at Roxas Boulevard near the US Embassy, but to call them Pro-China? Again, how subjective. These activists are calling for Non-Alignment, of Peaceful Coexistence the way his folk love to say "pluralism" and other similar terms. True that these activists are inspired by Mao Zedong the way they inspired from Andres Bonifacio, of serving the people and be like the foolish old man who moved the mountains; but was he ignorant about these same activists protesting against Chinese interests few months ago? Or even the founding of a group opposing both American and Chinese intrusion? Perhaps he forgot the song "American Junk" with Pidro trying to get it off from his bloodstream! 

And lastly, of telling what Mr. Paredes called as "bastos" lawmakers for not making bills nor even projects. Excuse moi, but these lawmakers are the ones who performed well compared to those who make bills for chrissakes. Neri Colmenares solely pushed for the increase of benefits for the members of Social Security System, while Antonio Tinio pushes for the salary increase of teachers, same as Luz Ilagan and Emmi de Jesus of Gabriela for their laws calling for women's and children's rights and welfare. Do need to say Mr. Terry Ridon calling for junking tuition and other fee increases especially those in State Colleges and Universities and allocating bigger budget for its subsidy? It will be a long rant for posting their achievements as lawmakers. And being a mambabatas pambansa, a legislator, a congressman has a specific duty, and it is to make laws and not making projects that are supposed to be by the executive department! 
Oops! Speaking of projects, or rather say infrastructure as what Mr. Paredes said, it is the executive department, courtesy of the Department of Public Works and Highways should do its job, particularly in building roads, bridges, and maintaining it. But since Mr. Paredes is thinking that lawmakers are also project makers, then how come Mar Roxas of the Interior and Local Government tolerate budget insertions both for his department as well as Congressman Egay Erice of Caloocan?
According to Ted Tuvera of the Daily Tribune, Php 102,000,000 is the secretary's budget and in 2016 be increased to Php 157,000,000! These should be rather allocated to the needs of Local Government Units rather than to these self-proclaimed benefactors that one of them happened to be a lawmaker! No wonder some of these lawmakers are forgetting their primary job which is to make laws to be observed by the people, than making names in a series of projects they shouldn't been there as such. 
Both Roxas and Erice are fellow Aquino's partymates in the Liberal Party, and for sure the late Macapagal the incorruptible, also a fellow Liberal, would be in disgust after seeing a mismanaged nation and a commitment treated as a political gimmick! Will the taxpayers accept what Roxas, Erice, and even the president doing with people's funds? Remember, that presidential wannabe, alongside Dinky Soliman of the Social Welfare and Development, had mismanaged post-Yolanda operations with all the rotting rice, canned goods, funds gone wasted if not pocketed by the scruplous. 

There are so many shits the system, via the Aquino administration has done harm than good to its constituents. Yet Mr. Paredes and other apologetics continues to take pride in it as if people will have cheap, affordable food in their tables. Most of Aquino's actions, especially his "righteous path" were half-baked realisations if not wholly rhetorical, worse, it has been soiled by corruption and bloodied by its repression; haven't he noticed that he is defending an haciendero who failed to give land to the needy tiller and bread for the hardworking and still suffering worker? He even praised Transportation and Communications secretary Abaya despite mismanaging rail transport with all its fare increases, dilapidated trains leading to accidents, and long queues in train stations particularly in EDSA? Perhaps Mr. Ted Tuvera is right to say about Mr. Paredes's view which states that criticising Aquino means subversion (or "communistic" as what he actually said), and if that's the case then is this what Democracy looks like? If so then right was the late Lenin that Democracy is same as in its Greek origins: Freedom for the slaveowners. Not also even wondering from these apologetics and crackpots that the more the system keeps its interests with all its bread and circuses (coming from mainstream media), there are those who still seeking truth from facts to justify rebellion against the status quo, knowing that behind those beauteous wonders lies stinking truths. 

Again, this person appreciates his music, but does not mean he appreciates his rant against those who once he joined and fight for freedom and democracy. Actually, in today's situation his music is for entertainment's sake, save those of "American Junk" for the Philippines is really enjoying American Junk and has to be removed from its system! But for today's relevance? The song of Florante de Leon deserves much praise than he, that despite being a Marcos Loyalist (pardon to the reader), his song resonates the reality under today's administration people called as unjust. 

That's all for now. By the way, here is the song "Against Dilaw" by Florante de Leon with Hajji Alejandro, enjoy!