Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sleepless: a poem after Lando

Sleepless: a poem after Lando

I can't sleep
Despite the whispers that entices me to close my eyes
And enter the world of dreams
But instead sketching anything he sees
And listening to the breeze
Coming from a storm passed yesterday

Outside are fallen leaves and even branches
Announcements calling schools for no classes
Even the supposed examination gone suspended
And news reports featuring swaying coconut trees and waves in beaches

And like the tragedies done years ago comes prayers
For less if none casualties
Same as their cherished properties
Trying not to break their happiness 
Knowing that soon comes Yuletime

But for others a respite from yesterday's heat 
As rains trying to fill the dams
Enough to prepare next year's threat
Of tremendous heat and sweaty feelings
Of hot asphalt and drying up till barren soils
Of everyone desperate for water to quench beaten souls

But despite all these it is a calamity 
Turning out to be an opportunity
From the ones trying to keep warm their seats
And continue their infamy
Expect few packs and pseudo charities
Especially from those desperately keeping their thrones
Knowing that next year these people are filling up boxes
With same old names written in those papers

And with these conclusions somehow made me sleepless
So are the others willing to make possible surges
Against the one who's thinking about next year 
With all the prepared "machinery".