Saturday, 8 August 2015

On those who afforded to whine after seeing people sleeping in Kalai's steps and complaining

On those who afforded to whine
after seeing people sleeping in Kalai's steps and complaining

Source: Philippine Collegian

Seems that there are those from the University of the Philippines are acting not really from their alma mater. 

All after years of studying and be given social awareness, seems that there are still those whom are less likely to aware besides those of just studying for chrissakes, just to gain employment and nothing else as if through these makes them succeed and be an example for others. Quite good though, yet, with their words justifying "socialised tuition" to babbling raped terms such as "hard work", "perseverance", "self-initiative", and other series of blah-blahs especially after seeing people complaining about unjust costs, it seems that they forgot that they are once studying in a National, not just a State University (and it is a national duty to insist the state to rechannel funds to education, including the maintainance of that institution this person featured!)

And after reading their whinings in social media somehow made this person think that are they really scholars of the people? Whether they are alumni or not, they are supposed to be aware of the problem and not to shrug it off altogether as if it is the protester's problem and not the university's; and also to think that with these once-'Iskos' and 'Iskas' are acting far from what they study (for sure they even at least afforded to hear "serve the people" during those times), as well as afforded to whine in social media, especially on the current issue about those who slept in the steps of Kalayaan Residence Hall, the office of the All-UP Workers Union, or even napping at the branch of McDonalds in Philcoa, alongside protests against yearly tuition fees and involvement in socioeconomic issues, then what the fuck is the University doing nowadays? Have they forgot that they are "growing"? Perhaps they almost forgot that they have dormitories, or residence halls in their lot!

Anyways, those people who are really whining about issues after seeing protests in national television and mainstream papers are likely those who can afford to pay if not assuming to be "concerned" from other colleges and universities yet obviously not. This person, like others concerned, may not been a student in that institution featured in this writeup, but he will seriously oppose that "Socialised Tuition Fee Assistance Program" (or its shorterned term "Socialised Tuition System") knowing that socialised tuition schemes doesn't guarantee your education in UP same as yearly tuition increases in other schools, so are the issue regarding student lodgings, commercialisation of state-owned assets, as well as campus repression with its 'Iskos' and 'Iskas' being harassed, imprisoned, killed or spirited away because of their beliefs? Remember, UP is also a microcosm of Philippine society, with one of its alumnus allegedly afforded to say "there should be a cemetery to complete the scene!" but if conditions worsen, no wonder that cemetery will soon rise in the institution supposed to be a bastion of honour, excellence, and service to the people, particularly to the masses yearning for enlightenment and redemption.

And as for the one telling about people concerned to "Get real"? Yes, get real, but not what those babbling crackpots said to those who are really concerned being students of the university. Although there are some points to consider, or even amused at its incorrectness, it is still like telling the poor but deserving students "not to study" but be destined to the salt mines instead, if not telling them to be contented least they are from UP or any other well known institution. To get real about the issue is to address the concerns of student housing, campus rights and welfare, and the need to forge well rounded individuals dutifully respond to the call of times. True that students need self initiatives, of dutifully working hard and smart, but the system should really address the issue, knowing that in a "National University" like UP there's a subsidy really allocated to these matters of importance from housing to the salaries of professors, personnel, and even stipends for the varsity players.
Why justify tuition increases and expensive lodging? Because nothing is free or cheap? Then ask the Germans and the Finnish why they have free education in their colleges and universities, with most of it are globally known such as Freies Universität Berlin, Helsingfors Universitet, Universität Humboldt, Åbo Akademi, or even Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Those universities this person featured may have free tuition if not cheap, and perhaps housing is no problem!

Or even simply because everyone who is really concerned about the issue pays taxes, both direct and indirect, and seeing this kind of issue sickens their hearts and ask where were their taxes go? Is it in the improvements of the university? Or to the pockets of the few assuming to be concerning?

Worse, is the new generation of "intellectuals" whining about really intellectuals imbued with character and class? Or lumpens in bourgeois clothing and babbling the language of the "learned"?