Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"One last message for this month"

"One last message for this month"

(Or a post-Heneral Luna message 
to those willing patriots of today)

This person knows that most people felt a renewed sense of patriotism especially after watching Heneral Luna.

 With all the comments, memes, quotes specifically pointing against modern day Paternos, Buencaminos, as well as culprits feigning innocence like Aguinaldo, it seems that todays people felt sense of dismay, hatred against an incompetent system repressing its own kind as well as willing to be submitted to someone else's wishes as if can guarantee "protection" or provide "development" no matter it is deemed fraudulent if not illusory as it was in the past.

This person, like those whom are concerned, knows that most people may felt dismayed if not offended for saying that the country needs to deemphasise its ties on those who exploit and repress everyone, be it the Americans, Chinese, even the system that controlled the Philippines for centuries that keeps the nation backward and dependent amidst its showcase of pride both in places, resources, and even heroes whose messages end diluted. Why offend? Is it because those countries like the United States has given bette education, development, anything that even a Filipino can make it better on its own? So much for benevolent assimilation in having a generation of mendicants yearning for economic aid and second hand trash if not series of loans that at the same time complaining as most of the national budget has been allocated to debt servicing if not in one's purse or pocket. And perhaps only few who has benefited from American-style education and culture who able to insist that the Philippines should be on its own way.

Maybe these few are like those of Luna and others who seriously adhere to preserving independence, that they are willing to give a damn just to assert the goal of breaking away from its "cherished contentments", such as keeping firm on its vested interests to the extent of giving up people's aspirations as done by his fellow Ilustrados in his time; and also willing to jump into the abyss, struggle in raging against the dying of the light the nation has carried for generations. For sure everyone has sought modern day Aguinaldos, Paternos, Buencaminos, Mascardos, and Janolinos underestimating and making hell out of today's Lunas, Sakays, Bonifacios, Nakpils, and Bernals just to keep firm in their interests. The latter needs everyone's help to so as overcome their adversaries' stupidity and assert further the aspirations that has long fought for its realisation.

Sorry for the sketch but people knows that the lunatic, the so-called "General Articulo Uno" would have expressed the vulgar expression as what everybody says (such as that dirty finger Luna's showing in that drawing), especially towards the still rotten system and the order that has been perpetuated. 

And maybe a reason enough to make hell out of them. Inconveniently true isn't it? 

That's all for now. ¡Adelante Compatriotas, Hasta la Muerte!