Wednesday, 11 November 2015

"Show them the real faces! Hear the loud inconvenient noises!

"Show them the real faces! 
Hear the loud inconvenient noises!"

Notes prior to the 2015 APEC Summit
in a country still under crisis

Days from now the people would hear noises from both in favour as well as against Globalisation and Neoliberalism. 

From the marching of the Lumad folks from Mindanao, students clamouring against tuition and other fee increases, peasants shouting agrarian justice, to those of  the Neoliberals trying to assert their "Developmental Interests" especially in the upcoming 2016 Summit led by the "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation", these contradicting noises of the haves and have-nots filled the pages of various papers and social media sites, with the latter trying to "humanise" its inhumane idea brought by international finance capital.

At first, the Philippines will be hosting visiting leaders of and delegates from member-economies of the "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation", through the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting which is slated for November 18 to 19, 2015. The government had afforded to set a "holiday" so as to appear the country orderly, with Metro Manila residents having a short break from school and work from November 17 to 20.
But despite the mandated holiday, heightened security measures has been enacted, with some alternative routes to ease traffic in the metro, again, so as to appear the country as "orderly" as possible.

However, despite all the pretensions of order, it is obvious that the system has trying to gag the noise, especially coming the people who really knew the system has trying to create a showcase of pomp and glamour as in the past;  that President Aquino and his clique as urged the people "to be patient" and urges that matters of state should be dealt with officials and not be intervened by the common people particularly those who are opposing his inconsistencies, Let Aquino rely on his fellow landowners, capitalists, and even his own "progressives" like those of Soliman, Abad, and Akbayan; Let the people have patience, especially during that economic summit, which will soon be convened.

But regardless of their appeals and "holidays", the majority of the people are opposing the system's repressive policies and willing to march against it. This was proved by the long and painful course of events be it those urging to stop repressions against Lumads to those of Commercialisation of Schools and Public Health. Earlier issues such as Pork Barrel and Disbursement Acceleration Program has made some coming to oppose the administration, so are the victims of Typhoons Lando and Yolanda as well as survivors of Hacienda Luisita Massacre who consistently knew how shrewd these mismanagers such as President Aquino and his Clique.

And like earlier attempts, the administration tries to prove itself as relevant, knowing that in few months is the election period with a series of projects or policies to take pride on; but with the actually existing mismanagement of the state with policies favouring those of interests, isn't it obvious that the people had enough of them making existing problems aggravated? They afforded to sneer people through the illusion of a path that is "righteous" last 2010 after getting tired of Arroyo and her policies, only to found it soiled and bloodied with all the controversies the administration involved and denied, with policies as all but a rehash of past administrations, be it from Arroyo and its earlier predecessors, but with new-found names and terms carefully crafted by same old interests of the compradore-landlord partnership.

But the more they assert, then expect a breakthrough of angst, that is pointing against the administration despite their half-hearted programs and rhetorics. In regards to the Government employees, true it may be that the administration imposed a pay hike of 226 Billion pesos according to the system's press releases, but according to Ferdinand Gaite of the Confederation for Unity Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees, he stated that the rank and file employees (the bulk of which are those receiving the minimum pay of P9,000 a month) whose salaries have been frozen since 2012 would rather receive a measly pay hike of about P500 a month or just about P20 a day compared to higher government officials who had already enjoy other job-related perks aside from their fat salaries. He even stated that To claim that a P9,000 minimum pay is already sufficient is delusional knowing that the family living wage is now standing at P32,000 plus a month. 
So are the peasants, who still wallowed in their antiquated poverty and repression from landed interests. The injustice of Mendiola Massacre is now at its 28th year, while Hacienda Luisita in its 11th, and yet extra-judicial killings against peasants continue so are the import-oriented policies (such as imported agricultural produce) that crippled smaller farmers into serfdom. Nowadays, corporate farming has been largely encouraged with San Miguel, Del Monte, and other agri-business entities trying to maintain and even taking over land from small-scale farmers and even communities such as Lumads in Mindanao; the aggravation of feudal policies had made "Agrarian Reform" a Farce if not a Sham that fooled the peasantry in general.

There are other examples to counter the "developmental actions" that is obviously forms of patronage politics, as well as policies that aggravates existing tensions. How come the system afforded to hand over some thousands to the homeless in order to be well-hidden besides those of high walls and other "beautification projects" to please the leaders of the well-developed countries? How also come the system has trying to act eager when it comes to present a good presentation of a still-developing country such as beaches and various tourism sites amidst controversies? Well, it makes this person and others justifyingly thinking that if the system don't show its well-off visitors the real face of the country and its true condition, then what's the point in all the talks, handshakes, toasts, and pictures to be shown in various media outlets? Insincerity breeds fraud, and in fraud gives birth to fleeting cooperations. Show them the real faces! Let them hear the loud, inconvenient noises! Because everyone would like to see their real selves and their reactions too, as well as to vent the real rage that is contrary to what the system has tried to invoke with. If the late president Marcos had afforded to speak much about the "Revolt of the Poor", and Aquino takes pride in his "Righteous Path", then this person and the others concerned would say that the poor that is revolting, who had afforded to say the inconvenient truth, has traversed that long path called "straight", but not to support the policies of the system, but to overturn it knowing that these aren't made for the people but to appease the entities that continues to cling in their interests.