Saturday, 19 December 2015

After Nonoy's wrath: A possible political circus through "relief goods", While the Samareño is still calling for help

After Nonoy's wrath:
A possible political circus through "relief goods",
While the Samareño is still calling for help

People scavenge for something useful amidst the rain
Source: ABS-CBN News

For sure one would expect that after the tragic events lies a political circus supported by interests yearning to take over anything especially in the affected areas of Northern Samar.

Like Yolanda that had swept Tacloban and other parts of Eastern Visayas past years ago, Nonoy, or its revised name, Nona, has swept some villages like Laoang, Catarman, Allen, as well as others even those of Catubig and Las Navas. Rain, Flood and strong wind turned wooden houses to shattered sticks, if not concrete houses mudslided, enough to make ruin in this season supposed to be preparing for Christmas.

However, this writer as well as others knows that there's a politically laced expectation going on especially in those affected villages and towns. The system, like last year has "made efforts" in helping, but does not appease the hearts of everyone knowing that they are trying to curry for votes especially this next year's elections. And worse, The people and their communities are not just devastated from the storm but from the received spoiled goods from the Social Welfare Department. The rice that was distributed by DSWD has a foul smell and the noodle packs were already expired.

Again, no wonder why people expressed disgust in the system's mockery of relief through spoiled goods if not failure for immediate support for the people, including concerned local officials that perhaps happened to be from the opposition. That somehow one would make them say that they are freaking mad with all these incompetence of certain officials like Dinky Soliman, and why President Aquino still keeps her on his sleeves despite its inaction and mockery of relief through spoiled goods; or even why the system remains reluctant in efforts to make Eastern Visayas recover its environment after years of being exploited by logging interests and hordes of pseudo-development. Remember: some mountains are having kess trees due to deforestation, enough for a cause of floods during the rainy season. Lack of mangroves created less protection from sudden waves of the sea what more of a storm surge in case of Yolanda years ago. Again, the system showed its incompetence, reluctance, or even stupidity in resolving the existing problem to lessen the crisis, if not using the crisis itself as a means for mudslinging if not half-baked promises this coming elections.

But on the other hand, this person knows that through communal unity, the people themselves can able to recover their lost homes and renew their lives. Given the situation would say that they are making much effort to clean and bring back their communities as possible, of providing food what comes from theirs knowing that the system may likely to fail in providing what is immediate. Groups like "People Surge" and other mass organisations has making fund drives and relief efforts to support these affected communities ravaged by the storm, both by yesteryear's Yolanda and today's Nonoy. After all, Reality knows that typhoons pass through the Philippines and not just earthquakes and volcanic eruptions making the country part of the "Ring of Fire".

And perhaps, it is a duty for everyone, unaffected or not, to prepare and help to recover from this catastrophe. Well, on the first place, this person loves some of his friends, not just his relatives who happened to be there, and of course, lies the concern about them. Not just because they are there but the yearness of being with them in this Yuletide season.