Thursday, 14 January 2016

"Her works reflects how the existing one's suffer."

"Her works reflects how the existing one's suffer."

(Featuring some of the sketchwork of Kizha Erika Santarin)

At first, this person would say that her works are similar to those of others, maybe because she was inspired by their works, and worth emulating, yet behind her works are those of her sufferings, most of which are imparted to her drawings no matter how different it is depicted yet the idea that made these works happen has been embedded.
Fountain of Youth
Most people for sure dare to call it "erotic" given the features similar to the female Vulva or the graphic description of the term "Sapiosexual", while others dare to think like any other hipster artwork meant to be coloured, or even street art meant for stickers; but behind these sketchworks are more than "for chrissakes" as the artist conveys her expression, be it based from the society's blatant decadence and the people's actually-existing suffering; but there are also artworks that are based from that artist's experience, such as being harassed by someone during her youth. 

In fact, there are less words to say about these artworks except what this person stated earlier, if not telling that the society call "modern" is full of defects to the extent of having a need for a major surgery. These defects had "raped" humanity from time to time through an endless cycle, quite irresistable as everyone's minds been sedated, but when will they realise that they are being eaten by these monsters?

Well, like yours truly, that artist shared the same idea, that art, if used to expose the sickening reality and espousing a better future, is a form of dissent. After all, the artist's intention is also to enlighten, or educate others through their work no matter how criticisable it is, or worse, coming from those who does not think despite babbling.