Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fooling the Free and Pitying the Brave: notes on the stubbornness of the United States on home and outside

Fooling the Free and Pitying the Brave:
Notes on the stubbornness of the United States 
on home and outside

It may be offending to some that while one has to celebrate life, liberty, and happiness, behind those celebrations is an aggravation of existing problem within the prison of nations such as the United States of America.

That, behind the festivities and cheers are those of hatred and despair, that behind peace through strength is weakness through fear, that behind life is those of death. And if that's the case then where were the values cultivated if it is all but treated as façades by its ruling system? Well, thanks for the reports stating how that country fails to cultivate Justice, Equality, same as those of defending Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness; or of so, these are rather taken by a small percent of people, who can afford to pay just to satisfy those words, all at the expense of the people's hardship.

And for everyone knows that the United States has both acknowledged and denied their unjust actions, in the name of manifest destiny and today's exceptionalism. That in pursuit of security, the system has to curtail laws at home, or create conflicts outside its shores using "terrorism" or "regime change" as its alibis. Its propaganda machine called "western media" by mainstream audience continues to divert rather than enlighten people's minds, such as favouring showbusiness or anything "state-of the-art" over those of economic and social affairs. Most People do enjoy those diversions, but, as this person would guess, these are only concerning matters that do not significantly touch their lives, or rather say focused on interests that would somehow made themselves escape from the realities. However, as news reports touch their lives, these people ask for something more than a series of judgements and distortions, exaggerations or diluted information.

But regardless of justifications and denials, for sure everyone knows that the west, particularly the United States of America and its tributaries has trying to keep firm its dilapidated status quo, that is contrary to the founding fathers' perspective of having a country neutral over foreign relations. The Philippines of example, has been rabidly pro-American like those of the banana republics of Central America while assuming to be non-Aligned like those of its southeast Asian neighbours. It tries to assume itself as patriotic and non-aligned like Indonesia, yet obviously favouring American over Filipino-oriented policies such as in National Defence, Economy, and Foreign Affairs as it was in the past starting from the commonwealth period; that somehow made statespersons like Claro M. Recto or Lorenzo Tañada described as "mendicant" and "unfair". On the other hand, apologetics like Ely Pamatong and Raul Manglapus may still insist that the United States has trying to relieve its "Cold War" nostalgia (or perhaps expanding further its "Manifest Destiny"), such as  carrying "the cause of the free world" in new terms such as "coalition of the willing" during the Bush administration, if not "peace through strength" during the Reagan presidency. 
Yet despite its justifications apologetics trying to assert on Washington's behalf, it is the same United States that exploit and repress despite sugarcoated in terms like development, defence, or partnership; in today's face-up between the said country and those of Russia and China, triggered both by the Ukrainian and Syrian crisis, as well as the standoff over the contested isles in the west Philippine sea, its tributaries would again relieve the cold war paranoia of "defending the free world", particularly those of free trade and its brand of "democracy" that benefits the system than its people. Most comments in social media sites would babble the paranoia towards Russia, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and even China, the way it babbled in regards to Iraq, Libya, and the unforgettable Soviet Union decades ago. 

It may sound strange but inconveniently true to see US and its tributaries desperately trying to keep firm against internal and external problem. The former, through its emphasis on internal security and pseudo-welfare, created paranoia on its citizens, particularly those who are victimised by state repression, be it from Baltimore or Charleston, or its tributary equivalents like in Manila or Cairo, the state (or the system that controls in it) has rather created, if not becoming a monster that devoured the aspirations of the people, most of which being crippled by economic problems tolerated by its bureaucrats and compradores. 
That somehow should insist the non-aligned movement and other related organisations to expose the nature of some of its members who are still clinging to the interests of the Americans and its attempts to justify latter's provocative actions in the name of order and stability. Of what is non-alignment if most of its policies cater to a superpower than standing up for themselves as a nation? Having its own flag besides those of the US in a military base, a native commander and a detachment within the premises, or even limiting advisers to recommend or suggest, does not end the issue on American control on domestic affairs. For the United Nations failed to undertake its task, while Assange and his Wikileaks, and various anti-imperialist organisations doing it despite various risks. Recto was even killed by the CIA for being outspoken as an anti-imperialist, and there are others whom end fell victim both at home and outside with the same reason, yet still the same old clamour remains stronger and growing.

But the more apologetics insist its "importance", be it Military or Economic, especially amidst reports over the actions the United States and its tributaries done to its people, then is this what mainstream media described as the "free world"? Freedom based on repression laid by the attack dogs, happiness based on escapism insisted by its propaganda, life based on fear and injustice laid the policies of its bureaucrats and supported by its compradores? Some conservatives and liberals may worried about its country's very own "manifest destiny" gone mad with reports talking about destabilising regions and people tired of being vassals of the stripes and stars, paying "tribute" in form of raw materials (oil, sugar, minerals, etc.) to satisfy Uncle Sam's appetite in exchange for insufficient development (likely in a form of loans taking generations to be paid) if not rhetorics to fool its undernourished subjects (with terms like what this post stated). 

Thus, no wonder why the people of the United States, as well as its subjects outside is sick and tired of their system's dealing, that somehow aggravate age old tensions "in the name of interest." The propaganda machines continue to churn denials, diversions, or even threats in the contested regions; so are the armed thugs that trying to subjugate its subjects in the name of order. 

But these people are having their eyes wide open, and they demand another chapter that favours themselves than of the system. They demand independence, peace, and a realisation of what their forefathers had spoken of, not just in America, but in the entire world the stars and stripes had almost covered over. Americans, as well as its tributary subjects, may both accepted and opposed this writeup either out of loyalty without understanding or convenience; but the message is clear that the country, as well as others demands something different from what the system and its apologetics says so.