Friday, 30 October 2015

As the folk music played (and everybody danced)

As the folk music played 
(and everybody danced)

Notes on the final part of the Indigenous "Lumad" Folk stay-in 
at the University of the Philippines, Diliman

This person again returned to their camp as part of making this writeup, and besides seeing sympathysing students and faculty talking with the Indigenous Lumad Folks, of coloured dresses and native instruments being played for a practise, it seems that everything is well prepared especially for the Saturday's march at then Lawton plaza in Manila, commonly known today as Liwasang Bonifacio.

Quite Halloween party-like  or even "Woodstock" to some as people enjoyed seeing the folks-in-costumes, folk artworks, if not "Getting Chilled" on that commemorative event, but behind all these events is a cause people often question, such as the desire for justice, self-determination, respect especially in their communities threatened by entities whose exploitation is fueled by interest such as mining and cash crops. Worse, these entities are protected by those who swore to "protect" even including their own kin, but actually kills those who stand on its way, including those whose action consists of educating their fellow folk or taking over homes if not burning altogether leaving these folks in a state of fear and horror worse as any other system-sponsored terror. 

Quite nice though, especially in mingling and enjoying their company, of hearing their experiences, the desire for justice, to those of their music, dance, and a showcase of cultural stuff displayed in its "Museo Lumad"; and at late afternoon everyone's assembled to see the elders expressing thanks in the event, as well as the University that afforded to welcome them in open arms. One of the speakers is the well known Elder who, at her old age, still afforded to vent rage to those who made them displaced from their homes if not killed their kin and friends. "We are not rebels, We are living in peace in our homes! But we are prepared to fight if they still continue to harass against us!" is one of her words saidth in her statement. 

And after a series of speeches and thanksgiving from both University administrators and Folk Elders comes a series of dance and music, of both folk and contemporary or even a fusion of both; it encourages people to watch if not engage especially in a part wherein everybody's been called to join in the communal dance with the natives while others rather stood by and raised their cameras to video that entire event. The sound of struggle has filled the entire place as the native guitars, drums, and gongs are being played. Acoustic guitars are also being played as well and the people danced if not singing, chanting to the tune of justice for the folk and against the system known to exploit. 

This person initially covered a "video" of sorts, short enough to stop over as he joined in the dancing with the people, be it the Lumad folk or the city-bred dweller who afforded to join and fraternise with them, and perhaps everybody knows that these Indigenous folks felt the warm embrace of their lowland counterparts while the latter felt the sorrow and anger that resorted them to march and fight against the unjust system and its order.

Admittingly speaking, these Indigenous Folks are repeating their statement no matter what the system tries to counter it and mainstream media chose not to broadcast over. True enough that the common people may find not new into their words such as "justice", "killings", "exploitation", or any other word or phrase related to their horrible experience, but the more the exploiters repress their lives and communities and destroy their cherished nature then why stop their statements from repeating? This person may have heard the statement years ago but it still continues as different companies are having their itchy hands trying to grab a chunk of the Lumad homeland for their interests, so are the system's armed men and its paramilitary volunteers a legistator rebranded as  the folk's "defenders". 
But "No", what everyone hear is murderers and ransackers of communities these self-proclaimed "defenders" chose to deny, remain silent, or divert the issue to those who afforded to uplift and fight against the exploiters trying to grab in the name of development. Again, the system may deny or divert the issue, but the folk and the people knows that justice should be take place against those whom they know as unjust. 

That's all for now.