Monday, 24 August 2015

"Factories, bloody skies, and a shining star"

"Factories, bloody skies, and a shining star"

(Or Jamming the world with blood-red darkness)

Influenced by his observations, of  Neofolk and Industrial music, "Death to the World" and Cultural Revolution, Proletkult and Eduard Limonov, Historical scenes and Science Fiction, as well as old yet remarkable architecture particularly those of factories and other various edifices classy industrial and even commercial architecture, this person felt so compelled as he used some old pictures, both from his and from various sites, edited upon it, given blood-like colours as it invokes what he tries to convey such as a future different from what the system tends to show, with a black sun embedded in the red star shining in its skies. 

It may deem strange, if not controversial given the use of colours and the black sun (or "Schwarze Sonne" in Deutsche) "shining" over the sky, maybe because this person sees that factories are churning a future brought by its forges and powered by engines whose air passes through its chimneys, guided by a star that illuminates "the dissolution of the body", and that body is the present system, deemed rotten. 

And like the poems he made and the sketches he drawn, it reflects the bridging the aspirations of the past and of the present. That in its darkness soon comes light shining over the continents, a beacon to bring the fall of the old order and in its ruins comes a world anew. There are so many meanings behind that symbol, one example is that according to a writeup entitled "Essays for Richard Ellmann: Omnium Gatherum", it stated that some scholars regard the mythological Black Sun as the ancient female origin of all, it is both tomb and womb. Hence, death and rebirth. 

Some of his works are crude though, whether as darker as his first works or not, this person tries to invoke the shining of the star into the sky, whether at the bustling streets of Sta. Cruz, the silent yet chuning factories of Muntinglupa, or even the painting that this person afforded to shot at Quezon Memorial, he tries to invoke a future far from what the system tends to convey if not a call for a rebirth that requires dismantling the order deemed repressive and dilapidating. 
Sorry for being political though to reason out behind those works, but again, this person's view is culturally political with inconvenient realities enough for a reason. The factories, as what he featured much, reminds of an aspiration has has been lost for generations, save to those whom trying to assert; so is the city, and various edifices that captures the maker's imagination. 

In fact, it's not been "new" to create something similar to this, in fact, the controversial anthem of "Democratic" Kampuchea (Cambodia) has featured "blood" in its first part: 

"Bright red blood was spilled over the towns
And over the plains of Kampuchea our motherland
The sublime blood of our workers and famers
The sublime blood of our revolutionary combatants
Of both men and women."

That part, however, did create an effect, not because of the struggle as what expected, but of its "idealism" in pursuit of "outsmarting Lenin and outstripping Mao" with a Khmer brand of "socialism". To some, the message may sound "promising", particularly through its leaders whose nihilistic utopia is being justified "using Marxism" only to unravel its nonsense with all its killing fields and certain polices far from making a utopia what then-Soviet Union and China had done; but through the words itself, in a literary sense, may also meant "death to the world" in order to create another from its ruins and fallen.
Quite morbid and nihilistic isn't it in invoking blood in its message allegedly made by Pol Pot? Well, those words reminds of the quote "Give blood and recieve the spirit" according to saint Peter Damascene of the Orthodox church, thus a flood of blood has been done enough to sanctify and redeem the suffering from the rotting order.

Having inconvenient realities awaits a bloody outcome enough for some people to be scare and insisting a peaceful transition. No offense but, underneath the cries of freedom and justice from every march is to set the world on fire "in the name of love" that is "taken for granted", that underneath the smiles shown at the protest marches at EDSA or Luneta lies the desire to raise dirty fingers machetes, or the bomb to put hell against the system. Realities and discontent made people unleash what one writer described as "days and nights full of disquiet and rage." Yes, Nihil! Nihil except the aspirations of the people be realised!