Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A set of poems made for the month of August

A set of poems made for the month of August

It's been a long time to make poetry. Influenced by what this person sees and hears, of industrial music and social realities, these are quite compelling enough to write poems besides making writeups of the same idea. 
However, it should be noted that in making poetry or any other writeups should not be for the sake of creativity alone, as artistic expressions should be against subordination, particularly of what the system has trying to insist. Most of the featured poems are in an expression of revenge, recreation, love, remolding, or even revolution. 
The latter may likely to be emphasised though, especially after what this person sees and feels the tremours, of seeing old edifices and burning effigies, of a rotten order trying to gain its strength yet failing to overcome the hatred of many.

But anyways, it's up to the reader to read and understand these few set of poems. 

"A promise from the avenging weak"

The steel church bells are constantly pealing
Storm and distress as it tells
The sound of revenge is completely resounding
Trying to conclude the unbroken spell
The sea of blood its tides now rising
Clarions of war ends uneasy peace
The raising of standards brings hope unbecoming
Curse to the foes as chains rusting

The dove so white now becoming ravens
Dark as the night as if in a spell
Twilight has called into the heavens
Whose souls supposed to be in hell
The clarions resound as the sea rises
Storms aloud against the cursed high
With the poor raising scythes from the mansions burning
Curse to the foes as chains rusting

The gardens full of roses becoming death fields
Thorns dominating over the blossoms
Mansions and cities now felt the terrors
As the cursed people on high now feels its fall
The so-called strong weakened with errors
While the weak gone strong with their calls
With all the weapons pointing the system's fall is approaching
Curse to the foes as chains rusting

The steel church bells are constantly pealing
So are the chimneys the machines are running
The forge whose hammers brings hot steel blazing
And the looms the cloth seaming
The storm and distress lies hope astounding
Favours the once damned now avenging
The system, the order, destined to fall
To hell as their path "righteous" not as it calls.

"Blessed is the fire, till heaven realise"

Blessed is the fire,
Blessed is the light
Blessed is desire
Fulfilled for the right
Through flames comes the reason
Truth is where it lies
In it comes the passion
To be realise

Heaven is the vision
From a sinful plight
True it is delusion
For hell where it lies
Yet through the reforging
Of the heart and mind
True that heaven's seeking
Trying to enlight

Forging by repenting
Molding as mortifies
Heart felt the uprising
Ecstasy arise
Passing through the fires
Seeking unseen light
Blessed is desire
Fulfilled for the right

My mind bid thee asking
Why the test in place
Despite the prayer saying
Deliver from that emplace
Why leave me in pyre
For you created I
Be swallowed by fires
Desires made ask why?

Is the world the pyre
Fate destined to set
By the raging fire
Man someday be me't
Are those tremours cleansing
So to give rebirth
The way I gone reforging
Feeling first the hurt

Hope true is Elysium
As the elders says
Despite called delusion
For the fact hell stays
The world indeed sinful
Despite beauty lies
Soon the fires come awful
Till heaven realise

"Megali Görüş"

True that the world undergoes chaos in order to bring change
And those who are obsessed in order trying to negate the idea
In favour of their own interest yet they mismanage
The society that made people suffering for diarrhea

The people demand for a Megali Idea, a Millî Görüş
As they raise their pen, their syche, their gun
With the sounds of struggle being played over sorrows
Calling for revenge after the order killed its sons

Shantytowns in fire, bloodied mud and grass in countryside
Trying to cover by edifices of glass and steel
And the order has trying to set it aside
From the minds of the people while at the same time trying to steal

After seeing their places, with all their sorrow and hate
The idea for revenge and change resounds no matter death await
From attack dogs and monsters often appearing late
Yet trying to stop those who go beyond as they assert with all the haste

Hearts all filled with fire treats the battle like a play
Made by bards such as I who foresees the coming day
The flames of anger against the system feels its fray
From small fights lies a war the oppressed pray

Fire and brimsone would be the extreme response
Shaking their heavens till hell's pits open
The hatred brought from pain that had done not once
Strike forth the demons all but sudden

Yes, with the factories taken over pointing to the owners
Like the rifles and cannons from their arrogant masters
Churning, hammering, forging the tools both yearning change and venting anger
Whose blood from friend and foe will fertilise the wild flowers

The factories be the barracks, the chimneys are the rifles
The avengers its soldiers, and the faithful its reservers
The city be its fortress the countryside soon lies its battles
With the soil enemies trampled be its graveyards, bodies trampled by horses with saddles

Imbued with the vision fueled by a desire
Others be called compulsion by the reality worth called pyre
The system be end punished by change the once beaten aspire
As the flames of revolution sets the whole rotting world on fire