Friday, 11 September 2015

"Three months of regret"

"Three months of regret"

September 11, early afternoon
Three years ago, comes months of gloom
All started with a smile yet it end in despair
All started with promises empty handed to spare
You told about love comes with holding hands
Of calling cute names easy enough to understand
Good to remember those times yet gloom creeps at same time
Through the lies sugarcoated easy handed with tequila and lime

True that my heart seeks for that word called love
That through you perhaps would bring me to above
With all the sweet talks and sugarcoated messages
Whose inside are plain emptyhanded promises
Yes, three years of illusion and emptiness
Taking four thousand five hundred paving way to madness 
Over this person, yes, over him 
Felt depressed as it seems

She did not come on the days deemed remarkable
Be it his birthday or anything enjoyable
Except those of drinking sprees with friends and acquaintances
Yet in reading twitter he sought contradicting messages
Making me a fool with all its words
Far from the smiles and enjoys
Be it those of flowing beer and laughters
With I trying to answer hypothetical questions

That somehow conclude that anything is a fraud
Of making mess in those three months of feigning hope
True to say words like regret and remorse
Besides arguments at home and out
That on December 11 of that same year
Saidth a feigning greet far from a true cheer
Only to hear no we aren't we
Enough of this charade, all is not true to me!

Had enough of tears if not spending for waste
For the fact that those times as meaningless to add inside baggage
Had enough to hear arguments if not foolishness
Guised in times all was but pseudohappiness
It can't be called hopeful but instead a ruin
That despite moving on scars, nightmares makes head spinning
Yes, cannot deny those realities and regrets
Inconvient, still trying to forget

The skies will be red all because of you
Because of the times bringing ruin instead of hope
The gods casts hatred that lies upon you
As if your fate is in the tree, and in its branch lies a rope
You are trying to forget but for sure it haunts
The conscience of someone who once afforded to say words like love
But no! What kind of love that made me a fool
How cruel art you that made mistake on me too!
I regret those times and now I pass
But the more of denials still the issue will last
Yes, it is a curse till heavens broke down
Till thunder thrusts in your heart till paid the debts I owe you in your crown.