Wednesday, 28 October 2015

For a cause people ought to understand: Notes after Manilakbayan

For a cause people ought to understand:
Notes after Manilakbayan

It took days, if not weeks or even months for most people to understand the situation, if not having sympathysing with the Indigenous folks from Mindanao, and these people are still marred by a series of fear and terror.

Ranging from solidarity gatherings to positive comments in social media sites, of statements in pamphlets to headlines in newspapers, the issue on these Indigenous Folks known as "Lumads" continues to be heard with reports that really stated these people's clamour for justice, and even the homilies from the church has resounded the same heartfelt demands as such. 

It may also deemed age-old as these folk's long-standing appearances, in a sense that exploiters has still continuing its assertion to take over communities these folks worked and lived, given its resource-rich hidden wonder like Copper if not trying to expand its cash crop interest such as those of oil palm, banana, or any other produce fit for export. And with various "carrot and stick" means, of pressing men to join paramilitary groups to having a semblance of "community development", the intention is clear for these exploiters and that is to take over the area described as "still virgin", no matter these folks continue to oppose their intention. 
These exploiters would even brand concerned institutions (like ALCADEV) as rebel coddlers if not entirely as rebels, they would kill or threaten those who stand in their way. Worse, justifying its intentions as necessary in case of Nancy Catamco with her "Indigenous Defence System" that is, referring to the paramilitary groups like Alamara, Bagani Force, amd various groups rallying under the system's call.

Quite sound strange to some people, particularly today's modern youth in thinking that these Indigenous folks are still yearning for enlightenment as well as living in their communities with dignity amidst existing laws and various forms of "help", but in having a system who supposed to encourage to enlighten and live with dignity is rather trying to block any of their attempts knowing that these folks, if enlightened, be able to stand up against their so-called "benefactors", such as the interests whom  trying to exploit their cherished resources as such. And with various incidents such as those of ALCADEV, MISFI Academy, and other schools and various institutions, really intensifies a really-existing repression and disenfranchisement towards these indigenous folks and its lowland sympathysers,whose intention of staying is to enlighten, uplift, bring hope to these folks in this ever changing world whilst rooted in its centuries old heritage like the cherished mountains still threatened by so-called "development."

Ironically, the system also afforded to babble some of the phrases the protesters do as they are trying to divert the issue into their behalf, such as "Justice" and "self-determination" as inscribed in the "Indigenous Peoples Rights Act", of describing the conflict as a mere internal matter between villages or clans, or even a call create a "zone of peace/ or respect" that actually failed to realise as interests continues to penetrate further the folk and its community; and also to think that these paramilitary men rallying behind the banner of that so-called "Indigenous Defence System" has orchestrated a series of murders on the system's behalf, will the statements from the latter be considered as such? 
Remember, by hook or by crook, the system has trying to create a scene wherein exploitation under the guise of "development" is deemed just, that the take over, if not destruction of schools and take over of communities as necessary to make easy access for the self-proclaimed developers of the society. The system may afforded to create illusory zones as in the past, but will they respect the decision of the indigenous folk to have their own schools be set up? To have their livelihood be respected as such? Theoretically Maybe given the provisions of the "Indigenous Peoples Rights Act", but actually existing NO as the vested interests within the system stubbornly assert its blood soiled claim using "development" as its pretext. 

Well, regardless of the actions the system stubbornly insist, of threats and various statements being said and done, the people are greatly understood why these indigenous folks are marching towards Manila and clamouring statements against the system's brand of "development", and why there those who are willing to join and fight back on the folk's behalf.