Thursday, 24 December 2015

"Peace, Land, Bread, Justice"

"Peace, Land, Bread, Justice"

A Christmas Message

"Peace, Land, Bread, Justice." These are the basic words most poor people would ought to say this yuletide season. 

Commonly heard during protests as well as from various statements this person hath read, it seems that these calls aren't been given seriously, amidst press releases and "actions" likely to be called pretentions if not realisations in this present order enough to call "repressive" and "unjust".

And although most readers may find it haggard, especially with such serious words related to activism and even social revolution, this statement is posted at a right time, for this season is not meant just to celebrate, but to act for the love of God, family, country, fellowmen. And it is more than just what is commonly depicted on TV, Movie, Internet, or heard in the Radio. 

For according to Delmar Taclibon, he noticed the reality that is contrary to what is ideally seen especially in this season. True that everyone missed their love ones yet sometimes forgetting them as most confined to their wealth, comfort, what more of power and greed. 
Worse, having the reality of trampling rights of its own fellowmen, ignoring their rights against the actually existing terrorisms of poverty, social injstice, exploitation, abuse, callouseness, of having a system tainted by arrogant governance, mismanagement, crime, corruption, and others that further sink everyone including this person, and this country he belongs as well, down to the abyss of nowhere.

Come to think of this: what if God is a caroler who wears shabby clothes, will you give food, gifts, or just leave unnoticed? What if God is amongst the farmer, the worker, the student who clamour for peace, land, bread and justice, will you heed the call or nevermind about it claiming it has nothing to do with one's fantasy? The reality of having Christmas equating to those of consumerism with pretentions of being virtuous whilst not seriously heeding their statements and even putting shame those who call for what is just has really forgotten the words Christ has taught to its desciples such as serving the people, of sharing wealth equally, of bring justice to those who really desired. 

Or rather say, no wonder why one calls this event a "Merry Crisis and a Happy new Fear."

Anyways, in this so-called season of forgiveness, sharing, giving, these attributes related to Christmas should be more than what is commonly depicted in movies and TV commercials. Charity should become solidarity, and love has to be boundless, selfless as everyone really desire for words such as those attributed to this season, if not the virtue that makes Christians Christ-like. 

And hope that their simple call such as Peace, Land, Bread, and Justice be realised. 
Merry Christmas to all.