Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cheers to these Four Men!

Cheers to these Four Men!

An elegy for the late great artists Lemmy Klimister,
David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and German Moreno

At first, this person would say that these four men had their lives spent in their craft as artists.

Whether in Radio, Television, Movie, to those of Social Media, these men had left a legacy that somehow made its people worthy of respect and admiration.

And these four men, composed of Lemmy Klimister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and the Philippines's own German Moreno, had made its talent in the field of arts emphasising quality with all their actions been given through the years as artists.

In fact, as this person seen various tributes on these late great men of the arts would say that they did a good work. Lemmy died last December 28 2015, then German Moreno died last January 8, David Bowie died last January 10, and Allan Rickman died last January 14. These men, despite their passing through the afterlife would say that their life's work made people realise how their craft was not just fame, for they had loved it with all their lives, carrying their musical instruments as musicians or their script when it comes to acting as thespians both in theatre and in the cinema. For sure everyone remember Rickman as "Silverious Snape" in Harry Potter, or German Moreno with his signature glittery getup in "Master Showman"; of David Bowie as "Ziggy Stardust", or Lemmy's appearance (including his friendly mutton chops) and his distinctive gravelly voice when singing.

For sure people continue to recall their works, of listening to their songs, if not watching videos featuring these men and their life's work, be it in the television, DVDs, or in the Social Media sites, knowing that with their life's work and contributions in the field of music and arts these people know that these men are present, alive, and youthful, guiding them in their endeavours when it comes to their talents in that stage called life.

That's all for now. Again, cheers to these Four good, old men for their craft being well served!