Sunday, 15 November 2015

"As blood again soaked Paris"

"As blood again soaked Paris"

Or all after yesterday's tragic incident 
that made most afford to join the bandwagon
While aloofing others

A woman was evacuated from the Bataclan concert hall Friday.
About 100 people were reportedly killed there.
source: Thibault Camus/Associated Press

It's been an object of news reports since yesterday, that months after "Charlie Hebdo", another tragic incident in the French capital has made the entire world again in a state of shock and an outburst of support since New York's September 11 2001, with Paris that has reeled Friday night from a shooting rampage, explosions and mass hostage-taking that made President François Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack on France.  

As according to the website "The Mind Unleashed", the tragedy itself is consist of coordinated killings in the "city of lights", of bombings and firing of guns coming from fanatics whose motivation is a distorted version of their religion, with the idea of a "worldwide caliphate" as its goal (this person's take):

"In the late hours of Friday the 13th, 2015, a half a dozen locations in Paris have suffered a series of coordinated attacks by the Islamic State (IS), as recently disclosed in a statement by these radical extremists. Reports are that 129 people have been killed, with over 300 who have been injured. Eight “terrorists” have also been allegedly killed in action, most of which were suicide bombers.

The majority of the deaths occurred at the Bataclan concert hall in the city’s East, which was a packed gig by the band “Eagles of Death Metal”. The band escaped unharmed before a ten minute massacre ensued; this was reported to be led by men wielding AK47s and explosive devices.

There were also tens of people killed in separate orchestrations across the city, including bombs set off at a sports stadium and bar, as well as a shootout at a restaurant. All up it is reported that six locations were targeted which purposely terrorized the mind-state of France, as well as the rest of the world."

Quite worrisome and lamenting to hear those reports, and people engaging in social media took time to change their profile pictures to those featuring the French Tricolor with messages urging to "Pray for Paris" and other sympathising words enough to comfort the lamenting Parisian.

And because of that tragedy, it had intensified racial hysteria against the Arabs such as those from Syria if not Maghreb. True that most Arabs are easy to be described as Muslims, and Islam has almost equated to terrorism if not for these "distortions" coming from self-proclaimed "radicals", but reports stated that the ones who actually done that incident are themselves French and Belgian in their citizenship, thus, why not investigate further instead of subjectively condemning people including those who aren't even involved in that incident?
Besides that, France has also supported "Syrian Insurgents" against Bashar al-Assad, these "insurgents" includes those who are aligned with Al-Qaeda like the "Jabhat Al-Nusra" that also fighting against the "Islamic State". Maybe it is right for Assad that France's 'Flawed' Foreign Policy has led to Paris Attacks, that "What France suffered from savage terror is what the Syrian people have been enduring," as what he said to a French delegation.

However, this person sees much of the issue as likely to be "band wagoned", for it has made certain individuals in social media as if a fad in a way people afforded to change their profile to pictures yet with a different "reason". One example is the picture from above in which she mistaken having her picture "tri-coloured" for the APEC summit instead of the tragedy in the "City of Lights".

Worse, there are those who even downplayed the tragedy that made certain personalities make a "fuss" out of it such as Boy Abunda.

But as for the "AlDub" duo of Allen Richards and Maine Mendoza, they urged their fans to "Pray for Paris" rather than supporting what their fanatics posted in Twitter. Inconveniently true it may be for these fanatics that "they don't really care about it" about the tragedy compared to those who afforded to join in the band wagon as if a fad to "sympathise" yet aloof in regards to much serious ones like those of Lebanon, Syria, even Mindanao with Lumad tribesfolk clamouring for justice (that also made "AlDub" and its followers afforded to set up libraries for them besides supporting their call).

And lastly, there are certain individuals trying to compare slow internet and road traffic to those of war and terror? What a stupid sense of entitlement compared to other pictures, trying to trivialise death and destruction by comparing it to their "damned middle class" problems as if a social issue; may as well better to be blatantly apathetic in case of the misguided "AlDub" fanatics.

There are more issues coming from these bad wagoners in treating the tragedy as a fad, enough to be criticised for thinking "terrorism happens in developed, christian/secular, westernised countries". Just because Paris is the "City of Lights", the capital of Fashion, of Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, and the Bridge full of Locks, the tragedy brought by these "radicals" really expressed lament but to be aloof in really tragic ones in case of Lebanon, Syria, as well as others, of what is lamentation and call for justice then?  Perhaps the pictures below coming from "Murica Today" speaks for itself:

Well, in regards to this person, in seeing such events like this, rather asked that what if the explosion happened in Manila, and who is to be blame:
Will it be the "Islamic" Terrorists fighting for the "Caliphate"? 
Moro Separatists fighting for Bangsamoro Homeland? 
Communists trying to destroy the semifeudal-semicolonial order? 
Conspirators from the right trying to make war against the radicals? 
The government trying to make a conspiracy? 
Or another septic tank accident similar to those of Glorietta 
if not warring Fratmen in case of the Bar Exam explosion at Taft Ave near La Salle? 

Sorry to say those words if not being speculative, and some are unlikely to vent their "direct actions" towards civilians. but despite the lamentations he sought and even felt, this person thinks that there are those who treat the entire tragedy (if happened in Manila) as a "punishment" for they really wanted to cull a part of the population "for the sake of order" as if Hitler's Reichstag fire. There may be armed that are politically driven, but there are some that are all but a mockery of it besides those of creating chaos. And this person have read some earlier screenshots (such as that picture below who "wants to have a calamity 'even greater' for she doesn't want to study and instead having a party") yearning to punish a part, if not the entire population thinking "most of them are dumb", if not "stupid" or even "bad" that makes the country poor and miserable.

Anyways, justice should been served. Not just for the victims in Paris, but all over the world. Everyone may continue lamenting and expressing sympathies, but hope that next makes everyone be prepared, by not condoning the actions especially those whose motive is to create a scene where chaos rules over justice.