Thursday, 10 December 2015

"Karen's theme"

"Karen's theme"

The legends from the ancient past makes me think all's but true
Of castles, warriors, and dragons fearing till one became blue
But one tale that I heard before it all reminds of you
A beauty yet tempered with courage yes I know its true

You ain't like princess nor a lady but of knighted dame
You are not a storybook girl who is soft if not quite lame
You chose the path less wandered than what most likely called fame
Thinking the latter if too much will end up ye insane

You choose the iron and of bronze than silver and gold
You love to listen stories young men told by the dying old
You chose the fight to become brave and thus to be bold
Maybe its true to say that the tales were all true as what they told

The sound of battle accompanies the strings of harps
The yells and clashing of swords creating terrific sparks
Sea of blood and vultures crows create a scene called dark
Eating corpses of fallen friends, foes in that arable mark

And as you survive the battle you stood by at the field and weep
For friends and loved ones killed by swords, arrows of foes quite creep
Now they're at Valhalla, enjoyed after fetched by Valkyries in horses leap
That eventually end in stories like Tolkien wrote and its readers keep

You ain't a princess nor a lady but more of a dame
Preferring the iron sword than the folded fan, gold crown of lame
Liking the sound of battle screaming till the world gone insane
Valhalla's waiting for you Karen​, seeing the eternal flame.

For Karen Testibia,