Saturday, 31 October 2015

A poem for Samhain

A poem for Samhain

This person is tempted and suffered
Felt the pain the fear and taunt
His heart felt the tremors 
Both within and without
But with you whom I ought to call
To seek help if not ease me and all
Let the pain that bind be vanished thee
Or let anything set me free!

I may still felt what comes from the past
Difficult to move on yes, but hope should be the last
The sufferings ought to be forgotten
And mistakes ought to be forgiven
My ritual is simple but hope it gives power
To break free from the chains bind me as if forever
And walk safely to the path less taken 
But I know in that path lies the truly awaken

To the dead be remembered and never forgotten
For the works they greatly made and if sinned be forgiven
The ones who live be given warm embraces
And perhaps in spirit give them tender kisses
Inspire them in their struggles to realise their goals
As trying to break free in passing burning coals
And reach the future the old once forsee
Just, Peaceful, with faces enough to become glee.

To my love I know it is impossible to be we
But I hope you understand that these words come from me
That with all the works some finished for I am inspired because of you
Call it strange but what I said is enough to be true
Maybe in this ritual that I made this night
Cast a power enough to understand both of us and enlight
And with the help of friends, both here and gone
Bind us enough as our fate has been drawn